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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Sep. 19


Climate change not reason for disasters

Joe Biden has called President Donald Trump a “climate arsonist “and labeled him a “climate terrorist.“
So if Trump had embraced the whole climate change theory and had put all kinds of restrictions in place limiting greenhouse gas emissions at the start of his presidency and hadn’t dropped out of the Paris Climate Agreement, then we wouldn’t have wildfires out West, coastal flooding, hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and severe winter storms.
Is that right? Have you people lost your minds?
Go back and look at history people. We’ve always had hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and severe winter storms. Don’t say “but they are stronger now and more prevalent.” Records still stand from the 19th and 20th centuries on all of these weather events.
We’re bombarded about them now because they are affecting more commercial and residential areas because people are stupidly building in areas and using materials to build that they shouldn’t.
Overpopulation is more a cause here than any other single factor.
So if you really believe that one person can control all these weather events, please, please, I beg you, sit out this election year, because you lack the intelligence and common sense to vote.
James Myers
Ballston Spa

The “right man” for the job is a woman

We in the Capital Region have an important choice for Congress.
We can either vote for the candidate who patronizes women with such low expectations that he insists they need government help to compete with men.
Or we can vote for the candidate that has proven herself in the private sector through hard work and perseverance without government help.
We can either vote for the candidate who wants to leave women defenseless by taking away their Second Amendment rights, or we can vote for the candidate who stopped a domestic violence incident at great personal risk and injury.
Who will represent us better in Washington, someone who has been in government all his life and whose only accomplishment is fundraising for his re-election, or someone who has raised a family, run her own business and actively worked to make our community a better place?
Paul Tonko said he wants more women in political office. So let’s help him achieve his goal by voting for a strong woman with real accomplishments: Liz Joy.
Ara Porter

What happened to Republican Party?

What has happened to the Republican Party? When will Republicans stand up to insist on a return to law, ethics, working across the aisle and putting country before party?
In Sen. Margaret Chase Smith’s “Declaration of Conscience” speech against fellow Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy, she said “…I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny-Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear … simply because I don’t believe the American people will uphold any political party that puts political exploitation above national interest.”
Republicans should stand up to the lies, crimes and divisiveness of their party’s “leader.” Instead, they not only allow Trump’s behavior, they support it. This means you Elise Stefanik. Shame.
This is not the Republican Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or my parents.
Kristen O’Brien
Ballston Spa


Trump is far better than Biden will be

Joe Biden? Really? Did you see his recent speech? Apparently, he came out of his basement long enough to be spotted fumbling to read a teleprompter. Please move that thing to about 6 inches from his face; it’s the only way he can see it.
In this awesome speech (quoting Joe Biden) “Covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years, look, here it is the lives it’s just, I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.“ I think he`s inventing his own language.
Biden blames the covid deaths on President Trump, saying he’s “handled it wrong.” But no mention from Mr. Biden on what he would do differently, nope. He doesn’t know. Look at Portland, Oregon. That`s what you`ll get. Nancy Pelosi said of the rioters ”they need to vent.“
Dems want to defund police, let some criminals out of jail, do away with cash bail for certain violence offenses, go after our Second Amendment rights, embrace socialism, and all the craziness is happening in Democrat controlled cities and states. Biden? No way.
Brian Baldwin
Burnt Hills

Listen to scientists on covid protection

Donald Trump is telling Americans that we are turning the corner in our fight against COVID-19. He told his 5,000, mostly maskless, Michigan supporters in person. Recently, South Dakota hosted three heavily attended events. All these happenings were mask-optional, shoulder-to-shoulder events.
We are far from turning any corners on this thing. In the United States, there are 40,000 new covid cases daily. One thousand people are dying every day. The University of Washington health institute is predicting 410,000 U.S. deaths by January 2021. We are not even halfway there yet.
Our countrymen on the West Coast are dying and being driven out of their homes by fires they have no control over. We can control COVID-19 transmission. We just need to follow the advice of our scientists and medical experts. Wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing. As a nation, we need to avoid potential super spreader events such as those in South Dakota. It’s simple and there’s practically no sacrifice at all. It is not political. It is a sign of patriotism and caring for your fellow Americans. So, forget the real estate salesmen and listen to the scientists. If we do this together, we can beat this thing.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills

