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Letters to the Editor Monday, Sep. 21


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Spa charter change won’t improve city

I am writing to express my concerns with the proposed Saratoga Springs charter change.
One need only look at municipalities elsewhere in the state to realize the unique system of government that Saratoga Springs enjoys.
While other municipalities are rife with the scourge of political patronage in non-civil service positions, Saratoga Springs residents have the privilege of voting directly for their commissioners who exercise control over the city’s various departments.
Under the proposed charter change, as majority control of a council and mayorship shifts between parties, political appointees would roll into and out of leadership positions.
Instead of being occupied by those chosen by the voters, departmental leadership positions would be filled with political operatives and donors chosen not because of their qualifications, but because of political allegiance.
Perhaps if the proposed change would result in a significant savings to the taxpayers, these faults could be stomached. However, the proposed change is expensive, providing for numerous well-paid department heads and the appointment of an unelected city manager with a salary easily in the high-six figures.
Voters should ask themselves, will the charter change make Saratoga Springs a better place to live? I believe the answer is a resounding “no” and I will be voting against charter change.
Michael A. Brandi
Saratoga Springs

Only let owners vote on school budgets

This is Part II to my July 31 letter (“To vote on school budgets, pay taxes”). The year Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school budget failed,our taxes would have gone up $100. It went directly to a contingency budget. We received a letter saying we have to pay $25 per child for school supplies. Having four children, it cost us $100.
The taxpayer can’t win. I attended a budget meeting and posed a question of why the teachers were getting a 10% raise per year for three consecutive years. I was told we were not here to discuss that, as it is a different negotiation, even though it is included in the budget.
True story: My next door neighbor was on the committee that drew up the budget one year. We were talking one day about it and he told us to vote against i,t as there was a backup budget just as good. His wife’s words: “Not me, I’m voting for it. It will keep the riff raff out of here.” Education at its best. You could only vote for the Ballston Lake sewer if you own property. It should be the same for school budgets. If you don’t pay taxes you have no right to vote.
Cliff Mango

Far left taking over academia, cities

I have always believed that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” has been one of the reasons why America has been so successful. I love this country. I think most Americans do as well.
What I don’t understand is the violent rioting taking place in many of our cities. This destruction is being caused by many young people who claim that they hate America. Where and how did they come to this belief? There is only one answer: Academia – mostly far left college professors, but also some high school teachers as well. I know this because I was a rare conservative high school English teacher.
We are at a crossroads. The far left has not only taken control of academia, but also the current Democratic Party. The Democrats now seeking office believe in “abortion, dependency and the pursuit of political power.” If you also believe that be sure you vote for Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats.
Richard Colyer


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Robert F. Jewell

It seems the “right to lifer” people ,mostly the under educated conservative males, loves to blame someone for what they want to but cannot control. IF YOU DONT WANT ABORTION….don’t have one!!?
A women OWNS her body and her reproductive options!!
The curriculum in our public schools teaches people facts and figures. Period. It’s up to the rest of us to show how to live together.
If all students SEE is prejudice,bigotry, racism and death in the literature as well on all MEDIAS…then it’s no wonder we as a country are rejecting the present status quo.
The republicans ceaselessly display their extreme bigotry and contempt to women, blacks and all minorities!

Robert F. Jewell

No she’s not…it’s her right to choose..who…when…where…why…and how!!
NO one wants an abortion. It’s her body and her choice between her conscience and her God…NOT her husband, father, relatives, or friends. You self righteous no nothing. I’m an RN and a father to 2 boys and a daughter. I KNOW what is at stake.
When we remove a woman’s control over her own physical body ALL MEN risk the same fate from the STATE.
Your ignorant, frightened, privileged and have no living experience with the masses. Just your homogeneity filled world of white male supremacy!
No mercy or fraternity to your mothers, daughters, aunts, cousins, step relations nor strangers! Just control and ignorance and fear from your side of the world.
Meanwhile the poor will risk death for an abortion that YOU WILL NEVER STOP, meanwhile your rich cousin will secretly gets hers…or even perhaps sir…your own daughter..of course unbeknownst to her zealot father!

Terry Ryczek

Just bedcause something is the law of the land( man’s law) doesn’t make it right or moral. If someone wants an abortion let them pay their own freight. I/we as tax payers should not be forced to pay for someone else’s lack of diisipline and self control.

