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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Oct. 3


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Can’t let Trump undermine election

We have a president that no matter what happens to him, it’s never his fault.
The sensation of losing in any way or believing that no one knows as much as he does emulates a sense of being a “Very Stable Genius.”
Imagine having something said about you in print media or broadcast media that you don’t agree with and therefore deem it, “Fake News.”
I can’t understand why journalists in this country are not making the “rigged election” statement one of the biggest stories of this century, especially the White House press corps. Does this mean no matter what happens on Nov. 3, Donald Trump will not abdicate the presidency?
So, if he loses the election, our sitting president will say the election process in America is rigged and can’t be trusted. If that’s not news worth being hammered into everyone’s consciousness, I don’t know what is.
I can’t imagine how any reporter in the White House press room isn’t filled with outrage at this statement by a sitting president.
Will we become like so many Third World countries where the election process is chaos and the leadership becomes run by the military?
Bob Belive

Blame Reagan for Social Security tax

In his Sept. 24 letter (“Back Trump and Joy or leave America”), Vincent Belardo says that readers should blame “Democrat liberals” for federal taxation of Social Security benefits.
Social Security benefits were first taxed under a law enacted by Congress in 1984 and signed by President Ronald Reagan, who was neither a Democrat nor a liberal.
Henry J. Hamelin

The left are the true haters in America

The left has always called the right haters. I have always questioned why. I never see conservatives loot businesses; I never see conservatives gather in unpeaceful protest. I never see conservatives chant “Vote him out” at a ceremony respecting the death of a SCOTUS member.
What I have seen over the last 3-plus years is all the hate and vitriol of the left. The left acts like little spoiled rotten children who don’t get their way. Maxine Waters is to blame. Schumer is to blame. Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi. Do I need to go on?
What happened to civility in this country? The left is now saying they will pull everything out that is in the bag or out of the bag, dirty or not dirt, to stop the next Supreme Court pick. If the left were in charge, they would do the same thing as the right. Don’t think they wouldn’t. It’s the left that are the haters. Thou doth protest too much.
Bill Whipple

Find ways to make debates entertaining

I just finished watching the debate on Sept. 29 between President Trump and Joe Biden.
What a disaster. It would have been much more enjoyable to watch if they just gave them both boxing gloves. Or even pistols.
Neil Nusbaum

Put candidates into soundproof rooms

OK so we are told that we are divided. Politicians can’t get anything done. We have social inequities entrenched in society. We have a pandemic that is keeping us inside away from each other.
And then we watch a so-called debate between two candidates that are equally divided and end up listening to rhetoric beyond what the senses can take.
Well it occurred to me that the best way to attempt for each person to decide their choice for our country’s leadership is to use our so called division and establish this ground rule for future debates.
Divide the two candidates into soundproof rooms where they cannot hear one another and ask them identical questions and provide a 2-minute response. I truly believe we will get a much better picture of policy vision and it will establish a basis for each of us to select our choice for the next president.
Perhaps that will be a small step to begin to unite us and get us back to the great country that we are.
Ron Martino
Ballston Lake

Trashing of Trump got too much space

I’m so disappointed on The Daily Gazette’s Sept. 28 front page, plus three more pages, which highlighted President Trump’s many years of tax avoidance, page after page of interpretation from ultra-liberal New York Times. Geez Gazette I don’t believe that on that tragic 9/11 or even President Richard Nixon’s wiretapping scandal that you highlighted as many pages.
You’re slipping, Gazette. You had many more pages in your paper to try and whitewash President Trump and sway the election with your slanderous headlines. Good job from the most liberal newspaper in the Capital District.
Rick Splawnik

Spa gov’t is effective, so why change it?

