Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Sept. 16

Be responsible or forfeit freedoms

There is strong pressure in the United States today to limit the right of Americans to buy, possess and use firearms.
This pressure did not just appear out of nowhere, but because of a sense of too much irresponsibility on the part of gun owners and the tragedy created by it.
Many gun owners do not store their firearms safely, and children and criminals wind up using those firearms. It has been shown that some mass murderers or intended mass murderers got their firearms by going into a store and buying them legally. Americans have already been somewhat restricted in their Second Amendment rights by this pressure and they might become even more restricted in the future.
Today many Americans avoid or even refuse to use masks to limit the spread of COVID-19, claiming they have that right. Many Americans, especially older people, see this as a threat. They fear they will be infected because someone near them was not masked. So the irresponsible avoidance of mask-wearing is creating pressure to limit our freedoms and make mask wearing compulsory by law in times of pandemics or epidemics.
Freedoms all have responsibilities. Failure to honor those responsibilities by some could lead to the loss of those freedoms for all.
David C. Furman, Jr.

Green energy not the climate solution

The earth is a living organism that has produced, over millions of years, enough energy to heat and cool our homes for millennia.
The United States, through fracking and drilling, has surpassed Saudi Arabia as a world leader in energy  production. Instead of praising this accomplishment, the green energy people want to ban all fossil fuels by 2035.
California has moved progressively towards green energy. Their forest fires are  producing more CO2, while their burning trees are no longer able to absorb  CO2 (a double whammy). Rolling blackouts during 112-degree temps have their customers, shutting air conditioners to preserve energy. Green energy may look good on paper, but its inability to produce during high energy demands makes it  less reliable than fossil fuels.
It seems such a waste of  energy to stop the use of fossil fuels, as well as the removal of reliable and proven  turbine  generators.
Why are the green energy crowd not outraged by  the destruction of rainforests in Brazil? A cry to plant trees should become our  new Manhattan Project, to be enforced by governments around the globe. When this effort is fully implemented, we can conquer our CO2 problem and get back to reliable sources of energy.
As always, God bless us and our families, and God bless America..
Vince Alescio
Clifton Park

Dems don’t realize how bad they are

The Democrats do not get it. Blaming President Trump for all bad things in America just will not win the election. How can anyone who is reading/watching the news of burning, looting, shootings, broken states and counties/cities across America that are mostly controlled by Democrats say this is Trump’s fault? Foolish to say the least. He offers help, but mayors and governors refuse. They’d rather see their citizens suffer. Pity the “good” police. Gov. Andrew Cuomo had the gall to say, “Trump is killing New York City,” when people with any smarts know it is Bill de Blasio, the mayor, and Cuomo  himself cutting the police force and siding with BLM, instead of citizens and businessmen. Malfeasance of government. These men have no clue about the economy – only power for themselves. Even here in Schenectady, give the $10 million to the schools.
Albert Marvell

Trump, Stefanik are  doing best for U.S.

I had to laugh at Chris Morrell’s Sep. 12 letter (“Stefanik is no backer of law and order”) who claimed to be a high-ranking former police officer in Saratoga County. He opined that the recent beautiful speech by Elise Stefanik at the Republican National Convention was, in his words, “disgusting.” Sounds like a pretty hateful comment to me. Did he feel the same way about the many other uplifting speeches spoken there by other women and people of color?
This person then went on to disparage our great President Trump by accusing him of a number of unproven or disproved crimes, which he labeled “facts of the law.” Nothing could be further from the truth. President Trump has been the most investigated, most hated and greatest president since Lincoln.
It is kind of scary that a person of such bad judgment and rage once held a position of power in our fair county. Me thinks he would be better off working and living in Seattle or Portland.
Ironically, that same day, two police officers in Compton were shot, where after the Marxist mobs at the hospital chanted “We hope they die!”
Mike Blyskal

Gazette served by great photographers

The Gazette has always had outstanding photographers. I think of Sid Brown and his children playing, Peter Barber whose fire photos could hold their own in modern art galleries, and of course Marc Schultz, whom you honored on Sept. 11. The sky filled with massive black smoke with the rainbow underneath from the firefighter’s water is visually, emotionally and intellectually stirring. Corona lifting?
Betty Pieper

Biden will restore soul of the country

As a mother, I have taught my children to tell the truth. I also work hard to keep them safe and healthy. That is why I find these latest revelations about the Trump presidency so disturbing.
Donald Trump lied to us regarding the COVID-19 crisis. He lied and people died, and our economy is in free fall. All because his only concern is for his image and not the welfare of the people.
Joe Biden has a plan to address the covid crisis. I trust him to be truthful to the people. I know that he is up to the daunting task of combating this killer, as well as repairing our broken economy, because he’s taken on a pandemic and an economic crisis once before and succeeded in both.
He didn’t lie then; he won’t lie now. He didn’t mislead. He didn’t tweet. Joe Biden worked hard and led.
That is why I will be voting for him to restore the soul of our nation for my children’s future.
Dede Hildreth

How will people pay high school taxes?