Boat rally supports divisive president

After organizing a rally for President Trump on Saratoga Lake, Malta’s Deputy Supervisor Craig Warner returns from the lake to tell The Gazette on Sept. 8 (“Donald Trump supporters take to the lake”) that he is “just trying to back the president and hear all the voices in town and they are varied, believe me.”
I believe him. But if he is so concerned with all those varied, diverse voices, why does he devote two weeks to organize a rally for the most divisive president in memory who repeatedly and, as he told author Bob Woodward in the book “Rage,” intentionally misleads Americans about the coronavirus, ignores real health experts like Dr. Fauci, issues his own dangerous home remedies (drink disinfectant) and seems OK with more many more unnecessary covid-related deaths.
Trump’s latest so-called health expert knows nothing about viruses or what herd immunity means.
It seems local elected officials can either organize rallies for an unfit, lying and divisive president or respond to the voices and concerns of all their residents. It is a tough act to do both well.
David Gibson
Ballston Lake

Support leaders who support the climate

National Grid’s proposal to build a pipe that would carry fracked gas under the Hudson River near Albany has been put on hold. This is good news.
That humans caused climate change is having devastating consequences is no longer in doubt. There have never been fires like the ones in the West, and they can’t be explained away by the right wing argument that more people are moving into wooded areas.
The lengthy drought and extreme heat in the West are directly linked to the rise in CO2 and other greenhouse gases over the past 50 years, largely due to the burning of gas and oil.
Likewise, the increase in Atlantic storms and hurricanes in late summer and fall, and Polar vortices in winter.
Meanwhile billions of gallons of water from melting glaciers are entering the oceans every day.
How much more evidence does one need to make people aware that doing little or nothing will bring famine, disease and economic hardship to millions around the world?
It will happen sooner rather than later; it already is. But to make the necessary changes, we need government leaders who understand the problem and will take quick action to remedy it.
Gov. Cuomo must continue his role as a climate leader and use his power to block other gas pipelines and infrastructure. The only hope for the planet is a rapid transition to wind and solar energy.
Charles A. Bishop

Trump resists Dems, liberals and socialists

The media started crying again. They’ve been going after the president since before he was president.
After the RNC convention the NBC mob complained about the location of the acceptance address, then laughed when the fireworks spelled TRUMP. The mob also said his address did not lay out his plans for the future.
The president said “he would take measures to discourage the liberal run cities from defunding their police. He’d support law enforcement. He wouldn’t drop “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and he would defend the lives of unborn children. All in opposition to the Democrats.
Here, here, Mr. President.
I heard on the Sept. 10 news that the BLM movement wants “their national anthem” played before opening NFL games. What the? We, America, already have a national anthem, don’t we? I didn’t hear NBC say President Trump has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, once by Christian Tybring Gjedde of the Norwegian Parliament. We shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for that announcement. The Democrat socialists are trying to change everything we fought for over 235 years ago. Enough is enough. President Trump always resists the liberal democratic/socialist trend.
Bill Mullins

Academy further undermines Oscars

Recently, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that in the future, candidates for the Best Picture award would be judged on how inclusive they are with regard to special interest groups, as opposed to some other set of poorly defined standards of excellence used in the past.
In fact, the entire Academy Awards debacle has become such a farce in recent years that it should be completely revamped.
Instead of staging such an elaborate spectacle each year, replete with confessions of headaches and heartaches, political dissertations, and fancy 8.5-pound gold-plated statues awarded to winners, they should simply issue a gold-colored plastic Oscar key ring fob to each and every member of the Academy as a memento of his, her, or its participation that year. That way, they could all feel good, assured that none of them were losers.
It has never been clear that meeting the standards of the Academy for Best Picture has been a measure of success of a film in the minds of the viewing audience. And it also appears that in the future the standards for success will actually be set by the Chinese Communist Party, which has complete control over its audience.
Jim Moorhead

Spectrum needs new competition on price

How can they do this? I have been an NFL fan for many, many years. I have enjoyed the Red Zone as part of my cable service over the past few years. Spectrum increased the cost a number of times and I now find out that the Red Zone has been dropped for my service and it’s only available for an additional cost. How can Spectrum increase the cost and drop services? It’s time they had some serious competition.
Richard Schaeffer

