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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 26

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Trump incompetence shows he must go

The article, “Republicans Start to Contradict Trump,” in the July 20 Gazette explained the growing push back from Republican officials to President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and his ongoing conflict with health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

While reading the story, I remembered a conversation on the Don Imus radio show.

Imus asked his brother if he thought new president-elect Barack Obama would be a good president.

His brother replied, ‘I don’t know if he (Obama) will be a good president, but he will be if he knows who to call. President Reagan didn’t know how to do everything, but he knew who to call to find out.’

It is regrettable to say, President Trump does not know whom to call.

Moreover, he discredits the people who have the expertise to help him manage a deadly pandemic.

Mr. Trump’s incompetence as a manager is obvious. And further, as the article stated, his prediction that the virus would just go away is false. The United States has suffered at least 143,000 deaths and that number continues to rise. That is the combined populations of Albany and Schenectady – dead and gone.

This president has to go.

Rich Moran Jr.


You won’t get truth from Donald Trump

In response to James Maxfield’s July 21 letter (“Can we truly believe Trump’s niece now?”) I’m guessing she waited until now to publish because the Trump supporters seem to have conveniently short memories.

Perhaps she hoped a late publication might convince some fence sitters to wake up before the election. Mr. Maxfield questioning her honesty is laughable. He apparently has accepted almost four years of the Raccoon’s endless B.S. but suspects her of deceit.

I have two suggestions for Mr. Maxfield, though I doubt either would have any effect on his brainwashing. First go back and watch the end of the Helsinki “summit.”

Remember the one where no one but the Raccoon and Vlad were allowed to attend. Watch the body language when they come on stage.

Vlad is fairly dancing and the Raccoon slouches out like the whipped dog he is. Barely minutes later, he takes Vlad’s side over his own intelligence people. In my view our president is a Russian asset.

My second suggestion is to get your head out of the foxhole and find out what is really going on.

You won’t get any truth out of the moron in the White House or his media lackeys.

George Elston

Fort Hunter

Nice to see such kind treatment of senior

On July 21 I went to the Walmart on Route 9 in Clifton Park. I was in line waiting my turn to cash out.

The cashier’s name was Wendy. I waited while Wendy took the time and patience to help this elderly couple with their transaction.

The wife had handed Wendy the cash to pay for her items. but did not realize that she had given her extra money. The 50-dollar bills were crisp and new and stuck together. Not only did Wendy explain how to crinkle them up so that they would not stick together, (a trick my dad had taught me), she also told the woman that she had given her $100 extra. The whole conversation was so kind and respectful that I almost cried.

Our seniors need to be treated this way because they are such an important part of our lives and our history. Wendy also spoke in a soft tone so that these lovely people would not be embarrassed. I did contact Walmart so that Wendy could be recognized. It was so nice to see this interaction with two of our seniors and a hardworking and caring Walmart associate.

Mary Hartshorne

Ballston Lake

Expect Stefanik to cut seniors’ safety nets

We all know Rep. Elise Stefanik’s position on health care, which is to do nothing except repeal and cut.

We can look forward to her next endeavor: cutting back Medicare and Social Security.

Look at the excess spending Congress has been doing on the COVID-19 emergency — spending to bail out large corporations. The bill will soon be here.

That, coupled with the 2017 corporation tax cut bill, means spending will have to be cut. My guess is Medicare and Social Security.

Since our political climber Stefanik will most likely be spending her last term as our congresswoman, I am sure she will have no trouble selling out her older contingency in NY21.

When I asked Rep. Stefanik’s office about plans to expand Medicare to include dental, the answer was: If you can show us how to do that without increasing taxes, we would be glad to.

Interpretation: We have no plans to expand Medicare. So, I urge you to either put pressure on Rep. Stefanik or not to send her back to Washington.

Jim Novotny


America, Americans still show greatness

Nobody, not even any Republicans, ever said that this country was perfect. Got that? Nobody. It just happens to be the very best country in the world today, all around.

Some countries may have us beat on individual freedom of choice, but not on prosperity or variety of surroundings (mountain, forest, desert, etc.), or ways to make a living.

All things considered; the United States is unarguably the best. If you disagree, feel free to find a place you like better and move there. Ain’t nothin’ stopping you.

Many people are fond of saying, “There’s some good to be found in everyone,” but we all have some evil lurking in our past as well. The point is to focus on what is good, and to learn from your mistakes.

Don’t ignore them. Use them to grow in maturity. That’s what any good therapist would tell their client. That applies to nations as well as to people. Destroying statues and history books and deceiving our children is a monumental mistake that will destroy us.

What separates us isn’t race or color; it’s attitude, talent and motivation. It’s what you think of yourself and make of yourself that matters. There are a lot of Black people that have more wealth and privilege than a lot of white people.

Most people in government do an extremely poor job of serving that principle. Good people don’t run for office for the money, but for the principles that made this country great.

James Homan


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