The electorate in our country consists of adults 18 years of age who have registered to vote and who have not been stripped of that right for criminal reasons.
As we age and mature, whether Democrat or Republican, we develop perspective on issues that inform our choices. This is called wisdom, and there are not too many shortcuts in its acquisition, although the process can be helped with education and reading.
The current form of government in Saratoga Springs is a more evolved and effective model than the modified ward/parish system on the ballot in November.
Today, all citizens of Saratoga choose a council of five who each share executive responsibility for a functional area. Lack of competency results in an easy change of leadership every two years. The system is adaptable and can expand or constrict much easier than a central control model proposed with a city manager.
We are in the middle of an emergency with a highly effective government, and I hope Republicans and Democrats, young and old, select ‘No’ this November to charter change in Saratoga Springs.
This is the wise choice.
Sam Brewer
Saratoga Springs

Trump is exploiting Christians for votes

As a Bible-believing Christian, I take issue with Virginia DelGallo’s assertion in her Sept. 25 letter (“True Christians will vote for Trump”) that if you don’t vote for “life” (i.e. Trump), “you’re not a Christian.” Trump is not pro-life; he is pro-self, a demagogue who only pursues his own aggrandizement. Trump seized on conservative Christians’ preoccupation with abortion to hook them for their votes, even though he exhibits no real faith, moral convictions or “family values.” Is this not hypocrisy?
The Bible makes it abundantly clear that God cares about all matters of justice and righteousness. Jesus warned us that we will “know them by their fruits” (Mt. 7:16).  What kind of fruits have we seen from Trump? Lying, bullying, raging, greed, manipulation, cronyism, tampering with justice, sowing racial tensions, persecuting refugees, ignoring environmental threats and sidelining the pandemic.
He began his campaign stoking discord with slander and insults and has never stopped. These are why his opponents detest him, not because he is a political “outsider.” By contrast, Joe Biden is a dedicated public servant, a man of faith, peace and goodwill. Trump is a travesty. Let us stop enabling the wolf in pro-life clothing.
Patricia McCrossan

Pro-lifers also care after a baby is born

In answer to Frank Palmeri’s Sept. 29 letter, (“Pro-lifer backers only support life in the womb”), I would state that we also care about the babies after they are born.
Our financial contributions support the many pregnancy centers that provide food, clothing and even shelter for the mothers that do not kill their babies. Some of us have even adopted rescued babies and raised them to be responsible adults.
The most visible part of pro-life activity is probably our presence at the abortion clinics where we pray not only for the babies in the womb, but also for their mothers, the abortionist, the clinic staff, and for distraught fathers who could not save their children. I remember a Black father weeping for his child being aborted. The best we could do was to put our arms around him and pray (before COVID-19).
As far as “stealing” a Supreme Court seat, we do not have that power. That is up to our elected legislators and the Constitution of the United States. Please Frank, do some research before writing to The Gazette.
Wendell Neugebauer
Ballston Spa

Trump must pay the price for his crimes

Will Trump, his family and minions ever be held accountable for breaking multiple laws? Trump is akin to a mob boss who acts with impunity supported by Republicans who refuse to pursue his obvious acts of corruption and abuse of power.
There are credible accusations of Trump’s crimes. His fraudulent university scammed many. Over 16 women accused him of sexual assault. He illegally obstructed justice and likely colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election and will do it again. Trump sought election interference from Ukraine and was impeached. But the feckless Republicans in the Senate refused to remove him from office so Trump could serve their political agenda.
Trump has violated the Emoluments Clause by encouraging foreign officials to stay at his hotels. He likely has committed tax fraud. In addition, his incompetent response to the pandemic has resulted in over 200,000 deaths and counting and is destroying the economy.
If Trump loses the election, there should be investigations by an independent attorney general of him and his corrupt sycophants’ criminal actions. But if Trump wins reelection, we will likely slip further into an autocratic plutocracy where no law is sacrosanct.
Doreen Harris

Vote McCalmon to address social issues

As a medical social worker, I am very excited by Thearse McCalmon, candidate in the 49th district for New York State Senate. Social workers are essential in the medical setting because we try to find ways to address the social determinants of health that prevent patients from effectively managing chronic illnesses and accessing quality healthcare they deserve.
Social determinants of health include socioeconomic status, education, employment, housing, access to social supports and food security.
Thearse’s vision directly addresses these factors. She has plans to make healthcare affordable for all New Yorkers and address housing inequities and wage inequities. Thearse has a long history of activism and working toward social justice goals. She has a demonstrated history of advocating for marginalized communities and has shown that she is committed to working for all New Yorkers.
Thearse has worked in the nursing profession and in education. She has raised four children. She is well-acquainted with the issues that our most vulnerable citizens face. Thearse is the fresh voice that the 49th District needs. Join me in voting for her.
Amanda Brazee, LCSW

