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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 21

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Can we truly believe Trump’s niece now?

I can’t believe that Trump’s niece is turning against him.
How come she waited this long to write a book? How come she didn’t do it when he first ran for the president? Is she doing it for the money? Does she think that all Americans are stupid enough to believe her? How come she waited four years?
I am willing to bet that the liberals are going to have a field day with this. I wonder how much of it is going to be lies. To those of you who will believe her, I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona.
James Maxfield

Imagine if Trump handled covid right

Imagine if Donald Trump made decisions based on science instead of his obsession with ratings.
He would have declared COVID-19 a national emergency in February. Instead, he waited until mid-March, which resulted in many preventable deaths.
He would have used existing scientific studies dealing with pandemics to formulate a plan for moving forward. Instead, he invoked unproven cures and the prospect for a sudden disappearance of the virus.
He would have advocated for a phased data-based reopening. Instead, he urged states to reopen as soon as possible which has resulted in record COVID-19 surges in many states.
He would have pushed for much more testing. Instead, he insisted that we were testing too much which we know was not the case. He would have encouraged citizens to wear masks in public to inhibit the spread of the virus. Instead, he eschewed the use of masks which he said was a sign of weakness.
He would have canceled the Tulsa rally. Instead, he encouraged a crowded indoor-gathering without masks. He would have urged citizens to remain vigilant regarding the pandemic. Instead, he lost interest in America’s health.
When you vote in November, imagine a White House without Trump.
Don Steiner

Arrest article made poor assumption

The July 15 headline and first 50+ paragraphs of “Residents: Race not a factor in arrest” argue that there was no racial component in the arrest of Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud. Yet the only evidence provided is that the suspect might be a terrible human being. Can’t both be true?
 Is it not possible that Mr. Gaindarpersaud behaved criminally and that arresting officer Brian Pommer treated him rougher than he might have treated a lighter-skinned suspect?
Of course, there’s no way to prove the latter, and just as Mr. Gaindarpersaud might be innocent, I understand that Officer Pommer might be as well. Still, to suggest that one precludes the other strikes me as sloppy reporting, and I’ve come to expect better of The Gazette.
True, Dr. Oto Butler of the NAACP is quoted as essentially making this same point, but his important comment curiously does not appear until the very end of the article.
Additionally, may I ask if official spokespersons for the NAACP, or All Of Us, suggested that Mr. Gaindarpersaud was innocent?
Though he may have presented himself without blame, I don’t believe either organization has done so. Instead, they’ve merely questioned if the ferocity of Officer Pommer’s response might have been colored by the hue of the suspect’s skin. And, sadly, that is a very fair question to ask.
Finally, I want to applaud the Schenectady police for swiftly addressing weaknesses in current police protocol.
I trust they will continue to do so in good faith with our community.
Paul Kazee

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