Biden and Harris will protect our health

Health is wealth. We all know that. When the unexpected happens, you may lose not just your health but your wealth too.
Medical debt has been one of the leading causes for bankruptcy in this country for years. How can this be? The United States boasts the world’s top researchers and best doctors, but only for those who can afford them.
How does this make “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” an unalienable right? We need a much better system. When you or your loved ones get sick, you should be able to afford quality healthcare without having to lose your house, your car, or to go bankrupt.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan to ensure that affordability won’t determine access to viable healthcare. Their plan includes extending coverage to more working-class Americans, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and ensuring that all Americans are covered, no matter their gender, color or sexual orientation. No one should have to make a choice between taking their child to the doctor and putting food on the table. The Biden and Harris plan looks out for the health of all Americans. This is what America needs and deserves.
Meng Tan

Gazette makes paper convenient to read

I’d like to say thank you to The Gazette editors for the design of the local section, which continues the rest of each story on its front page with all the same articles on a single later page. It makes reading them easy.
I was away recently and bought another paper where each article was continued on a different page. It may not sound like a big deal, but I was glad to get back to enjoying my hometown newspaper, which cares for my reading convenience.
Dorie McArthur

Cuomo undermines Blacks communities

Andrew Cuomo clearly does not believe that lives matter, and certainly not Black lives, as is abundantly evident in his legislation.
The disastrous bail reform outlines nearly 200 crimes for which Cuomo allows judges to give appearance tickets to perpetrators.
These crimes range from assisting with female genital mutilation to money laundering in support of terrorism. Scores of crimes in between target women and children especially. The reforms pointedly target Black communities because they erode victims’ rights and put drug dealers, gang-bangers and rapists into communities of color in which there are higher crime rates. These crimes are committed by the aforementioned perpetrators, who  can victimize perpetually and are revictimizing.
Now Cuomo has the audacity to further target all of our children, particular those in communities of color, with education cuts that are nothing short of devastating.
My heart truly breaks for the children and families in communities that are completely marginalized, have a number of adverse childhood experiences to overcome, and are completely being victimized by the systematic racism of leadership.
This takes education systems, along with the social safety nets they provide, and abruptly kicks it out from under them.
Any group that is staying quiet about this victimization is speaking volumes to those of us watching. Wake up New York; the state that you love is being destroyed by a governor who is a moral degenerate with far leaning tendencies toward racism. Find the unabridged version of this manifesto of truth at
Abbey Ballard

Thanks to women who play vital roles

I would like to thank all the millions of women who became essential workers in America.
I am wondering whether once everyday life is safe again, will the people remember the role they played when it was not. You never know when you might need them again.
From the cashier to the emergency room nurse to the drugstore pharmacist to the health aide caring for an older client, the soldier on the front lines of the current national emergency is most likely a woman.
This is a workforce that keeps the country running and takes care of those most in need, whether or not there is a pandemic.
There are millions of women all over America in the healthcare field that are nurses and nursing assistants, most respiratory therapists, a majority of pharmacists and an overwhelming majority of pharmacy aides and technicians.
Then most workers at grocery stores checkout and fast food counters are women.
Health and personal care aides, which mostly are women, were vital to be halted even as cities and states were on lockdown.
The workers who spent long and little-rewarded days bathing and feeding some of the most vulnerable people in the country are mostly women. The women I mention are America’s finest. America should be very proud of how they served America, just like I am.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Don’t vote for Spa City charter changes

I am writing this letter to the citizens of Saratoga Springs. I am urging you not to vote for the current charter change initiative that will be on the ballot this November.
I am an elementary teacher, a mother of three, and the former chair of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Party. Like all of you, the pandemic has had an extreme effect on my life. It is certainly not going away anytime soon, and as such, it will continue to create havoc in our lives.
Thankfully, our local government has continued to function successfully in spite of the tremendous challenges that the pandemic has unleashed on our community. This is no easy feat. They deserve praise.
I cannot imagine changing our form of government during a time of crisis.
Courtney DeLeonardis
Saratoga Springs

