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Letters to the Editor Friday, Sep. 18


Use of irritants by police is unhealthy

I am deeply alarmed by the Saratoga Springs Police Department (SSPD)’s use of respiratory irritants during a peaceful protest last month.
While the SSPD statement released by Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton notes “the use of [pepper] spray and pepper projectiles is on the lower end of the use of force continuum,” this unfortunately is not true in the context of the current pandemic.
In fact, over 1,000 infectious disease and public health professionals recently penned an open letter offering guidance to public health officials to oppose any use of “respiratory irritants which could increase risk for COVID-19 by making the respiratory tract more susceptible to infection, exacerbating existing inflammation, and inducing coughing.”
By condoning SSPD’s reckless use of respiratory irritants during a pandemic, Commissioner Dalton risks the lives of the greater Saratoga Springs community, especially elders and people at increased risk for severe illness.
The fact that Dalton cannot recognize the commonsense severity of this public safety error should be grounds for her resignation.
Kerim Odekon, MD
The writer is a graduate of Saratoga Springs High School and Skidmore College.

Papers underplayed Trump Mideast win

I am not surprised that The Gazette once again relied on The New York Times to minimize the biggest story in three decades that brought three Middle East nations together into signing a peace agreement.
The story of this historic event was placed on page 2 (with no pictures, of course) and titled, “Trump hosts Israel, UAE, Bahrain leaders.”
Sounds like Trump merely hosted an afternoon tea.
Of course, more important stories were seen on page one, “Landlords Rally…” and “Two [school] districts tackle rebel flag ban.” As for the article in question, The New York Times also failed to mention the expectation of several more Middle East nations to follow, and that the Palestinians were not invited into discussions because they are not a nation. I guess The New York Times and The Gazette always print the real stories.
George Marshall

Come together to prevent covid deaths

Last week’s calendar reminded us again of the tragic day in New York City that claimed the lives of 2,977 Americans. Gone were children, siblings, parents, coworkers, and friends.
Our country rightly mourned and we were unified in our grief. All of us remember where we were and who we were with when we saw the graphic video and still images of the day.
Nineteen years later, the CDC reports that nearly 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.
Of those dead, nearly 5,300 are under the age of 44 and nearly 15,000 are under the age of 54.
Let the gravity of those numbers sink in. These were people in the prime of their lives, just like those who perished on 9/11.
Why are some so callous about these historic numbers of deaths? I’ve read many letters in this paper from people who want to rush to open bars and gyms and many more letters that refuse and mock mask wearing.
Instead, we should be coming together like in the aftermath of 9/11. Each year we honor those lost on 9/11 by reading aloud the names of all 2,977 dead.
A similar ceremony commemorating those taken by COVID-19 would take over a week. Our actions today can make a difference.
Please wear a mask, social distance, and heed the advice of health experts to prevent more needlessly lost lives. These are the simplest and most basic acts to help safeguard our community.
Greg Daviero

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Robert F. Jewell

Mr.Marshall this great “peace achievement” and is neither and THATS why it is covered and accurately reported the way it is.
Magical and wishful thinking does not reality make. Many under educated Americans are finding out this truth the hard way.

Robert F. Jewell

😂🤣😂 He nominated himself.
He’s done nothing to promote peace.
He’s a murdering lying psychopath.
He stands as much chance getting it as you do Barney .
He will be defeated and eventually go to trial for his numerous felonies!

Terry Ryczek

Back in the 90’s everyone wanted peace in the middle east. Now that Trump has brokered 2 peace deals the left doesn’t want it. Ironic isn’t it?

What Kerim Odekon has forgotten is that there are consequences for ignoring law enforcement instructions. It would indeed be helpful if we could figure out how to run a society in which all law enforcement was a matter of gentle suggestion. Until then we will have to accept that those who think they are above the law will have to be brought back to earth and that some of us will be unhappy with idea that the law applies to all.

Robert F. Jewell

What Barney forgets is that he knows nothing about police! All he knows is death!! Death! Death! That’s all Barney talks of. No love, no life, just death!

Use of irritants by police is unhealthy and so is ignoring an officer’s instructions. But still we see the choice made to ignore law enforcement. Does anyone have an explanation for the choice of putting your life at risk by taking an cop’s order to be a subject that can be ignored at will.

Robert F. Jewell

Police officers are not state sanctioned executioners.
Anyone who carries a gun has the power of life and death in humanity their hands!
The officers are not sufficiently trained NOT to play God. So the law and the public suffers!
Criminals will not go away or have mercy on there victims!!
The public should not be in fear of the POLICE more than the criminals.

Terry Ryczek

This statement is from a retired police officer… concerning George Floyd
Are you kidding me.
Police Officers and others in Law Enforcement throughout our country die literally everyday protecting each and everyone of us and never get the recognition they deserve.
It is sad that this mans life was taken by a police officer, now former police officer, who did not use his head, but to bestow an honor such as this on a man who led a criminal filled life is beyond everything.
Police Officers leave home everyday to protect us only to die and not return because of people such as this man who will have a street or section of street named after him.

Terry Ryczek

That’s the key Fred comply and everyone walks away. Police officers are trained if someone is going home it will be them not the hostile resisting criminal.

William Marincic

Democrats have turned in to the party of anarchy. The cancel culture, if they don’t like a statue or something they will tear it down, if they don’t like the police or President Trump and you have a police or President Trump sticker on your home business or car they will destroy it, if you don’t agree with their warped sense of entitlement they will beat you to the ground and possibly kill you because they are anti-fascists. What a joke, right, Robert jewel who goes on and attacks everyone that has a differing opinion than him is nothing but a keyboard anarchist, a keyboard fascist. Just like antifa he hates the police but if someone fights back ther are the first person that him and they will call.

Robert F. Jewell

Not a different opinion… you just plain evil and hateful people with high school educations and PAREIDOLIA thinking!
You see conspiracies everywhere and exhibit magical thinking most of the time.
How can any rational educated person let you tell lie after lie. Sad.

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