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At the Table: The Hideaway checks all the boxes — including good food

The view from the deck at The Hideaway at Saratoga Lake Golf Club. Inset, California chicken with bacon and Swiss cheese and guacamole. (Caroline Lee)

The view from the deck at The Hideaway at Saratoga Lake Golf Club. Inset, California chicken with bacon and Swiss cheese and guacamole. (Caroline Lee)

By Caroline Lee

Of the various places you can go to get a meal, golf courses score high on my list. Sometimes overlooked by the non-golfers, restaurants there usually have something for everybody and at fairly reasonable prices, too.

They usually have outdoor dining, at the very least verdant views of lush lawns. Our favorite restaurant lately is at a small golf club with a large, tree-shaded deck and the above-mentioned qualities. Until it gets too cold to sit outside, we’ll continue to go for dinner and to see our favorite waitress.

The Hideaway restaurant, at the Saratoga Lake Golf Club checks all the boxes: deck, views, wide-ranging menu and good prices and I’m pleased to tell you that the food is good too.

Virginia and I sat at an umbrella table on the deck at The Hideaway one recent afternoon admiring the rolling hills that fell away from us, the wooded middle distance and the Adirondack Mountains far off, blue-tinted this sunny day. Golf carts puttered on winding paths below, their occupants no doubt enjoying the gorgeous late-summer weather.

The restaurant is open inside as well, its tables spaced well apart with small bottles of hand sanitizer at the ready. There’s plenty of room between tables on the deck, as well.

The Hideaway serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with some imaginative selections. You can get fried appetizers, but more memorable are the hummus platter ($10.99) or Buffalo rangoons ($10.99). The Hideaway’s Breakfast of Champions gives Wheaties cereal a run for its money, with corned beef hash, home fries, eggs and toast ($12). There are meal-sized salads; choose a Cobb or chef’s or Buffalo chicken for $12.99. They’ll make a burger any way you’d like ($12.99 with one side and a pickle) and feature favorite sandwiches like a Reuben ($12.99) and a Philly cheese steak ($13.99). Golfers may want a real steak after their exertions, and Hideaway has strip steaks in sizes larger ($26.99 for 14-ounce) and smaller ($22.99 for 10-ounce) with choice of toppings to add. There’s bruschetta pasta ($17.99) and rolled chicken breast stuffed with spinach, bacon and mandarin oranges, seasoned with Caribbean spices ($26.99). Entrees come with soup or salad.

We had lunch, starting with the egg roll of the day ($10.99). “The guys in the kitchen can get very creative,” said the server. We shared a plate of three standard-sized egg rolls filled with chicken piccata. The filling was, of course, tender white meat chicken in a lemon butter sauce with some capers. It works. “This is delicious,” said Virginia. It’s served with, oddly, marinara sauce but that worked, too. We made our way through an egg roll apiece, savoring the buttery, cheesy (they took liberties) filling. The last bite of my egg roll was the empty end with a little puddle of perfect butter and lemon sauce. Just like chicken piccata. Well, why not?

The Hideaway’s sandwiches will leave you with leftovers for sure. Virginia had the California chicken, grilled tender chicken breast topped with bacon, melted Swiss cheese and guacamole on a colossal brioche roll. “I can taste the bacon,” she said. The guacamole was freshly made with big chunks of avocado, which pleased her. “It’s a huge piece of chicken,” she said.

The Hideaway offers a variety of sides, like coleslaw and french fries. For a bit more Virginia had a cup of freshly made colorful vegetable soup with orzo. “It’s hot but I can eat it,” she said, examining the carrot half-moons and the seasonal zucchini. The Hideaway makes soup every day.

I could taste the bacon right away in my BLT sandwich ($10.99), too. The thick country white was perhaps a bit too much bread for this kind of sandwich but it was slightly sweet and tasted good. The turkey was sliced from a whole roasted breast, very nice. But the best part of the meal was the serving of onion rings ($1 extra) that looked like skinny doughnuts, piled up in the middle of the upturned triangles. Of course a BLT is good. But fresh, well-made onion rings are heavenly. I ended up eating them all, and all the bacon that was in the sandwich. So lunch: basically onion rings and bacon. Yum.

Loved your food? You can buy a round of beers for the kitchen ($6) or shots ($8), probably much appreciated at the end of a shift. Kudos to The Hideaway for acknowledging the hard work of the kitchen staff, which often goes unrecognized: If the food is delicious, they are the reason why.

The tab for our meal came to $49.59 with tax and before tip. We enjoyed a well-prepared, hearty meal, courteous service and a lovely view. We’ll do it again, and thank the kitchen staff for a job well done, but after five o’clock next time.

The Hideaway Restaurant at Saratoga Lake Golf Course

WHERE: 35 Grace Moore Road, Saratoga Springs, (518) 306-1900;

WHEN: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

HOW MUCH: $49.94 with tax, before tip.

MORE INFO: Credit cards: Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover. Children’s menu. ADA compliant.


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