Get real facts before you go to the polls

Our democracy is being seriously threatened. We’ve never had to feel this way and may have taken for granted the precious gift our democracy truly is. Democracy is not guaranteed.
This is concerning because, at the end of the day, the thing we call ‘freedom’ is much more than just being ‘free’ to do whatever we want.
It’s mutual respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion and dignity. It’s worth the price so many have paid and what we still must do to continue to claim it as our own.
Too many in our top levels of government have tarnished our laws, norms and institutions. Can we tolerate another four years of this chaos, division and disregard for the very things that make our democracy work, and, more importantly, the people who turn a blind eye to outrageous actions and choose not to hold the people who perpetuate them accountable?
Our nation and our democracy are a work in progress and so it always must be, striving to become better with each new generation. That is the true meaning of patriotism.
Find out the real facts and make a well-informed decision this election season. Our democracy is at stake.
Mary Ann Arcesi

Restaurants and bars could host local sales

While trying to think outside the box about other things, it occurred to me that the restaurants and bars that are closed or doing little business could hold rummage sales for the neighborhoods they are in.
People in the neighborhoods could get rid of  stuff they don’t need and get cash they might need.
The restaurants and bars could take a percentage. And since they are set up to collect sales tax on their merchandise, the county, city and state will get the taxes they are due from the sales as well.
Nina Trabona

GOP looking forward to a Trump defeat

My theory is that the GOP is actually planning for Trump to lose the election and make life miserable for Biden, not unlike what they did in 2009 when Obama and Biden were dealing with Bush’s Great Recession.
Obama wanted over $1 trillion  for an economic stimulus package, but the GOP would only agree to half that.
One indicator now is the GOP’s reluctance to offer a robust stimulus bill that would greatly help the economy and Trump’s reelection. But the Democrats are not settling for crumbs just to make a deal.
The GOP would rather dump Trump, regroup and look to the 2024 election.
Trump is misplaying his hand, lying that the pandemic is under control and the economy is on the fast track to recovery. He also thinks that by pushing the FDA to approve any vaccine in development before the election will change voters’ minds.
In the meantime, right-wing Republicans are all of sudden becoming fiscal hawks again and the deficit matters.
They were all for the $1.6 trillion tax cut in 2017 to benefit the rich and corporations who used the giveaway for stock buybacks, not reinvestment or employee wages which killed any infrastructure investment.
Raymond Harris

Thearse McCalmon is needed for change

The 49th District has waited many decades for a New York state Senate Democratic candidate the likes of Thearse McCalmon.
As communities changed, representation mainly remained the same. McCalmon, an educator and historian, brings a hefty set of tools allowing her to identify with the diversified groups within our district. She also listens.
Thearse McCalmon communicates goal and ideals across boundaries seldom addressed by Tedisco. Her experience as a teacher, nurse, activist, parent, and grandmother seeks changes to a damaging healthcare system, social and environmental remedy, and education equity for all our residents. These are also issues dear to my heart.
I heartily support McCalmon for state Senate because of her personal mission to get out into communities seeking what residents find important to their lives.
What affects individuals also cripples communities. She sees this and has made great strides to highlight disparities in the public sphere.
It is time for real change within the 49th. This starts with our vote in November. Thearse McCalmon’s win is a win for all of us.
Rita Ogburn-McCall

Times didn’t have its covid facts straight

The Sept. 12 New York Times article (“How colleges became new COVID hot spots”) contains completely wrong information, according to the New York State Department of Health.
The article states more than 500 students at SUNY-Oneonta had contracted covid. However, the website maintained by the Department of Health states Otsego County, where SUNY-Oneonta is located, has had 312 cases from March 7 to Sep. 4, with 67 being in the month of August (SUNY-Oneonta shut down Sep. 3).
Perhaps the problem is similar to the reporting on nursing home deaths, where the student’s county of residence is more important than where the student contacted covid.
Perhaps the problem is the New York Times making up its own numbers. Perhaps the problem is basic addition is no longer being taught to all students. One can expect a difference in totals in the 20 to 30 range, but not in the hundreds.
Having school districts provide accurate and timely COVID data when it is an additional requirement while the Department of Health and the New York Times, with all of their resources, are having problems, defies belief.
In the meantime, until data problems are resolved, I recommend The Gazette include a warning on New York Times covid articles that the article should be considered as possible fiction.
Andy Beiniks


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Robert F. Jewell

Abbey your letter is not coherent. You fail to get any discernible point across. You make accusations that are opinions.
The bail reform law is a god send to the poor!
Before this law a well off citizen who commits a crime CAN BAIL OUT. The poor cannot. It’s that simple.
Your complaint smacks of covert intentions and an attempt to besmirch our great Govenor who led NYS thru a dark crissis.
NYS prevailed over Covid and the republicans refusing to wear masks and blaming everyone else except their maniacal, evil, ignorant leader and themselves.