Reinstate financial transaction tax in NY

Many families are experiencing a lot of financial pain due to the coronavirus. Oddly, Wall Street is booming. Wall Street should patriotically share the pain.
New York state can do this through the financial transaction tax on stocks of .25%, (already on the books), but suspended year after year. This is estimated to raise $16 billion a year. The state could use these funds to assume the local share of Medicaid (lowering property taxes), fully fund schools and expand health care coverage to those without.
Ed Guider
Ballston Lake

Stop exaggerating covid mortality rates

Despite the statistics and despite the science to the contrary, the media —  obsessed with showcasing the most dire cases —continues to portray each fresh incident of COVID-19 as a death sentence for the newly infected. And the government eagerly signs the death warrant.
One fan at a Chiefs-Texans football game tests positive for coronavirus and it makes headlines. Twenty college kids caught partying on a campus of 16,000 and the school is faced with the decision to shut down or order 6,000 body bags. These underscore the current tone of exaggeration, confusion and catastrophe that saturates what is served up by social, broadcast and print media.
No reasonable person can ignore the toll that COVID-19 has taken on our economy and our mental and physical health. Yet the mortality rate for those who contract coronavirus continues to fall below 3%.
The rate of infection for the entire population of the United States is also below 3%.
COVID-19 is not to be taken lightly; all reasonable precautions are necessary to control the spread of the virus. However, those who fear-monger, heralding each new case as an inevitable death, must stop. Cuomo and his disciples have recreated a “bomb shelter” mentality, leading to social isolation, an economy on life support, and a potential generational catastrophe in education.
These consequences will have a more devastating impact than the physical cost of COVID-19.
Frank J. Ciervo

Local papers omitted photo of new justice

If, as the old adage states “A picture is worth a thousand words,” then when does NOT using a picture convey even more? Perhaps when editors intentionally omit using a photograph in their newspaper’s accompanying story.
On a recent “picture perfect” day in the White House Rose Garden, President Trump presented to the nation his selection to fill a United States Supreme Court Justice position. His nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, an accomplished jurist, devoted wife and mother to seven children, was presented to the country with her proud family in attendance. This all American family portrait was just too positive an image for our two local Capital District newspapers to publicize.
Competitors in business. but political ‘soul mates’ just the same, our two dailies sought fit to spare their readers a picture of a conservative icon in such a complimentary light.
When an omission becomes an admission, it speaks volumes. Believe me, we get the picture.
John Harpur

Trump fits definition of traitor and tyrant

Definitions in Webster’s Dictionary: Treason “The betrayal of a trust,” Traitor “One who betrays another’s trust.”
Earlier in this covid pandemic, Donald Trump declared the virus was a “hoax” and would magically disappear. Because of this, people ignored it, and many have died who might have lived had they listened to science.
This is a betrayal of the public trust: that trust which we put in our president to do what is best for “We the people.” Trump does what is best for himself, and a handful of corporations and rich white men. As a Republican, I am horrified.
Anthropology text Hoebel: “Law exists to channel behavior so that conflicts of interest do not result in an overt clash. Of course, it is unfortunately true that tyrants, usurpers and pettifoggers can, and do, pervert the ends of the law to their own designs without regard to social interests or prevailing standards of what is right.” Like gagging the CDC, or blaming “Black Lives Matter” for violence, when his own white supremacy gives tacit permission for violence against minorities.
Do not vote for this proven traitor, tyrant, usurper and pettifogger, nor for those who support him.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Cuomo shouldn’t politicize the vaccine

I heard the governor’s recent comments about having New York state conduct its own review of any vaccine against COVID-19 which is approved by the FDA. He has again crossed the line as to what a leader is supposed to say and how to act.
His statement further politicizes the topic of a vaccine, something that the governor and others have spoken out against.
I assure you that a review by New York state will add nothing to help me view a vaccine as safe.
While he worries that the FDA will push a vaccine to be approved too quickly, I fear that the governor will intimidate his panel to delay “approval” as a way to embarrass the federal government. Any delay in distributing an effective vaccine will allow the governor to continue to exert unnecessary control over New Yorkers and make the federal government look ineffective.
The governor’s comments will discourage people from taking this vaccine which will cost lives and certainly cost livelihoods. His comments are irresponsible and reckless.
If he should delay the distribution of an effective vaccine in New York because of his bureaucratic commission, he will again have lives on his hands (see nursing home crisis where 7,000-10,000 residents died as a result of the governor’s decision to require covid patients be taken back to their residences).
I suggest that the governor focus his energies on rebuilding New York and establishing policies that make people truly want to live here.
John Mastriani

