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Letters to the Editor Monday, Sep. 28


Stefanik a socialist for private sector

As we near the November election, we’ve seen more and more negative political advertisements from Elise Stefanik. She has constantly claimed that her opponent Tedra Cobb is a “socialist.”
I’m guessing because Ms. Cobb supports health care reforms, Social Security and Medicare.
I’m not certain Ms. Stefanik understands socialism or has forgotten that the government farm subsidies she has supported and bragged about are the purest form of socialism we can witness.
In fact, in 2018 NY21’s four most northern counties received over $5.4 million in dairy subsidies. Whether you agree with farm subsidies or not, government financial support of private business is the essence of socialism and I assure you, Ms. Stefanik knows this.
Remember Social Security, Medicare and expanded government healthcare require participants to financially contribute. Farm subsidies do not. Farmers either sell their products to the government, (products the government doesn’t need) or they just get a stipend.
So, the next time you hear Ms. Stefanik brag about dairy and farm subsidies, remember her comments on socialism. She supports the government giving money to private companies, but not human services like Social Security, Medicare or expanded health care that benefit the vast majority of her constituents.
Jim Novotny

What would Mesicks think of progress?

I am a Niskayuna resident who takes a daily walk on Route 7. Between Inman Road and Avon Crest on the north side of Troy-Schenectady Road is a stately old farmhouse still standing since 1781.
With Niskayuna’s Town Historian Denise Cashmere’s help, I learned that this structure had included the remains of apple orchards and a carriage house.
It served as a farm from the 18th century to the first quarter of the 20th century.
By 1892, the Mesick family lived there and Anna Mesick’s diaries from between 1892 and 1903 survived, describing life on a farm. They cut wood for fuel, drew coal from the depot, took ice from the river and took logs to the lumber mill. The family entertained friends, shopped in town and her daughters attended Vassar College.
They saw carriage smash-ups in front of their house and the men served in the Niskayuna Reformed Church.
I often wonder what the Messick family would think if they were transported to today and looked out their front windows and saw the streaming traffic and horseless carriages racing down this road. The family crest signature “M” still adorns the front door window entrance. Hopefully they have recently been cleaning up the area around the house to keep it fresh.
This 241-year-old structure is a monument to ingenuity, stability and continuing civilization and continues to face down the threat of destruction, degeneration and unwanted change that continuously attacks our efforts to improve the lot of humanity.
Raymond Starman

Vets grateful for Schultz and Wilkin

I read the news of Marc Schultz’s retirement; a great person and a great photographer/reporter. I failed to write when Jeff Wilkin retired and I don’t want to do the same for Marc.
Both of these gentlemen were very devoted to The Gazette and to the public when they reported news stories and the photos of the activities. They both covered the news with a special touch that you don’t find in most newspapers.
These two gentlemen covered many veterans events and services that we conducted in the city for many years. They covered the Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs conducted by veteran organizations on our “special” day to pay respects to our fallen comrades. The story was recorded for all your readers to understand.
They told their stories with special feeling and made it a personal thing as they talked to the veterans and reported what the veteran felt about the day and why the veteran was at the services.
I have known these two fine men for many years as they joined other great Gazette reporters/photographers that covered our programs; men like Jim Leggett, Sid Brown, Marv Cermak and Marc’s great dad, Ed Schultz.
Your paper should be proud to have had these men on your staff. They did the job as it was required, but made sure to cover the story and get it right with words and photos.
Good luck to Marc and Jeff in your retirement and thanks again from the veterans of this area.
James A. Wilson

With awareness, we can create change

In the wake of the monumental changes that occurred in the sixties during the civil rights movement, many of us naively thought the playing field was now leveled and all Black people needed to do in order to succeed was to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But in reality, the playing field wasn’t level at all.
Unfortunately, many of us remained unaware of this. We were also unaware of the racial injustices that still plagued the Black community. Naturally without awareness, we couldn’t very well understand what needed to happen next. So nothing changed.
A couple of generations later, the Black Lives Matter protests exploded and challenged our belief system. As the Black community found its voice, it became evident that Black people were still struggling under the yoke of oppression and inequality.
This made us realize we needed to take a closer look at the current situation, and what we found was shocking. It became clear Blacks were indeed still struggling under the suppression of racial inequalities such as housing availability, police brutality and educational opportunities.
This was an ‘Ah-ha moment’ for many of us.
With this new awareness, we can now take the next crucial step and finally acknowledge the unfairness of the current situation, and with this acknowledgment work for change. Change can finally occur, and there is new hope.
Carol D’Aleo
Clifton Park

A vote for Joy is a vote for America

What has happened to the America we grew up in? Does anyone wonder why Congress has not stepped up to enact legislation that would permit the president to step in and quell these uprisings?
Why do Democrats in the House of Representatives, including Paul Tonko from the 20th District, refuse to address this issue? One can only conclude they wish to put partisan politics ahead of the safety of law-abiding citizens.
We need representatives in Washington with some common sense and appreciation for the role of law enforcement in maintaining a civil society. What we witness every day on TV is not protesting. Protesting does not include bricks, bats and Molotov cocktails.
America needs fresh leadership, a person who has the trust of law enforcement, someone who brings some good old-fashioned common sense to Congress.
We need Liz Joy to represent us in Washington. To represent our values and the values of the unborn and the values of America. Please look over her platform and vision of what America should look like. If you agree her ideas sound like your ideas, consider voting for America, vote for Liz Joy.
Darlene Lee


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A Black women rather than turn in a drug dealer decides to live with him and the criminal justice system is reasonable for the consequences of her freely chosen decision. I find that to be a fine example of racism.

