Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Sept. 12

Why no outrage over the actual shootings

The Gazette’s recent editorial page cartoon of the white policeman shooting a Black man in the back has caused quite the kerfuffle. There have been letters to the editor filled with vitriol, protests in front of the Gazette building, and even a resolution from a local town council demanding an apology.

The cartoon was meant of course to evoke images of the shooting of Jacob Blake, as well as other cases of seemingly indefensible police violence against people of color. No thinking person should or would take the cartoon as an indictment of all police because such a blanket indictment would be patently absurd. The police are overwhelmingly defenders of justice, not perpetrators of injustice. And yet, that absurd interpretation of the cartoon seems to have taken hold.

I haven’t counted the number of letters to the editor decrying this cartoon versus the number of letters protesting unnecessary police violence against George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor and the many others too numerous to mention, but the reaction to the cartoon seems far greater and more vehement than reaction to the actual shootings. To quote the alien Mr. Spock from Star Trek when he observed human behavior that he couldn’t square with logic, I find this phenomenon “Fascinating.”

Jerry Jasinski

Disappointed by tall grass along bike path

A friend and I went biking on the Schenectady bike path from the college to Rotterdam during the beautiful Labor Day weekend.

We were totally disappointed in the fact that it has not been mowed in a long time. What happened? It was totally overgrown with weeds.

We have been to a few other trails in other towns and they are mowed nicely.

Come on Schenectady, you can do better than that.

Judy Connelly

Airport must replace faulty thermometer

On July 17, the National Weather Service (NWS) replaced the thermometer sensor at the Albany International Airport, where the official temperatures are kept for the Greater Capital Region.

It turned out that the sensor was likely reading around 3 degrees too low. According to the NWS standards, the acceptable tolerance for a thermometer is around + or – 5 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

Meanwhile, many scientists argue that just a 3 degrees change in the overall earth temperature could begin to trigger extinction of many species, including mankind. Right now, the earth has warmed around 2 F in the past 50 or so years.

Most store bought thermometers are more accurate than + or – 5 degrees. Some of the broadcast meteorologists are not even using the airport reading, but the Pine Bush thermometer instead.

My Davis thermometer, which had always been close to the airport readings (within a degree for a monthly mean), gave me an August average (of both high and low temperatures) 3.6 degrees warmer than the airport (72.4 F versus 68.8).

By not replacing this thermometer and its cool readings, the NWS will taint not only our climate data but the measure of how much our planet is truly warming. They need to replace the thermometer and review the temperature records since July 17.

Hugh Johnson

Some things are just too odd for words

Just before Jimmy Kimmel was outed for his blackface appearances, he announced that he would be taking the summer off. After months of lockdown and doing his show from home, he explained that he wanted to spend more time with his family. I thought that was the world’s greatest knee slapper.

Then I heard Andrew Cuomo was going to write a book on covid response. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Michael Reilly

Stefanik is doing a lot to help district

Rep. Elise Stefanik announced the 39th result in the campaigns 100 Days, 100 Results Programs.

This highlights the critical wins that she has delivered to the North Country. She released her funding for Fort Ticonderoga and said she has worked with the National Endowment of the Humanities to secure over $250,000 in funding it.

This money will go towards the expansion and enhancement of their virtual programing to boost education and appreciation for the North Country’s rich history and culture.

Fort Ticonderoga holds North America’s largest 18th century artillery collection, 2,000 acres of historic land on Lake Champlain, the Carillon Battlefield, and the largest series of untouched Revolutionary War era earthworks surviving in America. It brings in over $12 million into the greater Ticonderoga area each year.

This grant funding is very important for the investment in education, preservation of our nation’s history, and our local communities.

This 100 days, 100 Results program is very important to win over a lot of the people who are unsure of the accomplishments that Rep. Stefanik strongly fights to get done.

All of these results are very beneficial to the 21st District and she continues to accomplish more for her people.

Carmela Jada
Burnt Hills

What’s really best for unwanted children?

Back in the early 1800s, there was no birth control and most people were farmers. If an unwanted child was born, it would be spoken for by a neighboring farm family, who would raise it as their own.

After the Civil War, the country became more industrialized. Unwanted children were addressed to orphanages, where they learned to read, write, solve mathematical problems and a trade (e.g. Charlton, Saratoga, my ancestors taught there).

Sometime after 1900, these orphanages were abandoned. (Charlton, Saratoga County, became a penal colony for wayward girls with no training facilitated.) Now the facts show (multiple independent charities solicit funds) that there are over 1 million homeless, hungry children in the United States.