Robert F. Jewell

Ruth died😰🤧 women and their partners must persevere to get the same rights men now enjoy! A women OWNS her body…not the males in her life.
Equality under the laws that are written by religious zealots gives equality to NO ONE. This is what men have codified against women. IT MUST BE UNDONE!!

” Before this law a well off citizen who commits a crime CAN BAIL OUT. The poor cannot. It’s that simple. ”

The option of not committing the crime could have been exercised!

Robert F. Jewell

That is not the point… each person ..the rich one and the poor one are both charged with exactly the same crime are only that …CHARGED…Neither has been proven guilty yet…and yet…if bail is set…WITH BOTH BEING INNOCENT BEFORE PROVEN GUILTY….the Rich man can go home till his trial…the POOR man STAYS IN JAIL….
Anyone who cannot see this is usually a heartless soulless person and is morally evil.

William Marincic

Amy Coney Barrett. That’s your next Supreme Court Justice. Lol. Let the left attack her. It will be a landslide everywhere for Trump. BTW there is Ray Harris posting a bunch of lies again.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill that’s libel and I’m reporting your libeling Gov.Cuomo. Get the truth before you start your ignorant vomiting of words.

Terry Ryczek

She would definitely make a great justice. Also keep the court in order for a few more years. After re-election Trump should have an opportunity of appointing 2-3 more constitutional judges.

john articolo

Abbey Ballard’s letter is one of the best written and substantive letters I’ve seen in the Gazette. Thank you for highlighting the obvious defects and fallout in bail reform.

Robert F. Jewell

All she outlined is that she has lived a privileged existence….good for her…like her I read no empathy nor fraternity from you two…only domination and terror…

john articolo

RJ, I hesitate to respond except to point out the futility and weakness of your characterization of two people you don’t even know. Sad and empty personal attack on those you don’t agree with.

Robert F. Jewell

Hey Totes…Keyboard terrorist here…No one attacked you…what’s the matter bored on the toilet again…or in between beers??
BTW…no one removed my posts …yours was🤧

Robert F. Jewell

With affection to TERRY RYCVEK with apologies to the theme song
“Daisy Daisy”

Terry…Terry gives us your hate filled spew…
Your so scary, hating black men as you do!

Why are you so scary,
Was your mean dad unfairy

Did he beat you blue,
like you want to do.
To those who aren’t white like you…

Terry Ryczek

Excellent letter Abbey. You hit the nail on the head. I’m sure NYPD loved all those looters and rioters being released to continue rioting and looting.

john articolo

Andy Beiniks: Agree, Covid tracking is quite elusive and a dicey proposition at best. I’m not confident we’ll ever get a true and accurate progression of this virus from detection, symptoms, treatment and final outcome.

Robert F. Jewell

So as a typical republican policy let’s KNOW nothing so we CAN DO NOTHING.
Your obscurity philosophy doesn’t help at all…just keeps you from using your education to reason with…..

john articolo

What in the world is “obscurity philosophy”? Sounds like something you just made up. Anyway, there’s nothing obscure about wanting accurate data on an important health issue.

Robert F. Jewell

The problem with your poor learning ability’s is just this…YOU WANT TO PICK AND CHOOSE REALITY TO FIT YOUR POLITICAL AGENDA. Just like your messiah the Orange Menace.

Robert F. Jewell

Your are correct in that John. Use of factchecking is essential to sift out purposeful subterfuge and propaganda.📽✌🏻 Have a good day John!

Robert F. Jewell

And your shutting yours permanently would become a national holiday!!

Robert F. Jewell

Mr.Rycvek I truly have never gone to a single site posting of yours.
I’d rather reason with you by conversations.
I am older and wiser than you. I understand true conservatism. I am a fan of many of its precepts. However what has morphed out of this administration has NOTHING to do with true conservatism! Look at the deficit!!
Trump is emulating and obeying a higher master. Trump is but an emissary. He needs a dictatorship to achieve his masters objective. Trump wants to end our laws and rewrite actual history. Why?
It’s the powers now in charge that want to foment division and possible war…Why… minorities and women now…whose next…..liberals….moderate republicans…Catholics?…Jews…
just let it bounce around in your mind…

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