Letters to the Editor for Monday, Sept. 14

Time for state to open other venues

It is about time that King Cuomo gets off the throne and allows performance venues and movie theaters to open. He states that openings are data driven and the present data does not support his continued closure, with no guidance on an opening date for these venues.
We are at the lowest rate of infection we have ever been at. These are peoples’ livelihoods here. It is ridiculous that he continues to sit on his throne and say no. Why? Because he can.
I say, he and the legislators should not be paid until the state is completely open.
That way, they can also go through the same unemployment filing that individuals and businesses have had to endure, some still have not received any money. See how fast things would open then.
Health Department plans were approved for these locations months ago, and the last I knew, the Health Department was part of New York state.
Stop the nonsense and let them open. If there is a spike over the threshold, then shut them down. That is what was said from the start, but at least give them a chance.
While I am discussing this, I would also like to lament him for cutting school budgets 20%.
Was his budget cut 20%? No, he hired more people for his office.
If he is trying to bankrupt the state, he is doing a great job. Hey King Andy, soon you will not have a state left to pillage.
David W. Gallup

No justification for praising of Cuomo

Regarding Mr. Miller’s criticism of Jim Tedisco in his Sept. 3 letter (“If young people want change, vote”) while praising Cuomo. Are you kidding? He cites Tedisco being in government for 37 years. Are you aware that Gov.Death has been in government since at least 1992? That’s right. As secretary of HUD under the pedophile president, he helped to set in place the collapse of 2008.
He has not handled the coronavirus well at all. Are you aware that over 6,000 seniors died in nursing homes? He has blamed President Trump, employees of these homes, the CDC, and anyone else but himself. It is believed that over 10,000 seniors died, including those that were taken to hospitals from homes. He refuses to give the actual count because it just furthers proof of his incompetence.
Go ahead, cite the need for term limits. You lose all credibility when you compliment Cuomo.
If his last name wasn’t Cuomo, he would be driving a cab in the Bronx.
Dave Edwards

Focus on ravages of problem gambling

In reference to The Gazette Sept. 10 article, “Lake George Ex-Watershed Coalition chief receives 8-24 years in prison,” I can’t help but notice a missed opportunity to raise awareness regarding problem gambling.
Please know, there is treatment for gambling addiction. We refer to gambling disorder as the hidden addiction because unlike substance use, there are no physical symptoms. It often goes undetected until something significant occurs such as embezzled and stolen funds.
This story would be a good opportunity to share with your readers that treatment is available. September is also Recovery Month, so now is the perfect time.
We often associate Recovery Month with those who are in recovery from a substance use disorder.
However, the risk for problem gambling among individuals who are in recovery from substance use disorder is real. Here are some facts:
Nearly 668,000 adults in New York state are struggling with a gambling problem.
Almost 75% of people diagnosed with a gambling disorder also had an alcohol use disorder and 40% had a drug use disorder.
September is also National Suicide Prevention Month. Did you know that problem gambling has the highest rate of suicide among all other addictions?
One in five problem gamblers have attempted and/or died by suicide.
There is hope. Recovery from problem gambling is possible. Local, barrier-free help is available through the Northeast Problem Gambling Resource Center.
For more information, please visit www.NYProblemGamblingHELP.org, call 518-801-1491 or email [email protected]
Robin Fetterman

Truth: Election being rigged … by Trump

For once Trump is not lying. Heed his warning of a “rigged election.” He knows that to be fact, because he’s the one rigging it.
Lou Restifo Sr.
Burnt Hills

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Robert F. Jewell

I find it quite sickening that people call the Governor name and enjoy disparaging one of NY GREATEST Governors this state has know since Mario Cuomo!
It’s sickening how republicans wouldn’t cooperate in helping saving American lives by masking up! But it’s these SAME The DISEASED REPUBLICAN HYPOCRITES THAT BLAME ANDREW FOR THE LOSS OF SENIORS AT NY NURSING HOMES.

Terry Ryczek

Robert you must have missed seeing the USN Comfort in NY Harbor and the Javits center turned into a Covid hospital so infected people wouldn’t be sent in with the MOST VULNERABLE by the worst Governor ever. People do were masks even though the CDC has determined them ineffective. But Robert the mask is to be wore over your mouth and nose not your eyes.
Trump has gotten more accomplished for the U.S than any politician in history. I’ve posted it before, it took 4 post because of character limitations. What has Biden done in 47 years except to support Robert Byrd in his fight against desegregation and get the 94 crime bill passed which sent thousands of black people to prison because he wanted to get those predators off the streets so the streets wouldn’t become a racial jungle for his wife kids.

William Marincic

Thank God for a President Trump, we are seeing a real Mid East peace deal, not in 3000 years have we been so close to real peace. Also Thank God for no Ginger Lent.

Robert F. Jewell

Thank God Trump will lose in November!!
Murder is murder!! Cops murdering innocent blacks and innocent cops being murdering by ANYONE!! MURDER IS MURDER!

William Marincic

Trump is winning Florida by more than 5% right now, unless you win in Florida there’s really not a pathway to 270 electoral college votes. Biden‘s camp is already concerned because they said they have an alternative way to win without Florida. But that would mean they would have to win Minnesota and Pennsylvania both states that Trump will probably win this time. Pennsylvania for sure because Biden wants to stop fracking. And what about Harris calling it a Harris Biden ticket and then Biden calling it a Harris Biden ticket? The truth of what we’ve been saying for a long time is coming out, and that’s that Biden is not the head of this ticket it’s the ultra liberal left wing Harris.

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