$94.8M Powerball ticket sold at Minogue’s Beverage in Malta

Minogue's Beverage Center in Malta on Route 9, pictured Thursday, sold a Powerball ticket worth $94.8 million.
Minogue's Beverage Center in Malta on Route 9, pictured Thursday, sold a Powerball ticket worth $94.8 million.

MALTA – If one of your co-workers called in sick on Thursday, they may not be sick, they may be making vacation plans – permanent vacation plans.

There was one winning Powerball ticket winner for Wednesday’s drawing worth 94.8 million dollars, and it was sold at the Minogue’s Beverage Centers location at the Stonebreak Circle in Malta.

The odds of a single jackpot winner are 1 in 292,201,338.

The winning Quick Pick numbers were 10-17-31-51-53 and the Powerball number selected was 1.

“I got a call from my Saratoga Eagle rep telling me to check any tickets that I bought since we sold the winner,” said Chris Pehl, manager of Minogue’s at 2421 Route 9 in Malta. “Unfortunately, I’m not much of a lottery player myself, so I didn’t have any tickets to check.”

A winner has not yet come forward as of Thursday afternoon.

“There is a bit of time of when the winner either figures it out that he or she had one, finds the ticket or is alerted by somebody until they come in and claim,” Gaming Commission spokesperson Brad Maione said Thursday afternoon. “Typically, these folks, if it’s a consistent player they determine that the best way forward is to get their ducks in order in terms of finances, legal representation and just getting prepared for a big win like this.”

Wednesday’s winner isn’t the largest winner to come out of the state or the Capital Region.

A $148 million winner came from Long Island in 2019, a $228 million winner was announced in New York in 2018, and in October 2018 two winners — one in New York and one in Ohio — shared a $687 million jackpot.

According to the New York Lottery office in Schenectady, the largest Capital Region winning ticket to date was shared by seven co-workers from the Division of Housing and Community Renewal in Albany in 2011, winning $319 million in the Lucky 7 drawing.

According to the NYS Lottery rules, the winner has one year from the date of the drawing to claim the prize and their identity will be made public, but their address and phone numbers are not divulged.

While the prize is life-changing for the lucky winner, business will stay the same for Minogue’s Beverage Centers.

“It’s nice advertising that we’re picking up as a result of this big-time winner, beyond that I don’t know what the benefit would be other than selling more lottery tickets and maybe seeing some increased traffic from people in the area,” owner Jack Minogue said at the 16 West Ave. Saratoga Springs location Thursday afternoon. “It’s obviously not our main business, but we do a fair amount of lottery business and have been a lottery agent at all of our locations for many years.”

Each lottery location receives a 7 percent commission on every ticket sold, but no additional money for winning tickets.

“I’m stoked for whoever won,” Pehl said. “Hopefully, it’s a regular customer that deserves it, it’s all we can ask for.”

According to the NYS Gaming Commission office, the ticket has a cash value of $75.7 million and if the annuity payment is selected, it would be $94.9 million split over 29 years.

The winner is also subject to 24 percent in federal and 8.82 percent in New York state taxes.

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