For those who want to end racism college admission must be by test scores only and the who used their positions to implement the racial prejudices must be held account able. That is to say the must pay reparations to those they harmed

Terry Ryczek

State Trooper account of Newport News Trump Rally…
One of my trooper buddies who had to work the Trump visit at Newport News and his upfront and very close observations.

***Offensive Content – For Some***

I attended the President’s rally in Newport News, yesterday. Not like I wanted to though, I was deployed there in my official capacity. Got the word late Thursday night, and answered the call.

I’m exceptionally thankful for this experience because I got to see oil and water, SIDE BY SIDE. Literally a few feet apart. I’m now even more absolutely certain that I support the correct side. I’d like to tell anyone that wants to hear it, what I saw.

The first half of the assignment I was overwhelmed by the community support! While moving to our staging point, the citizens were phenomenal in their vocal support of us. American flags/blue line flags/Trump flags were waiving, people were thanking us, praying for us, letting us know how much the “silent majority” supports us and how they will be heard on Election Day. Contrary to what the media and the left would report, I saw THOUSANDS of beautiful, patriotic blacks, Asians, Latinos, whites, and everything in between, being respectful and conducting themselves with the utmost decency. They said they loved us and were praying for us. You would have thought that this event was a parade to honor the police. I cannot lie to you, I teared up more than once. You can listen to the media garbage if you like, but something real is happening just like it did 4 years ago.

Not long after the sun set, BLM showed up. I do not support this Marxist organization, but I do have to protect their free speech. I stood in the two feet between them and the passing rally participants. I am absolutely convinced of a demonic influence in the group. I (we) have absorbed a lot over the last 3-4 months, but last night was exceptionally evil. I listened to BLM tell us that our mothers should have aborted us, they called us bastards, pigs, racists, bacon, etc, etc. I even saw a guy dressed like satan trying to stare a hole through me. Once they realized we were not phased by their garbage, they turned it on the rally participants. Respectful and peaceful men, women and children of all shapes, sizes and colors, were then getting the vitriol that had been hurled at the police. I expect this garbage because I wear a badge and I am the symbol of what they hate. But these innocent people did not deserve any of it. Even amongst the most vile comments being shouted at them, most of which I will not repeat, many rally participants did not hesitate to continue thanking us and praying for our safety. When BLM could not get anyone to “bite their hooks,” They moved to the city streets. We spent the rest of the night keeping them from impeding traffic.

I lost track of how many times someone threatened to “beat my ass,” but I recall how quickly a particular male (I won’t say “man,” because he was clearly a coward, and not worthy of being referred to as a man) shut his mouth and backed up when I promptly stepped over the line that he indicated would result in my ass-beating. 50-60 humans with their cell phones, megaphones and whinny voices, and not one honorable man or woman among them. Just foul-mouthed garbage, yelling factually incorrect media lies, all night. At the end they were indicating that they were not tired and could go all night. It was near midnight when they almost immediately dispersed. I guess they were actually tired and hungry, and needed to get back to their parent’s basement. I know this group does not represent the entirety of the left, but I believe the Democratic Party has been high-jacked by evil, and they are turning our young people into useful idiots.

The blue line, each of us clad in nearly 60lbs of gear matched them step for step, and held the line until the cowards dispersed. I serve with some truly amazing and honorable people!

Keep America Great!!!

Do you realize that folks don’t know that lives have been destroyed along with parts of cities by these peaceful demonstrations? They only watch dem controlled news. They should glance at YouTube or tiktoc to see what’s really going on. Instant video of ‘peaceful demonstrations’.

Terry Ryczek

Carol D’Aleo Clifton Park All you need do is look at Joe Biden’s 47 years in government and you will see his hand in suppressing the black population. His mentor Robert Byrd, a KKK recruiter, filibustered desegregation. Biden himself got the 3 strike law passed sending thousands of blacks to prison. He even on the floor of congress stated that he needed to get those predators off the streets. He didn’t want the streets to become a racial jungle threatening his wife and kids. Go to and look it up it’s not hard to find.

Terry Ryczek

Jim Novotny With the new trade deals the farmers should be able to hold their own. All thjose billions that went to China will stay here. Go Elise!


Great letter Mr Wilson and right on the mark. Jeff & Marc will be missed, but deserve all the best in retirement. Glad you made mention of other print media legends who always did their jobs with the utmost of excellence and integrity, clearly Jeff and Marc fit right in to that category.

Robert F. Jewell

Go diddle some alter boys, tell your pastor and then you all can cover it up till the victims sue… because that’s the only redress they’re gonna get from YOUR side of the house.

Robert F. Jewell



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