It’s anti-American to force voters to leave

When my father shed his blood in the fields of France in World War II receiving two bronze stars, a purple heart and the French Legion of Honor, he fought for our democracy, and against fascism and Nazism.
He fought for the foundation of our country, the country he and I love: democracy and tolerance.
What did Vincent Belardo fight for? In his Sept. 24 letter (“Back Trump and Joy or leave America”), Mr. Belardo says vote his way or get out, the antithesis of what America stands for, should strive for and guarantee to all citizens.
Bruce S. Trachtenberg
The writer is a former town justice.

Sign stealer helped contribute to Biden

Someone stole my Biden/Harris yard sign Saturday night. Just so you know, I ordered another and gave an additional donation. The Biden campaign thanks you.
James Pickett

Gazette a satellite for The New York Times

I just got done looking at the first section of Monday’s Sept. 28 Gazette. If I wanted to read four pages of the New York Times editorial, I would have subscribed to that paper. But then I guess when I see seven or eight New York Times news stories in your paper on a daily basis, I guess you have become a satellite for that paper.
John Friguletto

Facts say to vote no on charter change

I like voting for the facts.
Fact One: Saratoga Springs’ tax rate is the second lowest of any city in New York state.
Fact Two: Saratoga Springs is one of the financially healthiest cities in New York state, according to the State Comptroller.
Fact Three: Saratoga is highly rated by both bond agencies which also complimented our city’s financial management.
Fact Four: Saratoga Springs was rated the best city to live in in New York state by an unbiased statistical analysis by
Fact Five: Saratoga Springs continues to get even better, with a city solar park, new trails, and the new downtown parking adjacent to the City Center.
Fact Six: Several years ago, 58% of city residents recognized that our city is well run and voted to retain the commission form of government rather than change to a similar city manager government.
Fact Seven: The current charter proposal is incomplete, uses inaccurate assumptions about staffing and costs, which is dangerous for Saratoga Springs.
Fact Eight: An unknown, unelected transition will make the real decisions AFTER we vote. Please read the proposal. It is not a trustworthy plan.
Fact Nine: I am voting NO against throwing out our successful government.
Jim Chatfield
Saratoga Springs

Stefanik gets this ex-Democrat’s vote

This year’s election will be most important in determining what direction our country will go in. Not only is the election of a president that important, but the election of our representative in Congress.
I am a retired local elected official of 24 years, formerly a member of the Democratic Party, endorsing Elise Stefanik for the 21st Congressional District seat. There are basically three reasons for my endorsement and support for Elise. First, she defended our president when others were silent. Second, unlike many in Congress today, Elise is not afraid to compromise and be bipartisan on important issues. Third, her opponent does not have a record to run on and uses negative ads and canned reasons for electing her. However, my fear is that she is too naïve to know that if elected, she will be beholden to the whims and wishes of the “radical” left of her party. It is my opinion that we need a person who is for law and order, a “back the blue” supporter who is also cognizant of the need for improvement.
We need a person who abides by the Constitution and the wishes of her constituents. Please vote for Elise.
William Wills

Back the blue and support Paul Tonko

I write as a citizen gravely concerned for the need to eradicate systemic racism in this county, and as such, staunchly support Congressman Paul Tonko.
The baseless assertion of opponent Liz Joy that Rep. Tonko does not support law enforcement is deeply disrespectful of his tireless efforts to enact legislation designed to heal and fortify the relationship between law enforcement and our Black and brown communities.
Congressman Tonko is a cosponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, which passed in the House in June. This legislation works to end racial and religious profiling, saves lives by banning choke holds and no-knock warrants, limits military equipment on American streets, and requires body cameras.
I stand firmly in support of the brave law enforcement officers in this country who put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety, but it will not be until there is better training, greater accountability, and the abandonment of outmoded techniques that we will begin to see the lasting racial justice necessary to restore the soul of our nation. I cannot think of a better way to “back the blue” than to re-elect Congressman Paul Tonko.
Karen MacWatters

