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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 28

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Dems have short memory on outrage

There is outrage over comments that Rep. Ted Yoho made about (not directly to) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and rightly so. While he may disagree with her, that was truly inappropriate.
I’d like to know, where was the outrage when Sen. Chuck Schumer used almost the same derogatory term to a flight attendant, while Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand sat next to him, silent as a lamb. Democrats in Congress seem to have a short memory.
John Noppa

Imagery designed to deceive the masses

When I was a teenager in the New York City area, I remember when President Carter’s motorcade was to drive on the Cross Bronx Expressway en route to Long Island. All along the route (Bronx on one side, Manhattan on the other) were trophies of a poorly managed city: burnt-out “high rise” city-owned projects. City government didn’t care about the burned-out high rises for over a decade. But, all of a sudden, they had an epiphany just about the time when Carter was coming through town.
They worked overtime to put faux window coverings (complete with painted tulips and curtains) in the burned-out windows to fool the president into thinking that everything was OK. Nothing to see here, just keep driving.
At 16 I wasn’t fooled. Jimmy Carter wasn’t fooled either by the sycophant’s actions. Unfortunately, he was just part of the same sham syndrome: symbolism trumping substance and means everything is just fine.
Sadly, the descendants of these sycophants are now running major league baseball. They took the same idea used in the 1970s to “fool” President Carter and created fake fans to sit in the stands. Let’s just hope that one of those faux fans they painted onto the plywood and placed nicely for the cameras in the stands gets their beer and hot dog smashed. Better yet, I’m up for a good decapitation by a foul ball on live TV. Typical fake, phony and useless bureaucrats. Here’s to a good decapitation. Let them eat cake.
John Gentile

Silver’s sentence not tough enough

For 20 years, Sheldon Silver has tied up New York State budgets with his schemes and arrogance.
He has always made sure that his home district of Manhattan got its lion’s share of money and favors, and that his political friends and contributors were taken care of. All the time, he was lining his pockets with money from being one of the most powerful Democrats in the state.
His prison sentence of 6-1/2 years is too light. I bet he will serve less than half of that or none at all because Gov. Andrew Cuomo will probably pardon him because of his age. Let’s not forget, Sheldon still has his $90,000 a year pension, which I hope will get him a cell with a view.
Jay Janczak
Ballston Spa

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