Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020

Students bear brunt of government failure

As the school year begins, the Schenectady City School District is grappling with a massive budget gap, the result of staggering state funding cuts.

The funding cuts may be equal across districts, but they are far from equitable.

Nearby suburban school districts, like my own, are able to absorb the state’s funding cuts without massive layoffs and without cutting essential services to the bone.

It has rightly been pointed out that students will bear the brunt of the pain caused by the state’s draconian funding cuts and the district’s ensuing layoffs and reductions in services.

I ask you to also consider the hundreds of teachers and paraprofessionals whose livelihoods have been ripped away without notice in the worst economy our country has seen in nearly a century.

They were willing to go to work to serve Schenectady’s children and instead they will join the ranks of the unemployed.

They are our neighbors, they deserved better than this.

These dedicated professionals work to ensure that the educational, emotional, and physical needs of every single Schenectady student are met.

Paraprofessionals work in hands-on roles for low pay because they love their students.

Many of those who were laid off also have children who attend Schenectady schools, amplifying the impact the district’s devastating cuts will have on their families.

The failure of our federal government to act on relief for states is unconscionable.

The pain of these cuts will be felt throughout Schenectady, and communities like it, for decades to come.

Emily Morgese
Ballston Spa

Trump is opposite of law-and-order leader

Donald Trump the president of law and order? Trump is the opposite of someone who promotes law and order. He promotes the kinds of activities which are the polar opposites of law and order.

Case in point No. 1 is the incident at Lafayette Square. There was a calm protest occurring at the time when Trump wanted to walk through the Square.

The peaceful protesters were attacked by police and driven out. Deliberately creating an inappropriate situation then sending in law enforcement is not indicative of a law and order president. These are the activities of a dangerous instigator.

Case in point No. 2 involves the more recent events in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jacob Blake was shot by police. In the aftermath, a 17-year-old boy took matters into his own hands and shot several people.

A president who creates an environment in which people feel it is fine to take up arms and act as vigilantes is not a law and order president.

The lies and misrepresentations of the current administration are appalling.

Trump had four years to be a law and order president. He has done the opposite. I have no reason to believe anything would change if he is reelected.

Martha Meskutovecz

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William Marincic

Jacob Blake had a weapon, he had a knife and only takes a split second to turn that knife on an officer and kill them. Google man with knife get shot by police and see how quickly a man with a knife can attack an officer. The 17-year-old was being attacked by protesters one hit him over the head with a skateboard he was in fear of his life. He will be acquitted because he acted in self-defense.

Robert F. Jewell

The shooter was a white nationalist bigot and republican. The two white supremacist commenters here hate black people.
The two white supremacist commenting here believe the police to be Gods!!! Resist and die!!
They are hate filled and believe in a GESTAPO STATE…They want death!

Terry Ryczek

Robert I told the people of color in church today you called me a white supremacist and I asked them if they felt oppressed. They laughed at you. I think they’re still laughing.

What has been forgotten by the limonene liberals is that schools were closed because of the pandemic. Since they were closed they should be awash in the funds saved because of the school closings. If the Board of Education continued to pay employees during school closings then the board and to teachers should be replaced by honorable souls

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