2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final prediction


Raise your hand if you predicted the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars playing for the Stanley Cup.

Now put your hands down, because I know you’re lying.

I, at least, had the Lightning reaching the Stanley Cup Final in my conference finals picks. But the Stars? Those pesky, we-love-to-play-from-behind Stars? They may be the story of this postseason.

I usually don’t like anything from Dallas (it’s that Eagles-Cowboys rivalry, you know). But the Stars have battled their way to the final. I can’t count the number of games they have trailed, and yet, found a way to win. They did it in each of their series-clinching wins against Calgary, Colorado and Vegas.

The Lightning is on a mission. They were the top team in the league last year, and then were unceremoniously swept out of the first round by the eighth-seeded Columbus Blue Jackets.

They got their revenge against the Blue Jackets in this year’s playoffs, then took out Boston and then a pesky New York Islanders squad.

After splitting my conference final picks to make my overall record 12-10, here is my prediction for the Stanley Cup Final that begins Saturday:

Lightning in 6.

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