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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Sep. 22


How will poor pay for internet service?

Schools are handing out computers so students can take remote classes. But do they pay for the internet service fees, which can be over $500 a year?
Likewise, the Democrats are demanding money to extend the lines to unserved rural districts.
Certainly, a generous idea, but how will the poor pay for the service, especially if they have to pay for telephones which cost over $800 a year?
David Childs

Pass suicide hotline number legislation

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and it’s important that we’re there for each other and take steps to prevent suicide.
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s theme for the month is to #KeepGoing, by taking simple actions to safeguard our mental health and save lives.
From learning the warning signs for suicide and what to do if you are worried someone is struggling, to bringing education programs to your community, we can all learn new ways to help each other save lives.
I’m urging my public officials to prioritize suicide prevention and mental health.
When someone is in acute crisis, it’s hard for them to think clearly, and even reaching out for help can be a struggle.
For this reason, it’s vital that Congress pass the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act (H.R.4194/S.2661) to make a three-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline a reality.
This legislation will provide the funding and resources needed by crisis centers across the country that support those struggling with their mental health and thoughts of suicide.
My husband died by suicide four years ago, and I know with my whole being that if a simple three-digit number was available when he needed help that he would have called it and gotten the help he needed in that moment of desperation.
Please urge your member of Congress to support this life-saving legislation.
In this time of uncertainty, we all need to find new ways to connect and support each other.
Together, we #KeepGoing.
Joann Perillo-Lasky

Where is legal line on incompetence?

Where is the line between incompetent and criminally incompetent?
John Hershey
Ballston Lake


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Robert F. Jewell

In regards to our country…John the line is …. committing intentional violation of codified law that results in damage or loss of property and or injury to limb and life.
Morally…it has been the question of the ages

Robert you are wrong, drunk driving is illegal despite the absence to do harm. Unless you have your own breath analyzer you can not be said to knowingly drive legally drunk yet your driving is crime. That is to say you can be guilty of a crime that you did not know that you were committing

Robert F. Jewell

Fred it’s the premeditated decision before becoming inebriated to drink irresponsibly that causes you to be charged with a felony in some states depending on inebriation and history of it.
In summation it is a crime of cognition and indifference which society has codified as unacceptable to continued risk to life and property.
Sober up! Don’t drink and text, cook, drive etc..

In the absence of a blood test you can not know if you are legally drunk. The notion of legally drunk was set up to save the judicial system from having to prove impaired driving!

Robert F. Jewell

You make mine.
Morally it’s a question for consideration. To those who seek truth Bill.

I do not know one single person demo or repub that sanctions destruction of property or results in injury or death….however on each side of you and I there are those who use civil unrest to commit their own crimes.

Public demonstrations are to be expected in our democracy. Right or left….that’s what guarantees our reason to stay a country.
The hired thugs on the right foment the thieving bastards who don’t care about anything or anyone.
Of course we need to incarcerate the mercenaries sent by the right to cause good photo ops for FOX.
Of course we need to incarcerate looters and arsonists..
Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water….
Civil society must have trust in each other and the peace officers HIRED with MY tax dollars
must do their job EFFECTIVELY not BRUTALLY.

Indiscriminate harassment of minorities is morally wrong and their execution should be after a trial and judgement.
The law doesn’t support the indiscriminate use of death as an appropriate means to apprehension.
Individuals who believe that to resist arrest justifies what ever the officers used in apprehension are ignorant of the law and of most police department policies and not endorsed by most officers.
Most police persons are normal highly CARING individuals.
Society must have GOOD ones of high moral integrity and SUPPORTED by free education and superior pay for the discharge of the responsibilities we require they uphold as the prime mission of their EMPLOYMENT!
When we give the power of life and death to angry white boys…we get excessive use of force and a blue line of resistance when a death occurs. This must be addressed!

The law doesn’t support the indiscriminate use of death as an appropriate means to apprehension. Robert Jewell

Can you produce one case where you comment applies. The true of the matter is that some people have chosen to gamble with their lives and have lost. Remember if you can say I can not breath you can say I surrender!

Robert F. Jewell

You assume they gamble…you assume way too much…perhaps they are sick and tired of being harassed for doing the same thing a white person takes for granted….you know Bill.. like buying too much beer to drink…

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