There is no attempt to care for these children: there are no families waiting to adopt our U.S. children. Social programs that cared for these children are continuously under attack by the conservative evangelical right and being cut by politicians who only claim to be Christian.

Therefore, my question to you folks is, “Is it more humane to abort an unwanted child or is it better to force the child to be born and then let it starve or freeze to death on the streets?”

Lou Cook
Ballston Spa

Santabarbara spans the political divide

It’s great to see someone like Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara working with Democrats and Republicans to actually get things done at the state capitol.

After the terrible crash in Schoharie, he was able to pass new laws needed to keep people safe in limousines. He also fought to get new legislation passed to make school buses safer.

It’s also been so important to have such a strong advocate for special needs students during these times. Angelo has been able to get new bills passed to help people with disabilities. Too often, their needs are overlooked or just left out. Angelo is one of the few that can consistently get bills passed and signed into law with support from both political parties.

Geraldine Szawiela

Joy will fight to keep our freedoms intact

This past Monday was Labor Day. The last line of our national anthem, “land of the free and the home of the brave” comes to mind.

To promote healing of our divided nation, President Lincoln freed all those held captive by slavery, free of body and free to enjoy constitutional freedoms denied them.

The covid pandemic, subsequent health care crisis and state governors having temporary executive order powers denied citizens their constitutional rights. When will they be restored?

Merriam-Webster defines bravery as “showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear and difficulty.” I add someone who puts the needs of others before self. Liz Joy, running for the the District 20 congressional seat, embodies these qualities.

At great risk and personal harm, she fought off my daughter’s knife-wielding attacker. Reading my daughter’s medical record, medical professionals told her, “You shouldn’t be alive.”

Once again, we are a nation divided. We need Liz’s character and commitment representing District 20. She will fight for our freedoms and foster bipartisan healing. Our nation’s future depends on you. Vote on Nov. 3.

Once again, we are a nation divided. Liz Joy will fight to keep our freedoms intact and foster healing. Vote on Nov. 3.

Fran Underhill

Old symbols get new life in today’s world

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose! Roughly translated, it means that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Certain gestures or signs do call up the recognition of things past. Oh, sure, there are universals, those recognizable little configurations which have international meaning — the one-finger salute, the ‘V’ for victory or whatever. But lately, something else has caught my attention.

Our daily news media, no, not all of them, have captured pictures of protesters, a.k.a rioters, disrupting dinner parties at restaurants and demanding that the stressed-out patrons raise a fist-like salute in support of whatever the fancy of the day is. You know, all those raised-fist salutes remind me of what a certain German fascist leader required of his followers. Some things never change, do they.

Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs

Stefanik is no backer of law and order

I admit I am confused by Rep. Elise Stefanik’s claim that she supports law and order. I spent over 40 years carrying a badge. Her performance during the House hearings on Donald Trump’s impeachment was disgusting.

She was unswayed by the facts or the law, and instead acted rather like a shady defense attorney. She personally attacked those who were trying to bring the truth to light. She blindly supported someone who belongs in jail. A man who steals from his tenants, cheats on his taxes, crucifies immigrants (but ignores the law to hire them at his businesses) blackmails other world leaders, tampers with witnesses, promises pardons to those who will break the law for him, is changing a proud national police agency to a political arm of his campaign by appointing a sleaze-ball to run it, orders police to attack non-violent protesters and media people, fires witnesses who tell the truth, threatens staff not to respond to requests of Congress to testify and even  refuses to respond to legal subpoenas.

The obvious solution to this is to replace the president and enablers like Stefanik. Voting for Joe Biden and Tedra Cobb this November is a start.

Chris Morrell
The writer is a retired chief from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office.

Remove our unfit commander-in-chief

“Losers and suckers.” This is the description by our “commander-in-chief” of our servicemen and women, our heroic military forces, who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

Trump simply cannot fathom why anyone would serve this country for such low wages, subjecting themselves to injury and death.

Clearly, he is no “loser.” Five deferments for fake bone spurs saved him from serving our country. Mr. “Make America Great Again” is no patriot. He is a phony, a despicable coward and a narcissist.

It is no wonder he didn’t respond when Putin placed bounties on the heads of our servicemen and women. He sees them as losers; their lives don’t really matter. I cannot imagine how parents of soldiers and veterans feel about this disgusting, fraudulent “commander-in-chief.”

