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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 4


Trump pushing for violence if he loses

I believe that President Trump answered two of the questions during the Sept. 29 debate on that, if thought about together, will lead to his overwhelming defeat in this November’s election.
First, he refused to denounce white supremacists and added that the Proud Boys, an armed and violent racist organization looking forward to civil war to implement their beliefs, should “stand back and stand by.” He also stated again that mail-in voting would lead to widespread fraud. His own appointee as head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, has said there is no such evidence. He will accept no outcome other than his victory; heads I win, tails you lose. He will not assure a peaceful transition should he lose.
Is he asking for violence if he loses the election? It appears so.
Anthony J. Santo

Releasing records is unfair to officers

On Sept. 20 both the Opinion editor (“No progress on police reform without transparency”) and Sarah Foss (“Police unions fight to keep records hidden”) argued that the disciplinary files of police officers, even those which are deceitful or fraudulent allegations, must be made public.
The malicious repeal of section 50-a, which protected those records, was a reprehensible election year stratagem by the Democratic enemies of our police. Law enforcement officers must deal with the most unsavory elements in our society. Offenders often file false allegations hoping for more lenient adjudication of their case from Democrat DAs, or simply for revenge.
When have you seen a DA charge a felon with making a false statement? That charge is reserved exclusively for the Trump campaign.
As civil servants, cops have almost no recourse against libel or slander. The officer’s reputation is damaged: you cannot unring a bell Why does The Gazette choose to hurt these fine people and their families? I believe the legislation will eventually be modified by the courts.  Until then, recruitment and retention of the people who place their bodies between us and the foul-mouthed rioters and looters will be problematic.
Art Henningson

No single solution to speeding in Sch’dy

Thank you for the coverage in the Sept. 23 article (“Solutions sought to speeding problems”) by Pete DeMola. As Tom Carey, president of Schenectady United Neighborhoods (SUN), pointed out, this is a citywide problem.
No single approach will successfully eliminate speeding; but a collection of strategies will help.
Reducing the speed limit is critical. Thirty mph is just too fast for Schenectady’s residential streets.
Even with a full complement of staffing, the police won’t stop speeders unless they are going five to ten mph faster than a speed limit that is already too fast. (I am referring to comments made by a police officer who spoke several years ago at our association meeting.)
We need more stop signs. There are Stockade intersections with one stop sign where there should be three, and traffic signals on Union Street which should be four-way stops.
Also, center line stripes on wider streets should be used to delineate travel lanes. Recently, two oncoming cars collided on Union Street.
Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but the cars had to be towed away. A four-way stop at Union and Ferry might have avoided such severe damage or colliding at all.
These changes have been suggested many times to city officials.
We don’t need police to install a stop sign or paint a stripe down the middle of a street. How about it, city? Let’s work together to make all city neighborhoods safer before something truly tragic happens on Schenectady streets.
Suzanne S. Unger
The writer is president of the Stockade Association.

Police reform needs community’s input

The Gazette Sept. 25 article (“Schenectady City police receive state accreditation”) indicated “the department must now further refine its policies and procedures, this time with community input, as part of an executive order issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”
The Schenectady City Police Department’s accredited achievements need to be reviewed by community organizations.
The Schenectady Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative could include the state Board of Regents “social and emotional learning” guidelines to improve their Community Oriented Policing program.
In addition, community organizations could expand “social and emotional learning” guidelines through the federal and state Education Department’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers program for children, youth and adults.
As a white-colored person, I lack trust of white “neo-confederate” supremacists’ attitudes toward others’ struggles for pro-family human rights, freedoms and liberties.
Therefore, I think requesting the Unified Court System’s Community Dispute Resolution Center mediation services to issue a judicial definition of “unreasonable search and seizure” will assist police and community organizations and members.
Michael McGlynn