Show balance on reporting of Trump

I was appalled and disgusted with the Sept. 28 headline in The Gazette (“Trump’s taxes show chronic losses, years of income tax avoidance.”) The note  (“An editor’s note on the Trump tax investigation”) stated it was to enlighten us about our leaders. Why wasn’t this done when we have had corrupt leaders in the past? The headlines are from the Washington Post and New York Times, which are definitely biased newspapers. I would ask you to be more balanced with your reporting, but know your marching orders come from the above mentioned newspapers.
Carol O’Brey


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Robert F. Jewell

Trump sits comfortably in Walter Reed…

While John and Jane public laid on ventilators in cramped corners choking out their last breaths…and their families went mad!!





Guess Trump has gotten away with shooting that guy…


One should note that banning choke holds puts police officers at risk. I suggest that resisting arrest should result in an immediate confinement in a psychiatric facility with confinement to come to an end when the offenders antisocial tendencies are deemed to be under control.

By the way the simplest way to end a choke hold is to stop resisting arrest

Robert F. Jewell

I suggest that the really concerned Drinking citizenry should Attend college to better their lives and Expand their world views and wisdom.

William Marincic

Fred it’s pretty simple, comply, don’t die. Don’t resist.

Robert F. Jewell

Would fred but you do not know how to use the word.
You determine an outcome first then deploy logic to reason yourself to that point.
That’s called SELF DELUSION Barney

Terry Ryczek

Robert what a load of garbage. It wouldn’t matter who was the president they would be at that hospital under observation. As for the rest of your comment it’s just more of you TDS hate.

Robert F. Jewell

What a bunch of garbage Terry…. I used to be a nurse….he’s in real danger and he’ll be fit for trial in March….

Terry Ryczek

You hope he’s in danger. 99.96% or better recover and he’s getting the best care possible. Fit for what trial to testify against Obamas saditionist? Of that you can be sure.

Terry Ryczek

99.96% unless death camp Cuomo sends you to a nursing home.

William Marincic

Who used to be a nurse? Thats like the clown that said I was a cop for three years, really? Nobody is a cop for three years unless you are kicked out.

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah a few because of me…
but I see you know little of life and death except to talk of others death….

Robert F. Jewell

REMEMBER EVERYONE….do not feel any pity for this sociopaths decision to ignore the severity of the virus to the point of infecting himself!!
He also has potentially infected hundreds of others.
Gotta admit he takes HERD IMMUNITY… on a personal level…
Please everyone of you conservative thinkers and doers follow your fearless leaders example!! BREATH DEEP…while you may..

William Marincic

Bob Belive There have always been some form of election fraud and right now there is multiple cases of election fraud four people were just arrested for election fraud in Mississippi or Alabama I forget which state it was.

Terry Ryczek

It was Mississippi also New Jersey, Georgia, Los Angeles and New York city. Ilahn Omar is under investigation caught on video) for ballot harvesting. Have the dems had a winner in the Iowa caucuses yet? How anyone can say the president is trying to rig the election is nonsense. There is nothing wrong with people requesting an absentee ballot or voting in person. Having millions of unsolicited ballots sent out is ripe for corruption It been said you would need to overcome up to 50k phony vote to win the mayors race in NYC. Hillary and the dems are under investigation for election tampering in the russiagate hoax. It will be very interesting when the Durham report comes out. . If the dems get there way they will pack the supreme court make Pueto Rico and D.C. (which would be unconstitutional) state the rig elections for the foreseeable future.
This country would be turned into a police/military state just like Venezuela.

I f your looking for someone where the buck never stops just look at Death camp Cuomo. How he can say he sleeps well at night having sent all those covid patients into nursing homes where an estimated 11,000 vulnerable seniors went to their deaths is disgusting. Especially when the president provided the Comfort Ship and the Javitts center to isolate these patients.

Robert F. Jewell

Yeah in one state it was a republican… republicans are sneaks and liars…just look at the 20,000 documented lies your Messiah has uttered…

Terry Ryczek

Except the one that counts on November 3rd . Even though he’ll need to overcome the dem voter fraud but he did that in 16.

