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Regeneron in East Greenbush reports promising results in tests of virus treatment



EAST GREENBUSH — Regeneron said Tuesday that its experimental COVID-19 treatment has shown positive results in trials, with viral levels and severity of symptoms both reduced in non-hospitalized patients.

The Westchester County-based pharmaceutical researcher/manufacturer is producing the treatment, called REGN-COV2, in its large East Greenbush production facility.

It is an antibody cocktail, a mixture of the immune system components that the human body produces to fight off infections. It is designed to reap the shorter-term benefits of antibodies rather than the long-term immunity built with a vaccine.


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Dr. George D. Yancopoulos, president and chief scientific officer of Regeneron, said the greatest benefit during the trial was seen in patients whose immune systems had not mounted an effective defense to the virus, suggesting REG-COV2 could be an effective therapeutic substitute.

Multiple trials of the treatment are ongoing.

In July, Regeneron announced it had landed a $450 million contract from the federal government to produce REGN-COV2; in August, the company announced a partnership in which Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche would co-produce the cocktail and distribute it outside the United States.

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