NFL Picks, Week 4


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As always, the winnings teams are in caps.

Denver Broncos at NEW YORK JETS – Yes, the Jets are terrible. But so are the Broncos.

Indianapolis Colts at CHICAGO BEARS – With Nick Foles at QB, I expect great things from the Bears.

Jacksonville Jaguars at CINCINNATI BENGALS – I saw a bunch of “waddaya know, the Jaguars are kind of good” stories last week, and I think what we’re going to find out in the next week or two is that, no, the Jaguars are not good.

Cleveland Browns at DALLAS COWBOYS – I would love it if Dallas lost this. But I don’t think they will.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS at Detroit Lions – Is there a more perpetually disappointing team in the NFL than the Lions?

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans – Canceled! No one wins!

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at Miami Dolphins – I like Seattle.

Los Angeles Chargers at TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – Tom keeps rolling!

BALTIMORE RAVENS at Washington Football Team – The Ravens rebound.

Arizona Cardinals at CAROLINA PANTHERS – This pick might be a mistake …

Minnesota Vikings at HOUSTON TEXANS – Kirk Cousins is not playing well.

New York Giants at LOS ANGELES RAMS – Will the Giants win any games this season?

New England Patriots at KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – I would love to see the Patriots win this game. But it seems … unlikely.

Buffalo Bills at LAS VEGAS RAIDERS – This could be a fun match-up.

Philadelphia Eagles at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERs – The 49ers are banged up. But I think they can handle an Eagles team that thus far has proven incapable of winning.

Atlanta Falcons at GREEN BAY PACKERS – Ho hum.

Last week’s results:

Me: 10-5-1 Overall: 34-13-1

Ken Schott: 9-6-1 Overall: 30-17-1

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