Letter to the Editor 8/19

Keep showing the good in Amsterdam

I am sure many of us enjoyed the recent flower power picture by Gazette photographer Marc Schultz featuring a vintage VW van decorated with flowers.

Thanks to the Alteri Shop and its employees and Marc, we were treated to a bright and cheerful day in the July 20 editions of the Recorder and Gazette.

The south side (Port Jackson) of Amsterdam had many nice businesses and hardworking people.

We have enjoyed their restaurants and other services. To add to the scenic area is a castle and walking bridge over the Mohawk River.

I hope Marc Schultz and Peter Barber continue to photograph more of the life and scenes in the area.

I also hope Jason Subik and your other reporters keep us informed about our area.

Patricia Palkovic



Gazette shows its bias against Trump


Every quarter I think long and hard about renewing my Gazette subscription.

I’m frustrated that your paper inserts your dislike of President Trump into almost every article. I don’t want to support propaganda.

Opinion pieces are put on pages that used to be devoted to hard news. Your paper has become so left leaning that I don’t enjoy reading it anymore.

I am renewing my subscription for this quarter because I want to be kept abreast of local news, and my newspaper carrier does a fine job delivering it every morning.

Missy Babcock

Clifton Park

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