Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Aug. 13


Commit to equal pay for all people

Equal Pay Day is the symbolic date when women have earned as much money as white men did the year before.

For white women, that day is sometime in April. For working mothers, it is in June. For Black women, the date this year is today, Aug. 13. Check back around Thanksgiving for Equal Pay Day for Latina women.

Equal Pay Day in April has historically been the rallying point for activism.

However, Black women still make 62 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. Black women make $1 million less than white men in the course of a 40 year career. One. Million. Dollars.

The New York Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues and the Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties, led by Denise Murphy McGraw, are committed to doing the work to break down the root of the problem, the systems that preserve and perpetuate white supremacy.

It is not enough for white people to declare that we are not racists. It is necessary to do the work to be anti-racist. That is why we launched the Capital Region Anti-Racist Training Initiative.

For this Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, the Junior League commits itself to continue to fight for economic justice for Black women and for all women in New York state.

Katelyn Galbraith

Ballston Spa

The writer is chairwoman of New York State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues.

Trump puts his own election above safety

Of all the bad decisions and miscalculations that Trump has made in his three years in office, the worst and most deadly was his strategy to put his reelection above the nation’s safety and health care.

As a result, we have about 5 million COVID-19 cases and 160,000 deaths which continue to increase with no end in sight.

Trump is singularly focused on the economy, as if it will bounce back with vigor in time for Election Day.

However, the public’s lack of confidence that we have control of the virus and that the administration is doing all it can to keep us safe is only strangling the economy, as people stay home in fear of contracting the virus.

Without the public’s purchasing power at full steam, it will be a long time before the economy recovers.

That confidence will not return when people ignore social distancing and don’t wear face masks which Trump tacitly encourages to show support for him, minimizing the virus and his administration’s guidelines.

He is giving people a false sense of security that will just prolong the pandemic and continue the misery. We desperately need a change in leadership.

Raymond Harris


Who are all these happy Americans?

A recent survey showed that only 13% of Americans are happy. My question is: Who in the H-LL are the 13%?

Carole Anne Frank

Burnt Hills

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