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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Aug. 4

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Need independent nursing home review

For the past few months, I have been following what can be best described as an absolute scandal going on in our nursing homes with the needless deaths of thousands of New Yorkers from COVID-19.
On March 12, Gov. Cuomo banned all visitors to New York’s nursing homes and then on March 25 he issued an executive order requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19-positive patients. The governor ultimately rescinded this order on May 10 after the loss of thousands of residents.
Now the governor’s hand-picked health commissioner has come out with his own internal report that blames the deaths on staff? I think we have to take any report with a grain of salt and demand a real, independent investigation into this disaster.
I applaud Sen. Jim Tedisco for once again coming up with a common sense, non- partisan solution.
Sen. Tedisco has proposed an independent, bi-partisan investigation to use subpoena power to find out what happened to the thousands of New Yorkers who died from the coronavirus in our nursing homes. The families of those who lost their lives deserve answers and a real investigation, not a phony report or toothless hearings.
Kathleen Young
Clifton Park

Gun deaths show a disregard for life

So before and after Black Lives Matter, Schenectady, Albany and all major cities, especially Chicago, have had their share of killings.
Chicago since the beginning of 2020 has had approximately 400 people killed. Of course, the mayors of Chicago, New York City and most other liberal-run major cities blame all this on the influx of guns. Good excuse.
That’s like blaming a car accident on the car, not the person.
However, with guns this is an accepted fact: The gun did it, not the person. Just ask any liberal; they will confirm this for you.
Those of us who have some sense of logic should realize the real cause of this increase is the wanton and blatant disregard for the value and sanctity of human life.
This starts with abortion, which will kill (murder) up to the time of delivery in the birth canal. Obviously if you can do this to a baby, then why not an adult or any other human?
It’s strange though no one is blocking city hall for this type of protest. Maybe no lives really matter?
Robert Nicolella

Injuring horses in protests is abuse

Regarding the July 29 Gazette article (“Police horses receive safety shields,”), can any one of the few sane observers of people protesting and rioting explain to me why people who are aggressively trying to hurt police horses are not being arrested for animal abuse?
When is it OK to hurt an innocent animal in New York state? I thought our government passed a law protecting all animals from abuse. If this is peaceful protests when both animals and police officers are hurt on purpose, then the rioters and protesters are losing their messages every day.
Their voices are getting weaker and less acknowledged by those of us who care for all animals as well as people.
Midge Dube

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