William Marincic

Yeah I get those pesky polls, Hillary Clinton had a 96% chance of winning the election according to almost every poll. And then there was Trump.

Robert F. Jewell

The only fraud is that you 3 are human and care for anyone’s else but your sick depraved selves…

Bill was that clown Terry??..
Point is I’m more educated… you are opinionated

I’m experienced in life and death, you talk about it.

I believe in woman’s right to self determination,
you believe in owning them.

I believe in the equal treatment of all people.
You believe in white supremacy .

I believe that pursuit of wealth is to enrich others.
You believe it’s pursuit is for your own wealth.

I believe governments only function is to collect taxes fairly and be regulatory.
You believe in no restraint over sight or taxes.

I believe in non use of deadly force by anyone.
You believe it’s use is okay on anyone not compliant.

I believe you republicans are a bunch of no nothing do nothing High school grads.


You claim to believe in a women’s right to self determination. Does these belief to self determination extend to men? If it does then all expenses associated with the choice to become or not become a mother should be private not public expenses.

William Marincic

Ed Guider Sure let’s add another tax to the highest taxed state in the country. How about operating our state with in its needs, how about stop giving illegal immigrants money, free housing, free medical. We have veterans and children living on the streets and we waste money how about that boondoggle of the Tappan Zee bridge. How about the billions wasted in solar? Here we have another tax and spend liberal, wow are you related to Biden and Harris?

Robert F. Jewell

Looks at the conservatives here talking about money while 1000 Americans are dying each day from the Vid!
So typically republican. Never mind their messiah is in Walter Reed….never mind that
All you talk about is money and power and as a child might DEFLECT and PROJECT blame and culpability onto others.
The use of these tactics that are considered sociopathic behavior.
Can’t blame Trump or yourselves so blame
our great Governor Andrew and anyone else on your playground.
Your obvious.

Terry Ryczek

Robert which states lead the way??? All the locked down states with the #1 state headed up by death camp Cuomo the leader of the pack.

Robert F. Jewell

Terry leads the way in the suppression of his poor indentured servant….poor thing…

Robert F. Jewell

If you pay taxes…truth is small business owners are the first to cry about their taxes and the first to cheat on them…

It’s called a society you speak like xenophobes!!

Terry Ryczek

ZARA RAHIM, President Obama’s staffer and Hillary Clinton’s spokeswoman, today sent out a Tweet in which she hopes our beloved PRESIDENT TRUMP Dies.

What Depths of depravity Will these Liberals stoop too?
(Rhetorical question)

Robert F. Jewell

Not nearly as depraved as your supporting an administration and diseased presidents detention and CAGING of small children.

Remember Rycvek what you were explaining to me the other day about the difference between calling a name and descriptions…
Let’s go over this again so as I may be further schooled by your academic prowess…

If I call you depraved that is name calling.
If I say your behaving in a depraved manner that’s a description.

If I call you a racist that name calling…
If I say your using Rush Limbaugh’s words that’s a description…

If I say your a republican that’s calling you a name…
If I say you are using racist words that’s a description…

Please correct me even if I’m right…

Terry Ryczek

You say a lot and none of it’s true. Maybe you should stop so people will at least think you may have some form of intelligence.

Terry Ryczek

Robert here’s your apartheid: The Case Against Biden: Joe Biden’s Politics of Panic

During a Democratic presidential debate last year, Cory Booker weaponized one of Joe Biden’s proudest accomplishments. The New Jersey senator noted that the former vice president, who represented Delaware in the Senate for 36 years, “has said that, since the 1970s, every major crime bill—every crime bill, major and minor—has had his name on it.”

Said was an understatement. Biden has not just noted his leading role in passing those laws; he has crowed about it repeatedly over the years, throwing it in the face of Republicans who dared to think they could be tougher on crime and fellow Democrats he viewed as too soft. Now here he was, after a notable shift in public opinion about criminal justice issues, bemoaning the excessively, arbitrarily punitive policies he had zealously promoted for decades.

“The house was set on fire, and you claimed responsibility for those laws,” Booker continued. “You can’t just now come out with a plan to put out that fire.”

