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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Aug. 10

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Trump acts against mob lawlessness

In response to Ms. Klementowski’s July 27 letter (“Stop Trump from violating our rights,”) in which she says, “stop him stop him” what action is she referring to — the control of arsonists, the control of looters, the control of murderers or the prevention of rapists.
There has been no action taken against “peaceful” demonstrators, only against unlawful mob violence.
Although The Gazette is leaning more and more to the left, I would hope that they can still print all of the truth, not just the BLM line.
John White
Ballston Spa

Stefanik needs to stand up for troops

Matt Zehl’s August 1 letter (“Stefanik stands up to our foreign foes”) claims that Representative Stefanik is “a strong supporter combating our foreign adversaries.”
Zehl neglected to mention Stefanik’s silence on the bounties paid by Russia to murder our soldiers who defend America’s democracy. But, then again, does she really care about our democracy? After all, she was an outspoken defender of the president after he asked the Ukrainian government to interfere in our forthcoming presidential elections. Nor has she uttered a word about Putin’s ongoing attempts to subvert our 2020 elections.
No surprise there, since she has also been remarkably quiet about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
Stefanik needs to protect our troops and our democracy.
Bill Scheuerman

Horse racing is just an excuse for abuse

Whereas multiple spectator sports struggled as to whether or not they would take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “sport” of horse racing in Saratoga is alive and well.
Even a viral disaster that has disrupted normalcy in the entire world has not deterred the use of horses to entertain for excitement and gambling pleasure.
This entertainment has often led to painful mishaps and even death to the horses.
At Saratoga Race Course  alone, 21 horses died in 2017, 14 died in 2018 and 16 died in 2019. The statistics have just begun to mount for 2020, I believe 2 so far.
These gorgeous creatures deserve better than this. I believe most people who attend the races or bet online turn a blind eye to the living animal who pays the price for their fun.
Dog fights and cock fights are illegal, but horse racing is “the sport of kings.” This label gives it credibility and impressiveness,
In fact, it is not a “sport,” but a way to mistreat horses.
Dorothy O’Connor

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