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Fulton County Sheriff warns of phone scam after local 72-year-old defrauded of $25K


FULTON COUNTY – The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is warning of telephone scams after a local 72-year-old was defrauded of more than $25,000.

The local man had received a call from someone who claimed to be working for the federal government and was investigating the victim for an alleged money laundering scheme, officials said.

The perpetrator indicated that someone had stolen the victim’s social security number and that payments needed to be made to rectify the damage and provide the victim with a new social security number, officials said.

The victim mailed three payments to addresses in Texas and New Jersey via FedEx and UPS. UPS flagged the third shipment and through an investigation by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the money was returned to the owner and the scope of the fraud revealed, officials said.

The sheriff’s office was notified Tuesday.

“If you receive this type, or any call which requests you to provide money by mail, gift card or by other means, contact the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office before taking any other action,” the sheriff’s release read.



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