Letters to the Editor for Monday, Aug. 24

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Use shared-services program to help kids

The Aug. 9 editorial (“Borrowing should be last resort for government”) expressed an “uncertain financial future” for government and its functions.

Since public health and safety of our communities are primary constitutional purposes of government, and education of children, youth and adults is essential to sustain life and democracy, then the New York state county-wide Shared Services Initiative’s Local Government Performance and Efficiency Program,(Gen. Mun. Law, Art.12-1), will assist cost-sharing eligible “coordinated services” among the municipal governments.

I think communities need to use the county-wide Shared Services Plan to coordinate municipal, school district and the judiciary’s children and youth support services with the “multiple service-providing agencies” cooperatively cost-sharing the state Board of Regents “social and emotional learning” policies for children and youth.

I think the combination of the pandemic, violence and murder, poverty and hunger, and economic and climate changes, are several punches to the human gut affecting children, youth, and adults.

Therefore, our communities need to sustain health and safety services for our trauma-impacted children, youth and special needs students. Our posterity’s human lives matter.

Michael McGlynn


Dems’ radical ideas won’t improve lives

The Democrats want to fundamentally change the fabric of this country. Changes they propose would significantly alter deeply rooted governmental and economic structures.

I cannot speak to the Trump-haters many of which do not have defined objections but offer highly emotional opinions mostly on his character. They give no credit no matter the evidence. The Democrats offer endless criticism yet no pragmatic solutions. They only offer a radical progressive agenda with few realistic details.

I do not defend everything our president does nor do I support all of his policies.

What I can say is that if putting all the hate aside is possible, do you really think your life would be better under the Democrats? Before you answer, you should fully understand exactly what their positions are on the issues and how they would affect your life.

If anyone can articulate a cogent and rational reason to vote Democratic I’d like to hear it.

Don’t cherry pick an issue or two. Look at the comprehensive radical progressive agenda that they propose and tell me that the world would be a better place for you, your kids and your grandkids. You better think really hard.

John Myers



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