Letter to the Editor 8/17

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Wrestling photo was embarrassing

I was shocked by the photo on the front page of the Aug. 7 Gazette Sports section. It showed two high school wrestlers from a match back in February in which one boy pinned the other. I felt this was very insensitive and completely unnecessary to publicly embarrass the young athlete.

Bill Nelson



Teach Nisky kids about slavery in NY

I graduated from Craig Elementary School and Van Antwerp Middle School. When I attended these schools, I never considered for whom these schools are named.

I’ve recently learned from census documents digitized for the New York Slavery Records Index that the Craigs and Van Antwerps owned dozens of slaves until at least 1820. Because the next census wasn’t until 1830, it’s at least possible these families owned slaves until 1827, when slavery was finally abolished in New York.

It’s astonishing to learn that the wealth and prestige someone needed to get a school named after him in my hometown was earned, at least in part, by enslaved human beings. Growing up in Niskayuna, I didn’t learn about the slavery that once existed here or the celebrations that erupted when slavery finally ended in New York.

Therefore, I’m asking for something I didn’t have: a curriculum for Niskayuna students that engages with the people who survived enslavement in New York to thrive.

There are famous examples, such as the Dutch-speaking, abolitionist, women’s rights activist and itinerant preacher Sojourner Truth. Yet, I hope research in archives like the New York Slavery Records will reveal others, more local, and lesser known. I also hope research will reveal the allies who helped them.

I’m confident that students, aided by teachers like I had, will be able to research and write the history of our town in rich and intimate detail, unflinching and truthful, and learn from it.

Paul L. Hebert

Queens, formerly of Niskayuna


Police should set example on masks

On July 25, I was in a small market in Ballston Spa. Also in the store was a Saratoga County deputy sheriff wearing his face mask below his nose. I asked the deputy to cover his nose, which he did. However, within moments, the mask was again below his nose and he made no attempt to correct it.

I find the officer’s disregard for the safety of the public he has sworn to protect very disturbing. If he can’t wear a face mask properly, he should not go into public places.

Sheriff Zurlo received a letter regarding this situation July 29 and still there is no response from him. All officers should be showing an example to the public for the importance of wearing face masks in public, not flouting the state mandate. Apparently, the Saratoga County Sheriff Dept. disagrees, or doesn’t care.

Kristen O’Brien

Ballston Spa


Trump gives a voice to the voiceless

Do Black lives matter? We all agree they do. At what point in life does a human being begin to matter? Planned or unplanned, healthy or sick, girl or boy, what matters is that we are all created by God, in His own image. That is the old, Biblical world view. An infant has a beating heart early in life. Once the cells begin to form a person, its life matters, and if its life really matters, then so does yours, mine and every little baby in the womb. This rules out the view that women have “a right” to end a pregnancy.

In a recent editorial, President Trump is said to “control” his supporters with “an iron fist,” a feeble attempt to explain away our approval of his policies.

But it is his pro-life stand that convinces many that he is the right leader for our country. Caring about defenseless infants shows true empathy. They can neither vote nor send a contribution. The saying “___ lives matter” is closely related to how our politicians view the rest of us. I want a president who thinks for the voiceless and everyone else. President Trump is the only one.

Lucy Roy



Don’t be taken in by manipulations

With the democratic virus pandemic, Democrats are supporting mail-in ballots. It seems like it’s the safe way for people to vote. They claim people are concerned about the spread of the virus. Well let’s see. It didn’t seem to deter crowds when four different funerals were held for George Floyd. It didn’t seem to be a factor in the funeral of John Lewis. It didn’t seem to bother crowds when they were destroying stores, looting and intentionally smashing products at a Target store.

It doesn’t seem to be a concern when they are still out there in crowds, destroying property and injuring police.

I think it’s time to stop the political nonsense and get over the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election, fair and square. It’s time to stop catering to special groups and giving in to unpeaceful protesters.

Joe Statile

Rotterdam and Conway, S.C.


Don’t sensationalize unproven charges

The August 12 Daily Gazette broke a cardinal rule of journalism if my memory of 11th grade English/Journalism serves me correctly. The rule is the front page top headline should reflect the most newsworthy world or national story of the day.

That said, I fail to see how an accusation of Bishop Hubbard, yet to be proven true, takes precedence over Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate.

The team that may be leading our country affects not only our nation but the entire world. The fact that The Daily Gazette did not make the VP choice its top news story is worrisome.

It is sad to see our local newspaper going the root of sensationalism over fact, guilty until proven innocent. If one reads the entire article (continued on the next to the last page of Section 1), Bishop Hubbard was found innocent of an accusation that cost the diocese $2.2 million to fight. Just think of the good that money could have done to help the needy.

I do not condone abuse in any form. Yet, I believe The Child Victims Act, extended an additional year due to COVID-19, and the extraordinary media coverage given to it has jeopardized the lives of many honorable people. Innocent until proven guilty has taken the backseat, as has the top news story of the day.

Pamela Mennillo Zilka






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