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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 1


Let moderator turn off Trump’s sound

What happened to the customary decorum and civility that were the expected norm during televised presidential debates?
It was obvious that there was no respect shown by President Trump to former Vice President Biden or moderator Chris Wallace.
Mr. Wallace had the most unenviable job of trying to discipline President Trump.
If this is the level of disrespect Trump showed to a conservative moderator, can anyone imagine how he would behave toward the moderator of the next two debates?
I have a simple solution: Provide the moderator with the ability to turn off Trump’s microphone after his allotted two minutes.
Barbara Dworkin

Court justices need to have term limits

Instead of doing the honorable thing and leaving office while she was of sound mind and body, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hung on until she was clearly too physically and mentally decrepit to sit on the bench.
While I have no hard evidence to prove it, I believe that in her final years on the bench, she did no more than to pen her name on opinions that were written by her faceless, nameless and unaccountable law clerks and this is exactly what we should not expect from a Supreme Court Justice.
It’s bad enough when elected officials want to hang on to their office until they are carried out feet first, but at least the voters can term limit them by voting them out of office.
Supreme Court justices and lower federal court judges get lifetime appointments and are essentially accountable to nobody.
They can only be removed by impeachment in the House (majority vote), followed by a trial in the Senate and then conviction/removal (two-thirds supermajority vote).
For a sitting Supreme Court justice, this has happened only once since the founding of the United States, and the justice was not removed.
For these reasons, members of Congress and the Judicial branch need to be term-limited by an Article V convention of the states to amend the Constitution.
And the sooner the better.
Charles F. Heimerdinger

Trump’s Christian backers deny beliefs

To Christians who support President Trump: You claim to be pro-life but support a U.S. president who failed to warn us, lying, and continuing to discourage us from taking precautions, packing his unmasked supporters into his rallies while he stands safely distant.
He is primarily responsible for 200,000 American deaths, with the toll constantly rising. Isn’t “Thou shalt not kill” one of the Ten Commandments?
You claim to follow the teachings of Jesus, who suffered the little children to come unto him.
Yet, you would support one who has separated over 2,300 children from their parents, placing them in cages. Is this something Jesus would do? Trump’s only use for the Bible is as a prop, holding it upside down in front of a church.
You claim to be patriotic. Yet, you would vote for a man who has never voiced any criticism of Putin, our most dangerous enemy who has placed a bounty on the heads of American fighting men.
Trump is a draft-dodger who has called our fallen heroes “suckers” and “losers.” And he won’t admit Russia is actively working on his behalf in this election.
In voting for Donald Trump, Christians are denying everything they claim to believe.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

All Americans’ votes should be equal

In his Sept. 20 column (“Fix the Electoral College, don’t replace it”) John Figliozzi offers his proposed solution, distributing each state’s electoral votes proportionally and illustrates that unfairness will continue until we establish a national popular vote.
Figliozzi’s proposal addresses the issue that most states receive little attention during the general presidential election because of partisan lean. The general election ignores New Yorkers because Democratic candidates have won our state resoundingly since 1992.
While Figliozzi’s solution puts each state in play, it leaves another problem with the Electoral College unanswered: the disproportionate power of smaller states. Because each state has as many electors as members of Congress, smaller states possess more electors per voter. This is because each state has two senators, regardless of population.
There were 472,000 people of voting age for every electoral vote in New York; there were 144,000 in Vermont. Figliozzi’s solution keeps New Yorkers’ votes one-third as powerful as Vermonters’. That’s unfair.
No matter how you slice it, anything but a national popular vote gives certain Americans more power than others. Yes, Mr. Figliozzi, let the candidates speak to us all, knowing that everyone’s vote will matter. Let’s also make sure that each American’s vote carries the same weight.
Eli Bashant
Ballston Spa

Joy will be a fresh voice in Washington

What has happened to the America we grew up in? Does anyone wonder why Congress has not stepped up to enact legislation that would permit the president to step in and quell these uprisings?
Why do the majority Democrats in the House of Representatives, including Paul Tonko from the 20th District, refuse to address this issue? One can only conclude they wish to put partisan politics ahead of the safety of law-abiding citizens.
We need representatives in Washington with some common sense and appreciation for the role of law enforcement in maintaining a civil society. What we witness every day on TV is not protesting. Protesting does not include bricks, bats and Molotov cocktails. America needs fresh leadership, a person who has the trust of law enforcement, someone who brings some good old-fashioned common sense to Congress.
We need Liz Joy to represent us in Washington. To represent our values, the values of the unborn and the values of America. Please look over her platform and vision of what America should look like and if you agree her ideas sound like your ideas, consider voting for America, vote for Liz Joy.
Michael Glenn