In 2015. Trump called John McCain, a national war hero, a “loser” because he was captured — one more ugly wart on the grotesque soul of Donald Trump.

We have a traitor, a serious threat to our national security, an enemy of America, in control of our safety and the lives of our heroic servicemen and women. It may be time for our citizens to “storm the Bastille” and forcefully remove this monster before he destroys America. I’ll make the trip.

Vince Dacquisto

Democrats show true colors on civility

I recently took a 190-mile motorcycle ride through the southern Adirondacks. The day was perfect, with moderate temperatures, partly cloudy skies, and few bugs. Everyone I encountered was friendly and courteous.

I was sad to see the numerous closed and “for sale” businesses and motels along Routes 30, 28 and 8.

The pandemic has really done a number on the economy up there.

Along the way, I observed many political signs for Trump, Stefanik and Tedisco. I saw no signs for Biden-Harris or Cobb.

Coming home through Wells, I came up behind two vehicles from New Jersey. As we passed a Trump sign, two right arms with extended middle fingers appeared from the second vehicle.

Two thoughts came to mind.

First, those people, by that time, must’ve had very tired middle fingers. Second, there was another shining example from the self-proclaimed political party of civility and tolerance.

Timothy J. O’Neill

Hinchey will provide strong leadership

If we’ve learned anything during this pandemic, it’s that we need strong leadership in the capital and right here at home.

We need someone who is actively on the ground and putting the people of our community first. Throughout the pandemic,

Michelle Hinchey has been in every county volunteering to support people during this crisis, from small businesses to farmers. When she entered the race to be the next senator for the 46th New York State Senate District, Ms. Hinchey didn’t know it would be during a pandemic. However, she has risen to the occasion and has met the needs of the community.

Recently, I was impressed by her virtual town hall on supporting first responders on the frontlines during the COVID-19 outbreak, and her commitment to continue working with them far beyond the pandemic.

Ms. Hinchey has been proactive in her response and assistance to our community, reassuring us of her commitment to be on the ground hearing from people like you and me, while also fighting for us in Albany.

Rachel Rappazzo

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William Marincic

Jerry Jasinski All of those cases that you described have one thing in common, the person fought with police officers and he did not comply with a lawful order. It’s a simple thing to do comply and you will not die.

William Marincic

Lou Cook, The process and the cost to adopt a child in the United States is so high it takes most people out of the equation that would normally take a child in. You need to get rid of a lot of those regulations, do a background check and make it a simple process and you will see a lot more kids enter into a home situation.

Terry Ryczek

“For a small amount of perspective at this moment, imagine you were born in 1900. When you are 14, World War I starts, and ends on your 18th birthday with 22 million people killed. Later in the year, a Spanish Flu epidemic hits the planet and runs until you are 20. Fifty million people die from it in those two years. Yes, 50 million.

When you’re 29, the Great Depression begins. Unemployment hits 25%, global GDP drops 27%. That runs until you are 33. The country nearly collapses along with the world economy. When you turn 39, World War II starts. You aren’t even over the hill yet.

When you’re 41, the United States is fully pulled into WWII. Between your 39th and 45th birthday, 75 million people perish in the war and the Holocaust kills six million. At 52, the Korean War starts and five million perish.

At 64 the Vietnam War begins, and it doesn’t end for many years. Four million people die in that conflict. Approaching your 62nd birthday you have the Cuban Missile Crisis, a tipping point in the Cold War. Life on our planet, as we know it, could well have ended. Great leaders prevented that from happening.

As you turn 75, the Vietnam War finally ends. Think of everyone on the planet born in 1900. How do you survive all of that? A kid in 1985 didn’t think their 85 year old grandparent understood how hard school was. Yet those grandparents (and now great grandparents) survived through everything listed above.

Perspective is an amazing art. Let’s try and keep things in perspective. Let’s be smart, help each other out, and we will get through all of this. In the history of the world, there has never been a storm that lasted. This too, shall pass.”

William Marincic

Maybe everybody should read John Bolton’s book where he said that President Trump didn’t visit the cemetery due to weather. Maybe people should listen to general Kelly who is another anti-trumper who said that they didn’t visit the cemetery due to weather. Just an FYI people are mad that he gave 18 hours of interviews to that liberal lying hack Woodward to begin with, it was a Democrat hit job just like everything else, they know that Biden can’t win so they’re bringing everything out they possibly can. One more FYI, four more years

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah these white right wing nationalist commenting here has got their heads on upside down. Typical Lying Trump fake newsers…

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