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Letters to the Editor for Friday, July 31

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Covid gives Trump crisis he can’t avoid

After reading John Bolton’s, “The Room Where It Happened,” there was nothing new to be contested.
President Trump has no knowledge of national or international affairs. His advisers have spent the last three years doing damage control.
He was at the G7 summit, with Kim Jung Un in Singapore, met with Putin and viewed these events as a social call. Let’s golf and party. No wonder there’s been so much turnover. Who can get any real work done when the host is more concerned about a photo op than getting down to business?
As David Remmick, editor of The New Yorker, told MSNBC, the president is an authoritarian.
He only wants what he wants without any regard for the people of the country he represents. He now faces an enemy that he and his fixers can’t solve.
No golf club membership or elegant dinner can erase the virus. I really feel sorry for him.
Dianne Burns

City parking fee last straw for resident

Dear Schenectady: We watched as you removed the Statue of Liberty from “Liberty Park” and put her in a place of non-distinction.
You spent $10,000 of taxpayer money to hide her there (Union Street and Erie Boulevard). People took notice when someone put a flag bandana over her face when the COVID-19 hit us and again on the 4th of July, only to remove the flag from her face within days.
People aren’t bothered enough to put her back where she belongs.
I’ve lived on Jay Street for seven years and have decided to move out of the downtown area, not because of Lady Liberty’s unfortunate treatment, but because of this new parking app.
I used to pay $30 a month to park two blocks from my house.
I found a parking spot on Yates Street, two blocks away, that was free: not so much anymore. There are no free spots downtown anywhere, so it’s time for me to move.
They keep adding apartments all over downtown with nowhere for people to park. Who knows what bright idea the “midnight mayor” will come up with. No Gary, we didn’t forget your chase of two innocent ladies through the city.
No one, me included, is going to pay to run into the bank or any other business downtown.
Wallace Armor closed when you put up meters, I’m not going to pay to live here or shop here.
Goodbye Schenectady and good luck with the whole parking scam.
Ken Kimball

To vote on school budgets, pay taxes

The biggest rip-off is the school budget vote. The taxpayer can’t win. Being a taxpayer of BHBL for 52 years, here’s why the budget passed 51 out of 52 times. Anyone 18 years old and registered in the district can vote. High school students, college students, apartment and trailer park renters can all vote yes and it doesn’t cost them a penny. If it fails, they put it up for a revote.
Saying owners pay for renters, that’s not true. He doesn’t pay $3,500 or more per unit. If you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t vote. Ballots mailed to their address, even though they may have married and moved away, could be returned by anyone. Five thousand votes, easy.
Let’s look at reality. Everybody pays taxes. An 18-year-old buys a car, pays tax, buy a Wendy’s burger and soda, pays tax, work, pay taxes. However, you can vote for a school budget and not pay a tax.
A school board usually consists of former teachers, spouses of a teacher or educational job-related positions. It gets better when I tell you what happened when the budget was defeated.
Cliff Mango

A vote for Dems is a vote to go backward

Despite who he is, President Trump has redefined politics, and, I argue, for the better.
Rather than play the power game that symbolizes the Washington “establishment,” he’s brought to the fore a new dynamic that frees the will of the people to determine their own destiny and not what those in the “swamp” believe is best for everyone.
If the Democrats are successful in November, we will begin a backward slide into socialism and class warfare.
Our future will be determined for us. Individual initiative to better all our lives and frame the kind of nation our Forefathers envisioned will fade into the dustbin of history, led by Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Tonko and their ilk.
I cannot think of one thing the Democrats have done during the past four years to advance our prosperity and well-being. Careful America! If we lose our focus, we lose everything that made our nation a beacon of hope for all humankind. Think of your children and grandchildren.
Jim Callahan
Ballston Spa

Get the facts right on history of slavery

In his July 16 letter (“Consider big picture with Washington”) Mr. Van Ryn lays out a fair case that more thought should be given when removing statues of historic figures from public discourse.
I would only add to his account that in his PBS TV series, “Finding Your Roots,” Dr. Henry Louis Gates makes it very clear that in just two of the states in the South, more than 2,000 Black slave owners existed. By extrapolation, millions of descendants could exist today.
My point, it wasn’t only whites who owned slaves, and your newspaper could help the divide become much smaller if you chose.
Leroy J. King

Respect country by replacing old flag

August 18, 2020, marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. It gave women the right to vote.
How many stores were looted to reach such a milestone in American history? Were statues destroyed? How many cities were vandalized?
The suffragist made a dramatic change to the Constitution without the upheaval taking place in modern day America.
In a recent Bazaar magazine article, former First Lady Michelle Obama stated “if you live by fundamental truths like honesty, compassion, decency, you can find your true north.”
Let us give back to a country that gives so much. Schenectady can start with respect for the American flag.
I went to the post office to pick up mail. While on Jay Street, I saw the American flag hanging from City Hall. It was tattered and torn. Mayor McCarthy and Congressman Tonko’s offices are in that building.
The flag is the way America signs her name. Who has signed off on America? I have not. Retire the tattered and torn flag.
Mary B. McClaine

Few turned out to honor Black hero

Where were all the people at the Henry Johnson birthday celebration? Just a small gathering of VIPs was there.
A Black man who was a hero and hardly anyone was there.
Peg Lapo

“Emperor” Cuomo must be removed

If you ever give out Letters to the Editor awards, you should consider Greg McDermott’s July 19 letter (“Laughable to think of Cuomo as a leader”) as a hands-down winner.
I would like to add the governor’s brother on CNN, ranting like the lunatic he is about President Trump’s display of Goya products on his desk in the Oval Office during a pandemic.
Yes, “Fredo,” we will compare that to the murder of thousands of seniors in nursing homes because your brother, the “Emperor,” ordered them filled with covid patients and tried to blame it on Trump.
I don’t know how we can get the Emperor removed, because of the millions of mentally challenged people of New York City elected DeBlasio twice probably think Cuomo is a good deal.
I guess that’s the way Democrats roll.
Ray Weidman

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