Ideas for coping with virtual school

David Childs’ concerns in his Sept. 22 letter (“How will poor pay for internet service?”) are justified, as are those of others regarding “virtual schooling.”
It’s fair to say nobody was ready with a plan when COVID-19 closed schools. With due respect to the professionals, as a one-time teacher I wonder how I would cope with the task; call it “brainstorming the problem” if you will.
One thing I am sure of, given the collective brain power in the Capital District: We can get the job done. Here are my ideas:
Commandeer regular television time in lieu of laptop computers. Kids all know how to run a TV. Dedicate each one-hour time segment to one grade, or two grades combined.
Teach that which is teachable under the conditions. Defer subjects that are unsuited to teaching in the virtual classroom. There is more, by far, to be learned in life than there is time to teach it; time for some of that when kids are back in school.
Read, using text-on-screen.
Sing, as the ABC’s song. Music embeds in memory and mobilizes memory later, suiting complexity to age. Show illustrated “how it works” films.
Include geography. Presenting pictures from around the world makes it actually enjoyable.
Talk. Recognize our newest residents by learning a few foreign language expressions.
Include general knowledge. Brief students on the news of the day.
Let’s hear some more ideas.
Christopher G. MacDermot


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Terry Ryczek

Eli Bashant, you need to go back and read original documents as to why the Founding Fathers established the electoral collage. Maybe then you would understand their wisdom in do so.

Robert F. Jewell

It was southern democrats that created the electoral college( KKK) in response to their hatred of the north and intellectualism, being traitors, losing their plantations and human property, in short they were cracking slaves owners surviving heirs that were still rich enough to be politically Germaine … they erected monuments everywhere to honor their shame!!!
they became the modern Republican Party!!

Robert F. Jewell

TRUMP is a rabid dog!

He did this performance on purpose to rattle Joe because of his stuttering disability.


William Marincic

Eli Bashant There are 153 million people in United States of voting age. There are 20 million people in New York state there are 40 million people in California. Why should a few highly populated suburban areas decide who is going to be elected president each four years? Chuck Schumer wants to make DC a state which it was never intended to be and he’s also trying to make Puerto Rico a state because they generally vote Democrat. They’re also talking about packing the court with multiple Democrat supreme court justices. Even as a Democrat you should realize what this will do to America, those in power in the Democrat party will be able to do anything to anyone because they can pass the laws and the courts will back them. That is no different than Vladimir Putin and what he did with Russia, or president Chi what he is doing with China. Do you want to live in that kind of America, I don’t.

Terry Ryczek

Also take a close look at the states mentioned along with Washington Oregon, Jersey, Illinois, Michigan and the condition they’re in compared to states like Florida, South Carolina, South Dakota and Texas.

Terry Ryczek

Richard W. Lewis, Jr. Being pro life has nothing to do with citizens choosing to go to a Trump rally. The “expert” have said being outside it’s ok not to wear a mask. Having been a teacher what would you solution be in dealing with a virus our country knew very little about. There are reports from Chinese scientists yet to be verified) this virus was made in that Wuhan lab then released to the world. The WHO and the Chinese gov’t were saying the virus was not being transfer ed human to human. Blaming the president for 200,000 plus deaths is a ridiculous assertion. He acted quickly and banned travel from China and Europe which the experts said saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Do you thing over 60 millions aborted babies is murder? The president has been very tough on Putin and Russia. Are you forgetting Obama’s dealing with Putin ( Obama to Putin: ” I’ll have more leeway after the election” or Hillary with Uranium 1 deal )? That article in the Atlantic with unnamed sources was totally debunked yet Biden chose to bring that lie into the debate. In voting for Trump, people were voting for a president not a pastor. Find news sources other than CNN, MSNBC, NY Times , WAPO and the View.

Robert F. Jewell

Trumps lies about knowing the viruses possible virulence and lethality as early as January.
Trumps ineptitude, in delay and denial tactics has resulted in a greater death loss than would have happened!!
Only Trump and his worshippers deny the facts.
Trump is a mass murderer!!!

Terry Ryczek

Antifa Armed Wing of Democrats

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden for calling violent left-wing Antifa groups “an idea” during Tuesday’s first presidential debate.

“Joe Biden says Antifa is just an idea,” Trump said. “Well, ideas don’t assault cops and they don’t burn down buildings. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization.”

The president commented during a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday night after Tuesday’s debate.

He boasted that he had received endorsements from law enforcement organizations all across the country, and Biden did not receive one.

Trump also accused corporate media of fueling the riots throughout the summer, failing to criticize the widespread protests.

“They think rioting is just ok, just do whatever you want,” Trump said. “You can do whatever you want, you don’t have to wear masks, you just riot, 25,000 people standing on each other’s face.”

He mocked them for the level of outrage that media pundits had for his debate performance.

“Arson is ok, but challenging Sleepy Joe is totally off-limits,” Trump said mockingly.

Robert F. Jewell

You reasoning is that of a teenage boy .

Robert F. Jewell

No Terry she was referring to your
no nothing..
foaming from the mouth bezerk…
rabid mad dog DEITY
a vicious bully and should be blessed with Mussolini’s fate…


You are assuming that Martha can not speak for herself. Thanks for that fine example of sexism, and of course giving the world an alternative to the Democrats

William Marincic

No I want Biden to answer about him saying he doesn’t want those animals in his kids schools. Biden is a racist, always was.

Robert F. Jewell

Bill if you believe him racist then invite him to yours “special” political discussions at Fred’s place. Birds of a feather…chew worms together…🦃🦢🦜🦚🐓

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