Letters to the Editor for Friday, Sept. 11


Charter change will bring additional costs

As the Saratoga Springs City Council begins the challenge of putting together a 2021 city budget in the midst of a pandemic and national economic crisis, it will have to keep in mind the additional spending the city will be required to do if the charter proposal to change to a city manager and ward system passes this November.
While a city manager would not be officially hired until the new charter takes effect in January 2022, the search for this new hire will have to take place during 2021 and be done by the current City Council.
The City Council members could try to take on this task themselves (in addition to their other duties and responsibilities), but most municipalities find they need the assistance of professional search firms to find and evaluate the best candidates. Those costs typically run from $25,000 to $30,000, plus travel expenses.
The proposed charter also requires the city to appoint and fund two task forces: First, a Charter Transition Task Force, including counsel, to actually plan the new government; and, second, a Reapportionment Commission which can hire staff and have a budget to review the 2020 census data and draw ward boundaries.
The task of crafting a budget for 2021 in the midst of the uncertainty of the pandemic and the national economic crisis is daunting for our city, especially knowing that significant additional funding will have to be found if the charter change proposal passes in November.
Jane Weihe
Saratoga Springs

Police have advantage over unarmed citizens

Several letters to the editor of The Daily Gazette have appeared in recent days objecting to the publication of a cartoon in the Aug. 31 edition of the newspaper.
The four-panel cartoon depicted a police officer shooting someone with the words “You have the right to remain silent” spread among the panels.
I fully understand that not all law enforcement agents routinely ignore suspects’ rights in a cavalier fashion. But lately it has become evident that there have been many instances from coast to coast across this country in which individuals’ rights have been appallingly ignored by those in uniform, and cruel punishments imposed, sometimes resulting in death.
And all too often, this has occurred when the individual was unarmed. Are there “good cops”? Absolutely. But let’s be clear: Unless an individual accosts or threatens a law enforcement officer with a weapon, who has the upper hand? The answer is simple: the one with the gun.
Paul Deierlein

Downtown turn lane arrows are confusing

In downtown Schenectady, where Broadway meets State Street, next to Bow-Tie Cinemas, the right hand lane has a painted right turn (only) arrow. But the arrow in the stop light above allows a left hand turn from both approaching lanes.
There doesn’t appear to be two lanes to turn onto on State Street. Which is it? Is the right turn lane to be used for right turns only, or can it be used for a left turn, ignoring the painted arrow on the pavement?
Robert Brown

Support Republicans to end the rioting

The president defeated Republicans, then Democrats, and under adverse conditions he improved the economy, jobs out of this world, military increased, raised minimum wage and tax breaks.
We were moving in the right direction until COVID-19, but he also jumped to contain it.
He bailed out New York, which spent our tax dollars on travel to Puerto Rico and sending crews to restore power.
Gov. Cuomo didn’t have enough machines; the president got them here to save lives. All Democratic states have rioters, causing havoc. Mayors and governors are supporting them, BLM and Antifa.
I don’t think you want to support people burning private property or defunding the police. You would have no law and order; you’d have to defend yourself.
The Democrats did nothing. Why? The police were told stand down. Instead, they were arresting people defending their property and they took their guns, which is unconstitutional.
Is this how you want to live? I don’t.
The New World Order wants Trump out so they can run rampant.
If Trump loses and we can’t regain Congress and the Senate another four years, riots will continue. Vote Republican across the board.
Claude Rizzicone, Jr.

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Robert F. Jewell

Trump lied to the American people out of the gate. He has continued to down play the death and virulence of this disease.
Many paranoid individuals want to blame Antifa or democrats for their own lack of education and private bigotry.
Democrats will restore honor integrity and sanity. Wont hear of Democrat telling you to inject Clorox!
The rioting will be over when the police of this nation stop brutality killing black people. This has nothing to do with politics. However the left isn’t trying to suppress free America protests!
When you he democrats win a he house senate and presidency then watch out Frank!
Some people’s idea of freedom is akin to that of South Africa’s in the 80s.

Terry Ryczek

Claude Rizzicone, Jr. your letter is spot on correct. As Dr Fauci has corroborated President Trump took measures even he didn’t think necessary by banning travel from China and Europe. He stated there wasn’t much more the president could do. Also just like strong leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt from the past the president moved to keep calm among the citizenry. Any state/governors got the supplies they requested as soon as they were made available due to depleted stockpiles from the previous administration and then some services provided were not used like the USN Comfort in New York City. You are correct that the globalist do not President Trump in office because he is the wrench in the gears of their plans to control the world and the people in it. Re-electing president Trump flipping congress and keeping will be the best thing to happen to the USA. True the democrats and their allies in the media fanned the flames of violence and did nothing to stop it. Elitist like Nancy Pelosi don’t follow the very edicts they pass yet expect We The People to follow like blind sheep. I agree vote RED across the board this election.

William Marincic

Paul Deierlein, you will blame the police and say if he has a weapon. A friend who is a cop in Schenectady was beat almost to death by an MMA fighter without a weapon. It’s very simple, “Comply Don’t Die”. A police officer only knows a person is resisting and they will use force one level above what is being used on them, if there is a knife present the will use their gun, it only takes a split second to charge and hurt or kill a cop. Almost every one of those fatal police shooting were due to the suspect resisting arrest.

Robert F. Jewell

A properly trained peace officer looks to de escalate a dangerous situation not look to be a king Kong with a gun. My father and brother were peace officers. They say the motto “ comply don’t die” is never a policeman’s motto! Only those looking for trouble!
A knife is not a gun. The police were typical thugs, poorly trained, poorly paid, poorly educated and choose to be brutal.

Robert F. Jewell

It’s just plain Nauseating to read that one week the virus is a democratic hoax.
Then next week the virus won’t be bad and will just DISAPPEAR.
Then POTUS won’t wear a mask !
Then POTUS endorses HERD immunity..
Then POTUS ADMITS!!! He’s been lying all along to prevent his poor little ignorant followers from panicking..
Then commenters like above say…LYING is OKAY if it’s their God Trump speaking!!
What kind of HYPOCRISY are you pedaling ??

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