When is it going to change? “Here is it again. School tax time.” Has any state Assembly member or state senator addressed how or why our taxes remain so high? Do they all think that we have the benefits and salary they receive?
Where are the property owners who may have lost their jobs due to the virus going to come up with the money for the taxes, let alone people on fixed incomes?
The virus is the straw that broke the camel’s back.
For all those who can’t come up with these exorbitant yearly school taxes: Do you think those with cushy paying jobs care?
Your elected officials are not working for you.
Mike Stiles

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Robert F. Jewell

Dave your absolutely correct. With rights comes responsibility. Too many people feel compelled to behave like our President…defiantly ignorant to science and medical recommendations.
It’s no wonder how that selfish behavior had led the red states to the continuing ravages of Covid.
We were led this last March-August through this pandemic by a internationally recognized Governor thru our darkest days!!
How quickly we forget! Now all the nay sayers can do is play 20/20.


“Here is it again. School tax time.” Has any state Assembly member or state senator addressed how or why our taxes remain so high? The answer is pretty simple. School taxes are what they are because, with rare exceptions, people continually vote each year to allow them to increase. The State Legislature does not control local school district budget proposals. The local people do. Look in the mirror and you will get your answer.

Terry Ryczek

Usually when a school budget is voted on and defeated it is then turned into a contingency budget that does not get voted on and is implemented so the voter loses either way. Another problem is school budgets are voted on at time people are not paying as much attention. These votes should be held the same time as general elections so more people will vote on them.

Terry Ryczek

Mrs. Hildreth please provide evidence that the president lied about covid instead of just keeping people from panicking. He acted like a real leader. Churchill walked through the rubble in London during WWII calming the people despite the nightly German bombing. Can you imagine if he told the populous “your all going to die”. There would have been a bigger problem then just short supplies of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Biden didn’t lie? Go bak and look at how they handles the flu epidemic. They also left the national PPE supply empty for the future. The president had to build up the supply quickly just so there was enough for front line workers all the time the media mob was blaming president Trump. Biden up to the task? Mr Biden has a difficult time knowing what day it is. He has problems answering question that are not scripted for him and the answers presented on a teleprompter. Do you really think he will be able to stand up to other world leaders? How about he and his sons,brother and sisters dealings with Ukraine, China, Iraq and Costa Rica which lined their pockets with millions of dollars. Then there is the famous fire the prosecutor that was investigating his Hunters Burisma dealings. The O’biden administration had the lowest economic grows since the great depression 14 million on food stamps minority employment at record lows. President Trump was leading the largest economic growth for all with the lowest unemployment in history for Asian, Latino, People of color and women until China unleashed the covid virus on the world. The president acted quickly to stop travel from China (who already stopped travel in China itself) and then stopped travel form Europe and other countries saving countless lives. Something VP Biden called the president xenophobic, racist , and many other things. Others like Nancy Pelosi (come to Chinatown) and mayor DeBlasio (go to the movies restaurants, Broadway plays) and were telling the population to carry on as normal. How do you figure Biden can restore the “soul” of the nation when he proclaims to be a Roman Catholic yet supports the murder of millions of innocent babies which the Pope himself condemns. There is so much more to say but this should be plenty. I suggest you watch a couple debates, if Biden shows up, before you vote. Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a socialist/communist country?

Robert F. Jewell

You are being inaccurate and lying about Trumps irrational and irresponsible timing that made this pandemic worse.
His and republican refusal to wear masks early on set a bad example for the ignorant trump lumpers.
Now the red states are suffering terribly for their magical thinking and behaviors.
Most Americans 67 percent want Trump gone….preferably jailed.

Terry Ryczek

Today I had to go to Lowe’s. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a driver looking for a parking space.
I flagged the driver and pointed out a handicap parking space that was open and available. The driver looked puzzled, rolled down their window and said, “I’m not handicapped!”
Well, as you can imagine, my face was red! “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. “I saw your ‘I’m Ridin with Biden’ bumper sticker and just assumed that you suffer from a mental disorder.”
They gave me the finger and screamed some nasty names at me. Boy! Some people don’t appreciate it when you’re just trying to help them………..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Terry Ryczek

Here’s a good one for you …
Go on Google type in any # (like 857 new cases) plus new cases and see what you get…. try a few times.
Still think were not being scammed?

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