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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sep. 17


Trump must resign over his actions

Why wasn’t this the headline in The Daily Gazette the day after recorded conversations by Bob Woodward of President Trump, as far back as February, saying he knew COVID-19 was deadly, airborne, would affect children and was much deadlier than the flu were revealed?
Trump chose to deceive Americans and that cost tens of thousands of lives. The blood of those excess deaths is on his hands. Trump says he purposely downplayed COVID-19 because he didn’t want to cause panic. But he didn’t worry about panic when he warned of imaginary invasions of our suburbs (neighbors of color) and caravans of rapists and killers at our borders (statistics show lower crime rates among immigrants than U.S. citizens).
In a pre-Trump world, every newspaper’s front page headlines would have been on this subject.
These revelations would have prompted an immediate resignation. Trump’s deception is bigger than Watergate, which resulted in no deaths. Citizens are so worn down by the crisis of the day from this administration that nothing shocks anymore.
We may be worn down, but the president has worn down any legitimacy for staying in office. He must resign.
Carole Donahue

Don’t show people violating covid rules

Could The Gazette please get behind the ideas of mask wearing and social distancing and stop printing pictures of people who are not obeying the rules?
You could be setting an example and help get rid of this virus instead of showing how many fools are not more considerate of others. Maybe insisting that you will no longer print pictures of people not following CDC rules would help.
Polly Windels

Police training fell short in Prude case

Daniel Prude died during an arrest on March 30.
The union representative for the Rochester Police department had this to say in defense of his officers:
“To me, it looks like they were watching the training in front of them and doing step by step what the training says to do,” said Michael Mazzeo, president of the Locust Club. “If there’s a problem with that, let’s change it.”
Police procedures apparently instruct officers to force a handcuffed offender, completely restrained and showing no threat, to the ground.
They are then instructed to force the face of this already restrained person into the ground while pressure (often in the form of a knee) is applied to the back and neck until no more resistance is perceived by the officer.
There is a history of this procedure being true. Tony Timpa Aug. 1, 2019; George Floyd, May 25; Jacob Bauer, Aug. 2018; and Robert Ethan Sayler, Jan. 12, 2013.
He was in a mental health crisis (possibly drug-induced but the cause is not the issue). He had been evaluated and released from an emergency room the previous day after a possible suicide attempt. Where was the 72-hour hold required if a patient is a danger to himself? Where was the five-day hold required after a failed suicide attempt? If he had been evaluated and treatment provided, we would not be in this situation today.
Sue E. Martin
Saratoga Springs

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Robert F. Jewell

Thank you Mrs.Donohue, well said! Breaking news this am reveals Trump and Barr we’re seeking to use a acoustic ray gun against the protesters the day Trump defiantly held a bible to mock God.
Consider this. President of the United States and his sycophant Attorney General Barr we’re seeking to attack the peaceful demonstration guaranteed by our Constitution! These two swore an oath to the American people to defend this documents stated rights!
These two government servants must be charged with felonious dereliction of their office.

Terry Ryczek

Woodward is to just be ignored. He never has anything good to say . He has trashed every president since Nixon one who did deserved it.

William Marincic

Carole Donahue, you must only watch CNN,NBC,ABC or CBS or you would see the videos of peoples homes and businesses being destroyed because the either support Trump or the police. You must not watch the videos of BLM blocking roads and destroying cars and ripping people from them and assaulting them. Trump will be here for four more years, get your tissues and get real facts not propaganda.

William Marincic

Sue E. Martin Google man with knife attacks police, there are dozens of stories, it only takes three seconds to run 20 feet and stab someone. There was a common theme to the case you cite, that theme is the person did not comply with officers. The courts will work it out, they always do.

“They are then instructed to force the face of this already restrained person into the ground while pressure (often in the form of a knee) is applied to the back and neck until no more resistance is perceived by the officer. ”

What Sue has forgotten is that the option of stopping resisting arrest was not taken. People who gamble with their life sometimes lose. That is the reality of gambling. (That is why I do not drink and drive.) A cop would have to be incredible foolish to do anything other than to continue to restrain someone we continues to resist arrest.

If you have a problem with people social distancing I suggest the use of a Trump mask. Remember its your life and this choice will help you to keep what is yours.

Robert F. Jewell

All these individual here do is talk about their fear of violence…strange isn’t it?
Strange because they’ve never been brutalized by police.
They are of a imperial mindset that says…obey or risk death…what other countries practices this philosophy at this moment on planet earth…only totalitarian ones!
The very right for these republican extremists to spew hate here is protected by the United States constitution that they and POTUS are subverting.
We need moderate leadership that is INCLUSIVE to all the PEOPLE not EXCLUSIVE to minorities.
We must vote the republicans out!!

Terry Ryczek

If you’ve done nothing wrong what do you have to fear? When you resist a command that’s what raises suspicion. The people perpetrating the violence don’t care who they hurt. You would understand this when they show up at your door like they did to mayor Wheeler of Portland and mayor Lightfoot of Chicago. I don’t see “republican extremists” spewing hat e. It’s quit the opposite where left wing extremist are burning building hurling projectiles at law enforcement and radicals walking up to people eating lunch demanding they raise there fist for BLM. Did you see the recent video of a 33 year old man slap an 84 year old woman just for holding a Trump sign. Thankfully he was arrested. These type of thing are common place among the democrat left.

Robert F. Jewell

No administration avoids scandal. There was NONE involving Obama but there’s nothing other than scandal and criminality from Trump and the republicans!

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