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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Aug. 6

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Nation needs to go back before GOP

I take issue with some of the statements made by Jim Callahan in his July 31 letter (“A vote for Dems is a vote to go backward.”)
First, he states that rather than play the power game that symbolizes the Washington “establishment,” President Trump has brought a new dynamic that frees the will of the people to determine their own destiny.
Let me say that with regard to playing the power game, no one in the history of politics has done that more brutally and combatively than Mitch McConnell as majority leader of the Republican senate under President Trump.
Second, Mr. Callahan states that he cannot think of one thing that the Democrats have done during the past four years to advance our prosperity and well-being.
Excuse me Mr. Callahan, but I believe the last four years have been years with a Republican administration led by a Republican president and a Republican controlled Senate which has thwarted every effort by the Democrats to accomplish anything of worth.
In short, Mr. Callahan, I think that a vote to go backward is just what this country desperately needs.

City must protect its ‘real downtown’

Schenectady’s DRI leaders could have used the COVID-19 delay to change their skewed priorities without losing face.
Instead, the same conflict-ridden civic and business leaders continue to defy planning precepts and local experience to push people to Mohawk Harbor.
The pandemic has made one crucial question even more urgent: How can any significant number of people be lured from our revived, real downtown to Mohawk Harbor (to eat, shop, play, loll) without causing significant damage to existing downtown businesses?
Besides Katz Kafe and Cornell’s, how many other businesses will never return or be walking wounded post-pandemic?
Successful downtowns in smaller cities must be compact. Humans have little interest walking over a mile (and back) while on a downtown visit, especially when the blocks are mostly unattractive and shade less.
Overhead light canopies cannot resolve these issues.
Nonetheless, Mayor Gary McCarthy still wants to send people to the harbor, where tens of thousands of visitors have generated no retail in three years. And, to Little Italy, which after 15 years has one restaurant, and no Italian market or ethnic cultural entity, despite fancy sidewalks and arches.
Can we trust a committee that appears to have done little homework over the past four months, and would not even tell us whether the parking at the Lower State Street proposal would be paid parking?
See for a photo tour of the walk from Proctors to Mohawk Harbor, and more.
Please demand that our leaders protect our Real Downtown.


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