Robert F. Jewell

Now Terry we get to the crux of pro lifers like you. It’s the money!
So if a woman pays for the procedure themselves then that’s fine…since it’s the taxpayer money you lose sleep over..
So your moral argument for supporting right to life is really your right NOT to pay taxes for what YOU deem is not YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
Funny I feel the same about aircraft carriers!!
So your morality is contingent on cost…hmmm might have known. 😂🙄Republicans…

Terry Ryczek

You think this is a gottcha, harly. No it’s not the money. It’s elective surgery. Just like plastic surgery. If they have a choice let them pay for it. It’s still about killing a baby, a life. A life that is not given a choice or chance to live.

What Robert has forgotten is what Democrats consider to be just. If you are a practicing Catholic you are on the hook for the Democrats financial imposed charges for child abuse that you neither did nor condoned. I admit that punishing the innocent is legal innovation that I had not thought of. Perhaps after November the whole country will be able to benefit from this legal innovation.

Robert F. Jewell

Fred they are still accepting legal cases for past Priest molestation cases…there’s still time to file.
stop drinking… it clouds your judgement and destroys the pancreas Fred.

You are of the view that the innocent should pay for the crimes of guilty. As a republican I do not think that the innocent should pay for the quality.

Michael Eisenberg

Richard Colter – I condemned rioting and violence. I applaud peaceful constitutionally guaranteed protest which account for 95% of the actions in the streets. and I have never heard young people claiming they hate America actually just the opposite they love America that’s why they’re protesting.

As for extremes it’s the far right that is taking over a political party the Republican party. Our nominee Joe Biden is a lifelong moderate and centrist you can’t say the same about yours.

That’s great! You condemn rioting and violent protest. Why was the Democratic party completely silent on the issue during their convention? Their assigned speakers never mentioned the issue once. Then polling showed their failure to condemn the rioting was hurting Joe Biden’s approval rating. So he offered a generic, tepid disapproval. Yet Biden still refused to call out antifa and BLM violence by name.

Kamala Harris visited and praised an alleged sex offender while she ignored the two that were deputies shot and nearly murdered in her home state. Biden’s 1994 crime bill locked up hundreds of thousands of African-Americans. Trump’s First Step Act prison reform freed many of those same prisoners. And Biden claims he’s the Law & Order President? How can anyone can support such a dismal record can only be explained by TDS.

Robert F. Jewell

Doris do you want to continue to have a confirmed pathological liar who is dysfunctional to human feelings and protocols in the White House?
Stop being afraid of necessary changes!
This world does not belong to white republicans. But they are sure he’ll bent on taping the environment for profit.
With the republicans it’s as if Islam Mullahs are now in charge. They will strip a Woman’s freedom and representation for minorities!

The simplest way to deal with the rioting and violence that we see in various parts of the country is to make it a local problem that is to say stop all state and federal aid to those areas that have little interest in law enforcement.

Martha Bencic

If we don’t abort, the Catholic church will run low on kids to sexually assault. There’s your REAL Q-anon. Ditto the rape camps at the border run by the current administration. Oh, and all those wholesome sports, like Penn State football, the US gymnastics association, etc. Gotta keep that steady supply of victims coming down the pike, right?

Republicans in power aren’t pro-life. They’re professional liars.

Robert F. Jewell

Your logic is in serious trouble Barney.
So if a skin head who belongs to a gang that seeks to attack Jews is the only guilty party in hen he does?
Your reasoning is soaked once again in beer!!
Indeed there are hundreds of cases of an organization or self avowed groups having been, sued and arrested for fostering hate crimes and sexual crimes!
So stop drinking Bill. It’s bad for your mental clarity!
Martha is very sober in her statement!

Robert F. Jewell

The premeditated damage and or injury that results from a self avowed gang, fraternity, company, organization, etc….can be held responsible for its individual members criminal behavior….it’s called the RICO ACT at a federal level.
So if the Catholic Church hid the crimes of its priests and bishops then they are as guilty as the pedophiles who committed this heinous assault on innocence!!
So that’s why Freddo you, poor Freddo must pay also. But let’s see it your way…there is beer…

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