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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 19

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New York must get smarter on reopening

When the state closed in March, I had a lost feeling, like when your mom says you can’t do something.
Now that we did the smart thing and we were closed and are carefully reopening, I guess I can’t understand opening a huge shopping mall but not a small casino that has developed a safe reopening plan and most likely submitted it to the governor.
Being safe is not a choice; it is a necessity from now going forward. As for wearing masks, this is again a matter of staying safe. Playing by the rules is so important, so let’s open up the casinos. Revenue will flow again, and I know that’s what Schenectady needs. These employees need to get back to doing what they love at the casino. Gyms as well are ready to be safe and welcome their members back as well.
Come on New York, let’s keep up our great work and move forward.
Patricia Harrington

Enforce mask, social distancing for safety

It’s time to enforce wearing masks and social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
Just as citations are given for not wearing seat belts, similar fines should be issued to individuals and businesses who are non-compliant with the CDC guidelines for this virus. No one has the right to endanger the lives of others in the name of personal freedom.
Many younger individuals have ignored COVID-19 guidelines and flocked to house parties, bars and beaches.
They selfishly claim that they will not become seriously ill while ignoring the fact that they will likely infect more vulnerable citizens.
Masks and social distancing have also been politicized and older individuals have also neglected these needed recommendations. Imploring them to be “respectful” of others has largely fallen on deaf ears.
At least their character flaws and lack of judgment are exposed for all to see.
However, we don’t as yet know about the long-term impacts of COVID-19. We do know that seniors and people of color are disproportionately infected and die.
That means that not enforcing masks and social distancing amounts to senicide and genocide.
The impact on the economy will also be huge should a vaccine not be developed. Businesses will go bankrupt, unemployment will remain high, schools will not be safe, nor will sports, entertainment or travel. The United States has become the poster child for how not to manage COVID-19. Remember, if you continue to feed this virus, you will destroy everyone’s financial future and possibly their lives.
Doreen Harris

Laughable to think of Cuomo as a leader

We all could all use a good laugh these days.
I find my best source of humor is right here on the Gazette Opinion page. The Letters to the Editor that make me laugh the most are the “Cuomo is a real leader” ones.
Do you folks live in the same New York that I live in? Maybe you’ve drank the liberal Kool-Aid and believe in his progressive agenda. Cuomo is the “point the finger and blame” governor, never holding himself accountable. Cuomo is the
“do as I say not as I do” governor — telling the people, schools and municipalities to do more with less, while he spends recklessly and irresponsibly.
Is this how a real leader acts? Cuomo ignored a 2015 report outlining just how unprepared New York was for a pandemic. A real leader would’ve bought ventilators and protective gear, and made sure a hospital plan was in place. Instead, this leader bought Frontier Town and empty warehouses and spent billions on a jobs-work program that created few real jobs. Instead of protecting our most vulnerable citizens, he stuck covid patients in with them, all but assuring their deaths.
Your real leader has turned our state over to the criminals, with bail reform and licenses for undocumented aliens. Soon Cuomo will declare himself Emperor Supreme, telling the people that all that comes out of his mouth is law. Oh, wait he’s already done that. That’s not a leader; that’s a dictator. Please keep those laughs coming.
Greg McDermott

BLM needs to get its priorities in order

Where were the BLM advocates this weekend when a 1-year old Black child was shot and killed (not by the police) in Brooklyn, New York? Where were the BLM advocates when a 77-year-old retired Black St. Louis police officer was shot, left to bleed to death, while trying to protect a friend’s business?
Where are the BLM advocates when 373 lives that matter were killed this year in Chicago, mainly the result of gun violence, the majority of the victims being young, Black men?
Are you more concerned with painting streets with your message than with making a difference by peacefully engaging in dialogue instead of gun violence?
Are you more concerned with choking law enforcement so that the majority of diverse police officers can’t do their jobs because of the action of one idiot? Weed out the bad, don’t defund the good.
Remember if you are of Christian faith that the last perfect person on Earth was killed because he helped everyone that was in need. Back the Blue, don’t defund or choke them.
William D. Wills


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