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Gloversville responds to spike in overdose deaths


GLOVERSVILLE — Gloversville Police Department Chief Anthony Clay alerted the public Thursday to a spike in overdose deaths in the city since July.

 So far in 2020 city police have responded to 8 drug overdose deaths, with 5 of those deaths occurring since July 1, “an alarming trend”, according to a news release from the police.

 “The investigations into these deaths are active, and ongoing,” Clay said in a news release. “Individual cases have resulted in the arrest of suspected drug suppliers.”

Since Jan. 1 the Gloversville Police Department has responded to over 20 “drug overdose” complaints and administered Narcan, a drug used to block the effects of opioids, at ten different drug overdose scenes.

“In an effort to combat the trends described above, the Police Department is reminding the public the Police Department has a Medication Disposal drop box in the Police Department lobby,” Clay stated. “The disposal of unwanted, unused, or expired prescription medication can prevent it from being stolen, or otherwise abused.”


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The Gloversville Police Department also has the ability to replenish Narcan supplies as part of the New York State Dept. of Health Opioid Overdose Prevention Initiative.

“For those members of the community who have

been trained in the administration of Narcan, used their supply, and require replacements, the City of

Gloversville Police Department is permitted to replace it,” reads Clay’s news release.

The police department can also steer people interested in treatment toward available resources, and encourages people in need of help to contact the department at 518-773-4514.

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