Biden’s response was telling. Those crime bills, he said, “were passed years ago, and they were passed overwhelmingly.” More recently, he noted, he had tried to ameliorate some of their worst consequences—for example, by sponsoring a 2007 bill that would have eliminated the unjust, irrational sentencing disparity between the smoked and snorted forms of cocaine, which led to strikingly unequal treatment of black and white drug offenders. That gloss brushed over the fact that, just a few years before he entered the 2020 presidential race, Biden was still bragging about the incarceration-expanding Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act—or, as he preferred to call it, “the 1994 Biden Crime Bill.”

Booker, one of three African-American senators, was not impressed by Biden’s excuses. “You are trying to shift the view from what you created,” he said. “There are people right now in prison for life for drug offenses because you stood up and used that ‘tough on crime’ phony rhetoric that got a lot of people elected but destroyed communities like mine. This isn’t about the past, sir. This is about the present right now. I believe in redemption. I’m happy you evolved. But you’ve offered no redemption to the people in prison right now for life.”

The exchange was a powerful reminder of Biden’s faults. The Democratic nominee’s main qualification for office, aside from the fact that he is not Donald Trump, is his long history of public service. But that history is littered with egregious misjudgments on a wide range of issues, some of which he sticks with still. Even when Biden changes his positions—as he has on issues such as gay marriage, immigration, the Iraq war, and the death penalty, as well as drug policy and mandatory minimum sentences—he tends to rewrite history, saying he only did what everybody else was doing, implying that he acted based on the best information available at the time, or suggesting that he voted strategically to prevent even worse outcomes.

Martha Bencic

I hope he lives. Long enough to go to jail.

If he’s not tweeting, he’s not breathing. They’re lying to us about his condition.

Terry Ryczek

U.S.A. –-( Lin Wood is the world-class lawyer who is part of the defense team of Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle was charged by a Democrat prosecutor in Kenosha for defending himself from multiple attackers who attacked him and attempted to disarm him. Wood won large settlements for his clients against slander in the media.

In spite of the efforts of enormous numbers of social justice warriors on the Internet, none of them have been able to make any connection between Kyle and white supremacists or an organized militia. The clear case for self-defense is made in an eleven-minute video.

If the attackers who Kyle shot did not wish to be harmed, all they had to do was to stop pursuing and attacking him. Kyle Rittenhouse was fleeing pursuit both times he was attacked.

In the Presidential debate on 29 September, both Chris Wallace, the moderator, and former vice president Joe Biden implied that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist and a militia member. After the debate, if the tweet is authentic, candidate Biden tweeted Kyle’s image with the words “white supremacist” above and “as we saw in Kenosha” below.

Lin has tweeted he is preparing a formal demand for Biden/Harris to retract the claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist & militia member. I have not seen any evidence there were any white supremacists in Kenosha. There may have been a hasty creation of a near spontaneous militia to protect local businesses and homes from being burned down. There is no evidence Kyle Rittenhouse was a member of a militia, any more than anyone who showed up at the Kenosha riots to prevent the destruction of property.

There was no evidence that any militia which showed up was white supremacist or violent.
If anything, the people who showed up to protect property were there to prevent violence.

There is no evidence shown that Kyle, a minor, was or is a white supremacist. Kyle is not a public figure. Vice President Biden cannot claim that as a public figure, he can smear Kyle without any consequence.

It is nearly as hard to see how Chris Wallace can claim there was “White Supremacist” violence in Kenosha. Wallace can claim he was not referring to Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense shootings. If he was not referring to them, what was he referring to? The attacks against Kyle?

I believe Lin Wood can force Wallace to, at minimum, clarify that. The account Lin Wood has set up,, makes sense. From

We fight back for forgotten America. We stand ready to protect and defend the constitutional rights, livelihoods and property of people and businesses that are being targeted and destroyed.

Chris Wallace has an out. He can say he did not mean or mention Kyle Rittenhouse. What he did mean then becomes problematic. If he disavows he meant Kyle, he loses some credibility on the left.

It is much harder for Candidate Joe Biden and the Harris campaign.

