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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sep. 27


Release funding to promote clean water

While some of us were enjoying a cup of coffee on Sunday morning Sept. 20, many in Schenectady were without clean water. The culprit? A water main break that resulted in road closures and residents having little to no running water.
I wish I could say that what happened in Schenectady is uncommon, but it isn’t.
New York has some of the oldest water infrastructure in the country, resulting in pipes breaking at an alarming frequency. The state estimated that it would cost upwards of $80 billion to fix New York’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.
There’s a solution: New York has a grant program, the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act, that helps local governments update, repair and replace their crumbling infrastructure. Communities across the state have received this critical grant funding since 2015, and others are lined up with shovel-ready projects.
Earlier this year, state leaders earmarked $500 million in new clean water infrastructure funding; six months later, however, the state has yet to release these much-needed funds.
Clean water has always been important, but is more so now as New Yorkers need to wash their hands to fend off COVID-19. Water infrastructure funding is not only a matter of public health, but also helps us rebuild our economy. Every dollar spent on water infrastructure yields good-paying jobs and contributes to our economic vitality.
We urge Gov. Cuomo to release these essential infrastructure funds, so we can get more New Yorkers back to work with access to clean, running water.
Maureen Cunningham
The writer is the senior director for Clean Water at Environmental Advocates NY.

Address issues that matter to 50-plus

With so much at stake, the 2020 election year will be historic. These are challenging times, especially for New Yorkers over age 50. Our health and financial security are at risk. We must protect ourselves this election.
If congressional and presidential candidates want older voters to support them, they must address the issues that matter most to you and me. That would include laying out their plans for protecting Medicare and Social Security, lowering prescription drug prices, and ensuring safe and affordable long-term care.
Any politician who fails to address the health and financial security of 50-plus voters, especially during this pandemic, is out of touch. If a candidate wants to win, they must listen to older voters and address our needs and concerns.
AARP New York has been fighting to protect 50-plus voters, working diligently with local election officials to ensure all New Yorkers can vote safely. Anyone with questions on voting from home, voting early, or voting safely on Election Day can find more information at
Act soon to protect your right to vote, whether by mail, in-person early, or in-person on Election Day.
Patrick Cremmins

Support candidates who support life

An Aug. 23 column (“Single issue no longer defines Catholic political considerations”) by John Gehring, who is the Catholic program director at Faith in Public Life Action, states that pro-life no longer defines Catholics. His political agenda is to change Catholic doctrine and get a liberal Catholic president elected who is pro-abortion or pro-choice, however you want to say it.
Real Catholics are pro-life from cradle to grave. That is God’s law. It does not change. Abortion and euthanasia are killing the innocents.
All lives matter – Black, white, young, old, everyone. Vote to save lives, not destroy them.
Thomas J. Amedore

Controversial cartoon was appropriate

I believe that the Aug. 31 cartoon by Chris Britt which has been so heavily criticized made a valid point, and I thank The Daily Gazette for publishing it. Freedom of the Press forever!
Joyce M. Cockerham


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Robert F. Jewell

Mr Amedore you announced your bigotry to the world!!
Your lack of actual experience will Euthanasia or being a lone frightened woman who is poor and finds out she’s pregnant and wants to end her pregnancy…YOU WILL NEVER FACE. THAT REALITY…
The Mullahs of Christian thought are no better than the Islamic ones. Women are not property to their husbands! Women have a right to self determination.
The Catholic Church has done more to destroy the word of Christ than any Muslim faith!! Look what evil it spawned!

The inquisition,
Sexual exploitation of little children
Criminally suppressing science and thought.
The shunning of the Jews in WW2.
The pilfering of tithes
Forbidding women priesthood.
These are just a few of the many crimes the CATHOLIC Church has afflicted humankind with.

Jesus was the first feminist!! Listen…

Robert F. Jewell

😳 really Terry … your seriously going to totally dismiss history because it doesn’t fit YOUR WORLD VIEW…so
The inquisition never happened? Hahaha..

There’s no denial like republicans denial!!

Robert am correct in asserting you, like other Democrats, in asserting that practicing Catholics should be held accountable for the child abuse that they neither did nor condoned?

Robert F. Jewell

Yes…Catholics are led by the nose morally. They impose conditions to faith and that alone is evil. They turned a blind eye to their diddling priests…WHO THE HELL SHOULD PAY…THE VICTIMS?? NON CHURCH GOERS…now just pop the top on 1 more…it’s sunday😶

Terry Ryczek

Robert you must be ignoring the fact that Biden and Pelosi claim to be Catholic. Both go against the teachings of the Roman catholic faith. Even congressman Tonko has been denied communion because of his views.

Robert believes that a women has the right to chose to abort her unborn child. If he is correct then she is completely responsible for the financial consequences of her choice to be to give birth?

Robert F. Jewell

He does indeed…and if you just happen to need an appendectomy perhaps the insurance company will deny paying your hospital bill due to preexisting medical conditions!
Like let’s say a damageD Liver or are atherosclerosis.,
or maybe anything your beloved insurance companies DENY the poor….

Robert F. Jewell

I knew an irritant like you once Barney.
Instead of recognizing the weakness of you stances and exploring your own attitude you play diversion and 50 questions!!!
Stop asking pointless issueless questions and maturely acknowledge the salience of my points!! I

Terry Ryczek

Robert why is it that if a pregnant woman dies in a car crash or is tragically murdered the perpetrator is charged with a double count of manslaughter or murder?

Robert F. Jewell

A. the law recognizes that the MOTHER was criminally denied the choice to KEEP her child …or not…
B. Since being denied that right..the responsible agent becomes guilty of a double Homicide since the most horrid damage to her right is the loss of her life and the loss of her potential offspring.
C. Thus double homicide charges…

Terry Ryczek

So you admit it’s child not a fetus. Logic dictates then that abortion is murder.

Martha Bencic

Republicans aren’t going to get Roe overturned. They’ve been feeding you that lie for almost 50 years. And rich people will ALWAYS have access to safe abortion, legal or not.

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