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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, July 23

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Make sure all voters can vote by mail

Voting by mail is popular, safe, and vital to voting participation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the U.S. Federal Election Commission and nonpartisan National Vote at Home Institute:
States with higher use of mailed-out ballots see a materially higher voter turnout.
Voting by mail increases voting participation in local elections.
Mail-in ballots increase voting participation among voters with disabilities.
Both “red” and “blue” states utilize mail-in ballots. Vote-at-home is less expensive than in-person voting.
Ballots are only sent to registered voters. Ballot envelopes are bar-coded to one individual voter and validated by voter signature verification.
Tampering with or diverting a mail ballot is a felony punishable by large fines and years of jail time. Voters can track their ballot in real time using USPS mail-tracking tools.
I’m calling on our local Board of Elections and state election officials to take action today.
To ensure a safe, fair election this November, all voters must be able to cast their ballot by mail.
Carrie DeWeese

Don’t wait for vote; Impeach Trump now

Donald Trump is an incompetent, ignorant, egocentric, malignant fool whose administration’s failures have led our country to a very dangerous place.
It has become ineffective to list his endless lies, evil deeds and corrupt actions. Anyone following a reliable and objective source of news knows we have a seriously sick man at the helm of our great country.
The polls indicate that a majority of Americans disapprove of him and view him as a failure.
And, it is impossible to change the minds of his cultish and racist followers. There is a real possibility that he will do irreversible harm to our democracy, much to the delight of his hero, Vladimir Putin.
His docile, lap-dog cabinet and equally demented vice president won’t use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.
Please America, ask your congressmen and women to impeach him again, as his high crimes and misdemeanors can no longer be ignored. Please also ask for the impeachment of his vile enablers, chief among them, Pompeo and Barr. We wait until the November election at our own grave peril.
Anthony J. Santo

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