Letters to the Editor for Friday, Aug. 14

Americans must all just try to get along

The bad cop who murdered George Floyd has been arrested, and will probably be punished.

The noose in the NASCAR garage wasn’t intended to mean anything except a way to pull a door down, and was there for nine months before anyone said one word about it. The historical Confederate flag and others (Puerto Rico, Texas, etc) are being flown by other people exercising their First Amendment rights.

The American Civil War was fought and won by the Union Army over the Confederate Army. It was supposed to and did unite our nation. Why not just try to get along.? All of the destruction of historical statues doesn’t change any history except show the rest of the world how dumb some of us really are. Again, why not just get along? Make the media just drop it.  White, Yellow, Black, Blue and Red — All lives matter anyway, don’t they?

Bill Mullins


Ideas for keeping park safe and clean

On the morning of Aug. 2, I stopped to see what havoc had been done to Kiwanis Park, on Route 5S in Rotterdam Junction.

The visitors the day before had trashed the place. It was a pigsty from the pavilion to the end of the picnic area.

I propose to friends of the park to take back control. If you see trash or trouble, don’t confront the perpetrators. Call county emergency control at 518-384-3444 and ask for police help. If you are law enforcement, stop in and check on things. Give out some citations if needed.

Another idea is to make this park strictly carry in, carry out.

Get rid of the trash barrels and put up the signs. Trash barrels just make for more trash. People even come along and empty their car’s trash in them. And there is a law against that.

Another problem in the park are the swimmers in the boat launch area. They won’t get out of the boats’ way. That’s a very dangerous act to both boaters and swimmers. When launching or coming in with swimmers in the launch area, holler “Boat coming in” or “Launching a boat.” A simple loud shout may help to avoid an accident.

There’s a good ending to this story. A three-generation family came along and cleaned up the park. They even emptied the trash barrels. They ask for nothing except to keep the park in a way for all to enjoy. My hats off to all those who serve.

Jim Palmer


Thought America would be better by now

I was talking with my wife recently, bemoaning the lack of strong leadership to inspire the people of our nation to come together.

Sagely, she reminded, “When have we been together, during World War II, when women and people of color were instrumental to the Allied success and were then expected to return to their oppressed place, when gay and transgender people had to hide or have to deal with being the possibility of being killed?

Sixty years after the Civil Rights era, we are still fighting over voting rights, police brutality and economic inequality for Black men and women.”

I had to admit that she had a point, and it is overwhelming to consider.

As a child growing up, I just thought we would be better than this. I had faith in a better future.

Even after studying history in college, learning about some of the beauty in the development of our laws, as well as the flaws, like slavery and the Electoral College, both of which harm our democracy to this day, I still had faith that Americans, despite their prejudices, wanted a more representative and egalitarian nation, economically, socially and politically.

Yet, there are Americans who still believe that their religious beliefs are “right,” to the exclusion of all others, that workers have no right to a living wage, that wealth should be tied to access to healthcare, or even political speech, that race and gender should even be factors. Why would anyone want that America?

James Cimino


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