Gloversville borrows $678k for capital projects

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The Gloversville Common Council unanimously approved borrowing $678,000 worth of municipal bonds for the purpose of capital improvement projects for the city on Tuesday.

The following is a list of projects the city will use the funds to pay for in descending order of cost:

• $400,000 for improvements to and reconstruction of the city’s surface drainage system, including equipment, machinery, apparatus, appurtenances, and incidental costs

• $83,000 for a new 25-year roof for the Gloversville Police Department

• $75,000 for improvements to and reconstruction of Fire Department facilities, including original furnishings

• $70,000 for the installation of new radio/communications equipment for the police department

• $50,000, for the installation of new radio/communications equipment for the fire department

Councilman-at-large William Rowback Jr. said that most of the $400K for the drainage system project is earmarked for repairs to and reconstruction of the city’s catch basins.

“The drainage we’re talking about are the catch basins throughout the city, the repair of the majority of them, and also the manhole covers,” Rowback said. “It needs to be done. Throughout the years, while I was running for mayor and as councilman-at-large, I heard from a lot of the residents that our streets have to be improved.”

Rowback praised city Department of Public Works Director Chris Perry for helping the city advance its goal of repairing and constructing catch basins.

Over the past 15 months, Gloversville has spent about $500,000 replacing 93 failing catch basins that had become overloaded with “sump,” the debris and grit washed into them by rainwater.

Perry has previously said that the city’s DPW can replace about 30-35 catch basins annually without having to hire an outside contractor. The city has a total of about 1,600 catch basins.

During Tuesday’s meeting Rowback asked Gloversville Commissioner of Finance Tammie Weiterschan to describe the work being done at the fire department.

“The chief has a plan, there are some bathroom facilities that need to be remodeled, they are original to the building, as I understand it, and also the weight room area,” Weiterschan said. “I believe [the fire chief] would also like to reconfigure the fire department a little bit, bringing the Building [Inspector office] forward a little bit.”

Rowback said the Gloversville Fire Department building was originally built in the late 1970s, and the bathrooms have never been remodeled.

“They’re aging out and they just need to be redone,” he said.

Rowback said the new radio equipment for the police and fire department are Gloversville’s part of a county-wide project to upgrade radio communications equipment to enable all of the different law enforcement and first responder agencies to communicate with each other more effectively.

“Throughout the county, and also for central dispatch, this will be a huge improvement for our men and women, making it possible for them to communicate with each other, and between the different agencies,” Rowback said.

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