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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Sep. 24


Back Trump and Joy or leave America

Do you know we pay taxes on our income from Social Security? We already paid taxes when we worked and got paid. Money was taken out of our pay. We pay double taxes on money we work for.
Blame it on the Democrat liberals. Vote for Trump for president and Liz Joy for Congress. What a team.
You don’t want to see December 7, again do you? I am a 100% disabled World War II veteran. They will protect us and our country. If you don’t vote for them, then you should leave the country because you are not good Americans. God bless.
Vincent Belardo

Seeman responsive while Walsh wasn’t

I called and emailed my Assemblywoman, Mary Beth Walsh, to see how she would vote on an issue, a dozen times. I never heard from her. After the vote, I called and emailed her to see how she voted, a dozen times.
Finally, she emailed me back, saying if I wanted to know how she voted I could access the Assembly record. Would not tell me.
I called her opponent, Joe Seeman, to hear his views on the issue. He graciously spent an hour of his time discussing all pros and cons of the issue and let me know where he stood and why.
Any guess who I will be voting for this election?
James Van Dijk
Saratoga Springs

Water Board is vital to Johnstown

The Johnstown Water Board is an independently elected board to oversee the Water Department.
Every time we are made aware of a leak, whether by an employee, or a call from rate payers, it’s attended to immediately.
We’ve put together numerous yearly budgets and capital projects in need of bonding but have been ignored by the city treasurer who has refused to return phone calls or meet with any of us for over a year.
Our tri-partisan board has worked together harmoniously and is open to the public. Even holding a meeting outside in the snow after we were escorted out of our own building.
When vacancies arose, we’ve conducted interviews ourselves which were open to any resident of Johnstown, not just one person selected in a meeting closed to the public run by party bosses, as the council recently did.
We hired a water superintendent, but we believe he was improperly terminated and was escorted from the building by police officers. We haven’t raised rates and have issued the city the necessary checks for sewer rents which have gone uncashed for over 6 months.
We’re an all-volunteer board and are the only elected city officials to receive no salary, stipend, medical benefits, or retirement. We are not funded through taxes but only through water rents.
Brandon Lyon

Honor RGB by not rushing replacement

Ruth Bader Ginsburg served our country as a justice on the Supreme Court for 27 years. She was respected for her knowledge of the law, calm and civil approach during discussions and measured decisions.
Out of respect to this dedicated justice one would hope that, as a country, we would pause and honor her by postponing discussion of her successor until at least after memorial services are held and her body reaches its final resting place.
President Trump announced his plan to put forth his nominee for Justice Ginsburg’s replacement within hours of her passing. He reiterated this during his subsequent rallies.
Filling a vacant seat on the Supreme Court does not have to be immediate. The late Justice Scalia’s seat was left vacant for 12 months. Thank you for all that you did, RBG. Rest in peace.
Elizabeth Gillespie-Kehoe
The writer is a Johnstown Water Board member.

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William Marincic

Elizabeth Gillespie-Kehoe You are aware aren’t you that Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that a presidents term is four years not three years. She said that when Obama put up Meritt Garland for the supreme court justice, so I would say that the same is true today President Trump was elected for four years not 3 1/2 he has a right, duty and obligation to put up a supreme court justice.

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