Jordan, Tedisco, Walsh launch petition drive for COVID nursing home probe

PHOTO PROVIDED State Sen. James Tedisco, R-Glenville, and Assemblywoman Marybeth Walsh, R-Ballston, are shown Wednesday at the state Capitol.

PHOTO PROVIDED State Sen. James Tedisco, R-Glenville, and Assemblywoman Marybeth Walsh, R-Ballston, are shown Wednesday at the state Capitol.

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ALBANY — Three Capital Region legislators on Wednesday launched a new push for an independent review of COVID-related deaths in New York state nursing homes.

State Sen. James Tedisco, R-Glenville; State Sen. Daphne Jordan, R-Halfmoon; and Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, R-Ballston went live with a statewide online petition drive calling for action on the subject.

More than 6,000 nursing home residents have died across New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. The issue has become a partisan football, with Republican criticism of the policies of the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Jordan, Tedisco and Walsh are calling for a nonpartisan probe with bipartisan oversight, and the proposal they are pushing in the Legislature has gained Democratic co-sponsors. But they are upstate Republicans in a government dominated by downstate Democrats, and their effort has gained little traction otherwise.

Their latest effort is an attempt to goose along the proposal for an investigation, and for that investigation to have subpoena powers so it can force release of the actual number of nursing home deaths.

The Cuomo administration either doesn’t know or won’t say how many nursing home residents died of COVID. In a July report clearing itself and its policies of responsibility for the high death toll, the Health Department only cites a New York Times analysis in June that placed the toll at 6,432 deaths.

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If you introduce 4,500 people sick with a potentially lethal disease into a vulnerable and notoriously imperfectly monitored population, people are apt to die, and that is exactly what the Governor did.
Governor Cuomo once likened the threat of coronavirus to seniors as “fire through dry grass”.
Then he mandated people Known to be infected with the Corona virus to be placed into Senior care Facilities to free up hospital bed space for other people infected with the Corona Virus.
Nursing Homes are not hospitals nor are they equipped to treat any serious illness let alone a very contagious virus. They are designed to provide housing with non-critical health care.
Based on the Governor’s Executive Order, apparently the Governor has deemed Senior citizens of lesser importance to society and “Expendable” within New York State and not entitled to the best health care that hospitals provide.
It is estimated that 6,200 died due to the Governors Arbitrary and Capricious Executive order of March 25th 2020.
New York State must conduct an independent investigation of these tragic and inexcusable Nursing Home Deaths.

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