Outdoor Journal: Make-A-Wish fishing proves to be successful

Five-year-old Brady Bell of Latham stands next to the trophy he received for winning the 22nd annual Make-A-Wish fishing contest. (Ed Noonan photo)

Five-year-old Brady Bell of Latham stands next to the trophy he received for winning the 22nd annual Make-A-Wish fishing contest. (Ed Noonan photo)

This year, Mike Ryan and his helpers at this 22nd annual Make-A-Wish fishing contest was another $695 success. And and all of the 52 kids got a trophy because all they had to do was draw (not catch) a fish.

This year’s winner was 5-year-old Brady Bell of Latham, and he was as big as his trophy.


I have not hunted big game with a muzzle loader since my wife and I were snowbirds on April 1, 2010, in Florida. One of my snowbird friends had two muzzle loaders and asked me to join him at the Bear Ridges Hog Ranch. It didn’t take long for me to say yes.

Each of us got a guide and went into different parts of a very huge swamp. We saw several small hogs, but my guide wanted me to get a bigger one. It was just around noon that we found a big one, and the crawling began. I was able to get within an opening in the tall grass before I could get a good shot.

It was one shot and hog down. My hog weighed in at just over 300 pounds. I called it beginner’s luck. However, when I got back home, I went back to my regular hunting guns because last year I gave it to a young hunter and he shot a nice 4-pointer and, I let him keep it. With this year’s muzzle-loading deer seasons, I might get another one. We will see.


This year, the DEC is providing special hunting opportunities for active-duty military personnel and veterans. Participating hunters must carry identification that verifies their active duty or veteran status. This fall’s active duty military and veteran days are Oct. 10 and 11 in the Southeastern Zone, Nov. 11 (Veterans’ Day) and Nov. 14 in the Western Zone, and Nov. 14-15 in the Long Island Zone. There is no special active-duty and veteran military days in the Lake Champlain Zone.

ECOs Joshua Veloski and Connor Dodge received a call from a homeowner of a large snapping turtle had wandered into their front yard and got its carapace (shell) stuck in their fence. The ECOs got it lose and took him to a nearby pond. The turtle was estimated at 25 pounds.

ECO Dustin Osborn received a complaint from a farmer in the town of Deposit and got the shooter’s license plate, and then interviewed different subjects. One subject admitted to driving around town looking for small game and shooting various critters (everything from both on the public highway and from a motor vehicle. He received tickets for 35 different charges and the Town Deposit Court gave 13 penalties totaling $1,300.


Last Friday, my wife joined me when I was out looking for new hunting boots, and my first stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods in Latham.

However, on my way to the boots, I had to walk the gun cases, and there in the glass case was something I have wanted since I watched the old “Gunsmoke” on TV, a long-barreled revolver.

I asked if I could see one, and while I fondled the gun, from behind me, I heard my smiling wife Rosemary say, “Get it.” That’s all I needed, and I handed the clerk my debit card. Before I could take it home, I needed to have it added to my State of New York County of Saratoga pistol permit. The clerk also said there was information inside the box if I wanted to get the .22-mag cylinder. That will be added shortly.

That evening, I put everything needed into an envelope and mailed it out to the Saratoga County sheriff. I know I will be out looking for woodchucks the same day. Thank you, Rose.

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