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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Sep. 23


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Sign stealers are committing crimes

On Sunday, Sept. 20, two Trump lawn signs were stolen from neighboring lawns in Niskayuna.
One of the two stolen signs was handmade by my 90-year-old father. His neighbor’s Trump sign was professionally made.
To whomever stole those signs: You trespassed on property. You stole property. You are no good. You are a trespasser. You are a thief.
Nancy Kay Matuszyk

Shame on GOP for rushing to fill seat

Shame on all you Republican senators. You must not have much faith in your emperor winning this November election.
If you think that he can’t lose, why are you pushing to put one of the right wing Republicans on the Supreme Court before the election?
You and Trump are salivating over the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, where you should be giving her the respect that she deserves.
It looks like you are trying to pull a shady deal to fill the empty seat and stuff it down the public’s throat, even though by public demand by over 60% think it should be done after the election.
And hopefully Trump and Mitch will be out of the picture.
Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Vote Biden and Harris. Make America great again and better, vote, vote, vote, vote.
Melvin Cater

Please reopen Mont Pleasant Library

As an avid reader and a patron and volunteer of the Mont Pleasant Library, I would like to know why, when there was so much excitement in the neighborhood when that new library opened, is it the only library to be “temporarily closed” for well over a month.
Every other library in the county is open for a few days a week for “curbside pickup.”
Shouldn’t the people of Mont Pleasant have that same opportunity to pick up that novel they’ve been wanting to read, or a few DVDs for their family to help pass the long days of this pandemic when we can’t do so many of the things we’re used to doing?
So please, whoever is in charge, let’s open Mont Pleasant Library, even if it’s for just a couple of days a week for curbside pickup. Thank you.
Rosemarie Pepicelli

Americans must revive responsibility

We are facing an unspoken pandemic in America today: lack of personal responsibility and a sense of entitlement that today crosses generations.
Individuals with better manners and habits have seemingly forgotten them.
You deserve from life what you have worked, saved and can pay for. The idea we should all help one another is little more than the battle cry of the freeloader.
There should be no student loan forgiveness. Will those of us who paid ours be reimbursed?
No rent forgiveness, no slave reparations to unlikely descendants of slaves, and no free health care.
You want? You can pay. In better days, we had debtor prisons and mental institutions. It is time to bring them back.
Nikolas Kaiser

Need more urgency on a covid vaccine

My father suffered a stroke at the height of the pandemic in April.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, my mom and I weren’t able to visit him until 10 minutes after he had already passed away.
We weren’t even able to have a proper funeral service for him.
No family should lose a loved one in the tragic way that we did.
Still, countless others throughout New York share this traumatic experience due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19.
My mom is now alone and, because she’s older, she’s considered high-risk for the virus.
We need a solution; we need a vaccine. Without one, we’ll continue to see loss, both of American lives, livelihood and experiences.
Now more than ever is when we need politicians fighting for innovation and pursuing policy that protects and promote research. This is why I’m disappointed that the Trump Administration has pursued government price setting by way of an executive order.
On Sept. 13, he signed the “most favored nation” Executive Order.
This could damper critical work from American biopharmaceutical researchers and scientists. We need all hands-on deck for vaccine development.
Patients deserve smart, safe policies and Trump’s order isn’t the answer.
Gina LaViolette


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William Marincic

Nancy Kay Matuszyk, unfortunately the Democrat party is not the Democrat party that I knew and grew up with. I was a Democrat until the year 2000 when I really saw the writing on the wall and switched parties because the Democrats were showing me that they didn’t believe in the sanctity of life, personal responsibility or the securing of our borders. People are afraid to even put out Trump signs because their homes and property are being damaged by the party that screams fairness but shows none. The left will tell you how terrible Trump is but I want them to know that America dislikes the left even more. The left wants to scream about climate change and social issues yeah our streets are filled with homeless people including in the city of Albany living in tents with garbage and needles and feces all over the ground. They scream about how they’re going to fix the world yet they can’t even fix their cities and they expect us to let them control and run this country? A day of reckoning is coming and for their sake they better hope that President Trump wins reelection because the silent majority won’t be silent much longer.

john articolo

Melvin Cater: Your highly partisan letter fails to mention the constitutional authority and responsibility of the president to nominate and the senate to consider appointment to the supreme court. There is no shame in doing one’s job.

Robert F. Jewell

SEE EVERYONE….all republicans can do is talk about…
MONEY!!! Where is your God in all that?

William Marincic

Jewell, you accuse Republicans of trying to control things, are you nuts? The Democrats are telling us that if Trump does his job which he’s is obligated to do and brings on the ninth justice that if the Democrats get elected they’re going to stack the courts so that they control everything for the next four decades. Everything the Democrats do is about control they want to change the way everybody does things as long as it is their way. if you don’t agree with a Democrat they will destroy everything about you they will beat you in the submission. Chuck Schumer wants to talk about Republicans look what they did at the impeachment they tried to impeach Trump during an election year, with no proof. It was a Pardison witchhunt, and they were so busy with that they missed the Covid problem coming from China.

What Robert ignores is that reparations for slavery is a topic brought up by Democrats. What I have pointed out is that it is not clear who can be honorable assessed reparations. If be Black in the U.S. A. Is such a problem then it follows that reparations should be paid to Black children by their parents.

Terry Ryczek

No robbie democrat bidrn spent over 47 tlalking and doing nothing but getting black PEOPLE sent to jail or trying to keep society segregated. The real President Trump talked the talk and then fulfilled his promises despite tons of rediculous opposition

Robert F. Jewell

Terry just can’t stop being insulting FIRST.
I’m not crying to daddy every time terry calls me an inappropriate name and you cry foul…

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah ….and you’ve a bridge to sell….save it for a worthier Christian 😂….
Let’s not call names at all…
Is that possible for you?
What I decide what words are insulting to me to me and what you decide what words are insulting to you should be declared off limits….ONLY WHEN ADDRESSING EACH OTHER.
What I say to Bill or you to Karen is a non issue for us…etc…
Otherwise poor Mark is going to be forced to play school grounds monitor…that’s ridiculous…

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