Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Sept. 15

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We must prepare for worst of covid

I have never been the kind of guy who runs around saying the sky is falling, but I will admit to spending an inordinate amount of time looking at the COVID-19 statistics. So with that in mind and a little common sense, I see a disaster coming.
First, the virus didn’t go away when it got hot out, obviously.
Second, if you want to preserve something, you put it in the refrigerator. So, the virus is going to hang around longer in the winter.
Unlike summer, we will be all packed in together and students will be traveling all over the place, carrying it with them and bringing it home.
Third, after the first wave of infections receded, the country reached a plateau of an alarming 1,000 deaths a day. The fall will bring the second wave, when researchers are predicting a doubling or tripling of that figure, and the total COVID-19 deaths recorded in the last six months (~200,000) will be matched in the next three months until New Year’s.
The peak of the second wave will occur at different times in different parts of the country, just like the first wave, and we will not be spared.
The date of the presidential election is irrelevant to the virus. There are no proven therapeutics and there is no vaccine.
All we can (and must) do to protect ourselves is wear our masks and wash our hands. It’s not a lot, but it’s everything.
Paul Donahue

City manager will be costly for city

Before the campaign promises about city managers start, let me give you some facts.
Only 14 of New York State’s 62 cities have a city manager. Proponents of abolishing our form of government brought the city manager of Watertown to Saratoga Springs as an example of the quality of leadership our city could hire. This city manager was later fired by the Watertown City Council. Watertown is currently being run by its fourth city manager in only 3 years.
In New York state, under a city manager, Elmira’s taxes went up 17% in 2018 and 7% more in 2019.
In Ogdensburg, the manager was just forced out by the City Council; while in Long Beach the past city manager is being sued for misappropriation of over $1,500,000.
The group that is pushing to change our local government has already used tens of thousands of dollars from national and state city manager associations to sell their false promises.
Our city works. Why change to being governed by an unelected and unknown city manager brought in from out of town and risk higher taxes and losing our quality of life?
Joe Dalton
Saratoga Springs

Glendale Nursing staff are real heroes

I would like to thank the staff at Glendale Nursing Home for all of their hard work and dedication during these challenging times. I would especially like to thank the staff on the Mohawk Trial unit.
This neighborhood cares for residents with dementia.
My mother resides on this unit on the first floor and has a window where we can visit and watch the actual day-to-day care and love that she receives.
These staff have their own lives, caring for their own families during this pandemic, but continue to give excellent care and love to our loved ones. They are true heroes. With all my heart, I thank you.
Colleen Malloy


“50 Shot, 15 Fatally, During Last Week in Mayor Young’s Baltimore”

The reason why Trump is against state for governments that can not protect their citizens

William Marincic

Democrat Mayors, Democrat City Council, Democrat state senate, Democrat Police Chief, and out of control crime. The same in Portland, Seattle, Detroit, New York and Chicago. Do you see what the problems in America are, it’s democrats.

Robert F. Jewell

Had a nice letter from Mark Mahoney and he will not tolerate name calling nor racism!! So if you start with your racist views…all of you… I’m to report you. I will so suspend any more vulgarity in respect to Mr.Mahoneys rules and wishes.
Be on notice that anymore racist talk will be reported!!
Hostile lanquage to democrats will be reported!
Any more FOX POSTINGS will be reported.
Let’s talk about the letters to the editor that day only!

Robert F. Jewell

No signs nor utterance of anything near what Christ would say…just the squeaking of millions of lemmings running behind a big Orange Head to their deaths..

Robert F. Jewell

Hey Rycvek did you notice one of your letters has been removed? The one where you call me a demokkkrat and disparage Mrs.Sanger!
The editor agreed with me that it is inaccurate and inflammatory and so out it went.
So by his good governance I will never t disparage your family name anymore however I will resist your hate to humanity!

Terry Ryczek

Congrats to President Trump for the Mid East peace deals and the nominations for 2 Nobel peace prizes. Two nominations that were truly earned and not just given away for doing nothing.

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