Joe Biden attacked Kyle Rittenhouse earlier, but not by name. From

Tonight, the President declined to rebuke violence. He wouldn’t even repudiate one of his supporters who is charged with murder because of his attacks on others. He is too weak, too scared of the hatred he has stirred to put an end to it.

So once again, I urge the President to join me in saying that while peaceful protest is a right — a necessity — violence is wrong, period. No matter who does it, no matter what political affiliation they have. Period.

Biden says Rittenhouse (was there another Trump supporter charged with murder, mentioned by the President?) attacked others. One only needs to look at the video to see the claim is false.

Rittenhouse did not attack anyone. Rittenhouse defended himself when others attacked him. In both situations, he was retreating, attempting to leave the situation, when he was attacked.

Former Vice President Biden says violence is wrong, period. But he does not condemn the violence by Antifa or BLM.
Violence is neutral, like gravity. It can be used for good or evil. In American law, violence used in self-defense is not evil, but a tool to prevent evil.

Vice President Biden is in a trap. His far-left supporters believe anyone who does not immediately submit to them, can be violently attacked. They define these attacks as “self-defense”. It is an Orwellian inversion of the words which is part of their philosophy. Antifa rejects western law and logic as a matter of course. They explicitly reject first amendment rights.

If Biden does not retract his statement that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, he is subject to a lawsuit. If he retracts it, he will be seen by his far-left supporters as weak.

Terry Ryczek

Pro-lifers and honest pro-abortion legal scholars agree that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. But just how wrong is it? Is it bad law solely because it declares a right to something the Constitution is silent about, or does its judicial malpractice run deeper?

I have long argued that legal abortion violates not only the spirit of the Constitution, but the text itself – specifically, that the Fourteenth Amendment’s guaranteed equal protection of all people’s right to life has always applied to the preborn. Now, The Stream reports that the “Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy” has published an article written by Harvard law student (and former Live Action contributor) Josh Craddock that lays out the case in perhaps the most depth it’s ever received.

The first key point of Craddock’s work, critiquing the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia from the right, is an audacious undertaking, but here it’s warranted. You see, while Scalia was a committed originalist and clear opponent of Roe, he was also of the opinion that the Constitution is neutral toward abortion – that its use of the word “persons” “clearly means walking-around persons,” and therefore, states should be left free to set whatever abortion laws they want. Craddock notes several other pro-life judicial originalists who hold (or held) this view, though Scalia is the most recent and most revered modernly.

Craddock concedes that there is some basis for this thinking because “natural rights were not exhaustively enshrined in the federal Constitution” and “states have traditionally decided the question of personhood.” However, he rightfully maintains that a truly originalist answer to the question has to consider what the word “persons” was understood to mean when the Fourteenth Amendment was written and ratified.

He proceeds to explain that layman’s dictionaries treated the concepts of humanity and personhood interchangeably, and so did legal terminology – more explicitly so, in fact. As we’ve discussed in the past, Craddock notes that Blackstone expressly recognized that personhood and the right to life existed before birth with a simple and clear legal standard: “where life can be shown to exist, legal personhood exists” (emphasis added). This also perfectly explains why it’s irrelevant that past laws didn’t protect the preborn prior to quickening.

Robert F. Jewell

Listen you ex construction worker l/ buisness owner retired nut job…Scalia was a conservative asshole and was great for white conservative racists!
I love how you attempt to argue about law with…someone else’s argument….your simply to simple to argue for yourself.
These long winded letters you write make you look desperate.

Your lack of formal education betrays you every time you pontificate your pathetic ideas.

William Marincic

Really, nobody needs your sophomoric cursing Jewell. I for one am really getting tired of your language and your wrong sided lies and attacks.

Robert F. Jewell

Then get the hell on the right side of reality!!!
Trump is a mentally Ill narcissist.
If you tired of my words Bill…don’t read them….

William Marincic

I am on the right side of reality, I was a liberal Democrat for almost all of my life, I’ve only been a Republican for 20 years. I know both sides do you? You need to listen to Ronald Reagan’s speech called a Time for a change.

William Marincic

I rarely read your words, they lack truth and substance. If your words were food I would’ve starved to death months ago.

Robert F. Jewell

Reagan was bested by a chimpanzee… He was a terrible actor. A mental midget. A meat puppet for conservatives. Made the rich richer… a great conservative creep!!

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