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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, July 29

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Covid inspires more family activities

A positive aspect of COVID-19 was a scene I saw recently of a dad and baby together on a bicycle, followed by a boy on a smaller bicycle, a mother running and a daughter behind her on another bicycle. I have seen many other families together like that.
John Sowa

Writer disrespectful of President Trump

Anthony Santo’s July 23 letter (“Don’t wait for vote; Impeach Trump now”) read like the transcript of a child’s temper tantrum.
The ranting, name-calling and spouting off of unsupported random accusations against our president and other elected officials (strange, they’re all Republicans) came across as a one-sided tirade.
I especially marveled at the idea that there has been “a reliable and objective source of news” lately. Specifically, while watching President Trump’s COVID-19 updates, many news reporters asked the same question that had just been answered, indicating that they weren’t paying attention.
Many were rude, indicating that they already had their own minds made up and that they were not interested in what the president said. The day after the updates, the reports were often totally opposite of what President Trump had said. That letter, in my opinion, is a sad indication of the blatant incivility, thoughtlessness and disrespect that some people unashamedly reveal.
Theresa J. Nowicki

Nursing homes should be prepared

There has been much tragedy in the situation of the impact of COVID-19 on nursing home residents.
I’m not sure that accusations and blame will help as much as determining what needs to be in place to improve the current situation and prevent the problems from recurring. Most of the issues seem related to allocation of space: where to put new residents whose covid status is as yet undetermined, where to put residents who have been in hospitals and either are recovering from covid or may have been exposed, and how to give family members access to residents.
It would seem imperative for all nursing homes, assisted living factories, etc., to prepare for the future by providing suitable places on their grounds.
It would undeniably be expensive, but one of the best uses for any donations, grants, etc.
A flexible solution might draw on the “tiny house” movement that has become popular, with individual resident rooms parked on the grounds to limit contagious conditions being brought into a main facility.
Joyce M. Cockerham

Don’t be so quick to criticize Gov. Cuomo

This is just a response to all the anti-Cuomo feelings. What would you do if you were in his position? Look what is happening in the other states that opened up too quickly. This is not a liberal or conservative issue, but one of common sense and keeping ourselves healthy. None of us like these restrictions but what is the alternative? Florida? Texas?
James Lechowicz

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