Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sept. 10

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Fight back against Sch’dy school cuts

As a retiree from Schenectady schools, I must say that the fiscal cuts presently being enacted by the school district are completely wrong on many levels.

To cut poor, inner city districts with impoverished, high needs students by 20% across the board just continues to widen the inequity gap in this state’s education policies.

The very talented and dedicated faculty, staff, and support staff that wanted to make the most positive impact on our youth by choosing to work in an inner city school district, after being told that they were “heroes” four months ago, are now getting shafted and thrown out the door like items off a sinking ship.

Please call the governor and our state and federal representatives to stop this injustice. We are losing hard working, dedicated people.

The students are getting shafted by the district diminishing or totally erasing quality, well-rounded, multicultural, and diverse opportunities and programs, and educational support systems upon which Schenectady schools has positively touted itself for years.

I hope that those of us who are alumni of Schenectady schools would rise up and fight these injustices so that our children can have the same, or a better, education than we received to meet 21st century employment needs.

I support the Schenectady Federation of Teachers 100% to continue their valiant efforts to combat these draconian policies for the sake of our students, staff and other employees.



Use Green Tech as education example

A segment of the population in Schenectady feel that their education isn’t helpful.

Perhaps the school board should look at the Green Tech Charter School in Albany. It’s 98% black and has a 95% graduation rate with most going to college.

Besides the small class size, the students feel safe. Not being in the minority allows a student to ask questions without being afraid of how the other students look at them. The same school can be set up here. It can be tuition-free to allow students from neighboring districts to attend.

A good education is still the key to good paying jobs and a better life. Don’t we owe the best to all our students? A degree from Linton High helped me to a good life. If you want to see “White Privilege” visit 1702 Carrie St. in Schenectady. That’s where I lived until I went to college. We should all be so lucky.



Happy to see our heroes be honored

I am a born and raised Schenectadian who could not be more encouraged than I was the other day driving through downtown and seeing the street light poles encased with photos of Schenectady‘s warriors who served in the military.

Heroes for sure and a real boost to my morale; a real good thing to view and appreciate. Well done, families of these brave veterans who served their country with honor. And well done to allow us to share in their pride. Some good stuff going on around us after all.




William Marincic

I’m not excited about the new format for the paper and letters to the editor, I’m sure I’ll get used to it but it looks cheap and poorly done. I don’t know why people have to keep changing things and usually it’s not for the better. There’s a reason that certain restaurants and industries are very successful throughout the decades it’s because they offer the same product and the same quality they don’t keep changing things up. Maybe to Gazette can learn from this winning formula.

Robert F. Jewell

When the rotary phone was retired many cried about the changes to their little world….
Everyone else grew up and adapted, improvised and kept our traps shut…
I for one like the new format.
Perhaps certain types feel threatened by changes. Perhaps being “ reined in” a bit doesn’t sit well with him..,

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