Prioritize road repair based on real need

As a Niskayuna newcomer, we moved here in 1984, I’m curious as to how local road repair decisions are made. This past summer, the county resurfaced St. David’s Lane. It did not need it, and the final product is worse than before: The new pavement sits about an inch above the existing manhole covers.
Now Niskayuna is repaving streets in our Avon Crest neighborhood that don’t need it. Meanwhile, Consaul Road between Balltown Road and Route 7 and on to State Street is in horrific condition. This road sees heavy daily use and is the main access to two schools, a church, a daycare center and Northern Rivers Development Center.
I worked for the state transportation department for 23 years and with the Capital District Transportation Committee for 14 of those years. Road repair funds can be shifted among municipalities according to need. Why are the county and the city ignoring this section of Consaul Road?
Ted Thompson

Remember to vote, and help others vote

Democracy is a four-legged table missing one leg. We must be very careful how we place priceless items on the table such as free press, freedom of speech, separation of church and state, and the right to vote, just to name a few. Remove one more leg and the table of democracy will fall. All of the precious items placed on it will crash and crumble into pieces.
The precious right to vote must not be taken for granted. Buddy up with someone who has never voted, or registered, and usher them through the process. The deadline for registering in New York is Oct. 9. Vote by mail, vote early or bring your ballot to your local board of elections if they’re open or if they have a drop box. You can vote again on Election Day. New York is one of the few states that allows this. Your previous ballot will be canceled.
No matter what, vote and help someone do the same.
JoAnn Sifo

We’re all paying for Trump’s covid lies

I wonder how all you Republicans feel now that you know that Trump lied to you and to all Americans. He knew as early as January how bad the covid virus was, that it was way worse than the flu, that it was passed through the air.
Don’t you think that if he had told the people, that they would have been better prepared for it? And he could have gotten together with all 50 governors and the leading scientists and formulated a national plan to battle covid.
There can be no doubt that his lack of action has cost many lives. He continues to lie about the virus, while the total number of people who have died surpasses 190,000 and will probably be 250,000 or more by Nov. 3.
He has been having indoor rallies with few people wearing masks or social distancing, even though he knew some of his own supporters will get covid and some may die. However, he doesn’t care how many die as long as he gets reelected.
He cares only about himself.
God help the United States of America.
John H. Quinn


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William Aiken October 4, 2020
| |

GOP and Trump supporters have seen compilation clips of 45 repeatedly disavowing Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and the KKK. These compilations are widely available on the internet. However, as Anthony Santos’s letter reveals, Democrats and Never Trumpers have never seen this evidence, widely debunking the Fine People’s Hoax. This ignorance is a result of a steady diet of the NYT, WAPO, MSNBC and CNN.

And Mr. Santos, if you knew anything about the Proud Boys, you’d know their President is a Black Cuban and half of their members are Hispanic. Hardly the racist group you cite. Another example of someone hypnotized by mainstream media lies.

FRED BARNEY October 4, 2020
| |

Would you tell me what you thought the question was?

Robert F. Jewell October 4, 2020
| |

For the poor…
By John Masefield…

In the dark womb where I began
My mothers life made me a man.
Her beauty fed my common earth,
I cannot see, nor breathe, nor stir,
But through the death of some of her.

Down in the darkness of the grave,
She cannot see the life she gave.
For all her love, she can not tell
Whether I use it Ill or well.
Nor knock at dusty doors to find
Her beauty dusty in the mind.

If the graves gates could be undone,
She would not know her little son,
I am so grown, If we should meet,
She would pass by me in the street,
Unless my souls face let her see
My sense of what she did for me.

What have I done to keep in mind
My debt to her and womankind?
What woman’s happier life repays
Her for those months of wretched days?
For all my mouthless body leeched
Ere Births releasing hell was reached?

What have I done, or tried, or said
In thanks to that dear woman, dead?


This is you answer Fred….

Robert F. Jewell October 4, 2020
| |

“ The Man With the Hoe” by Edwin Markham

O masters, lords and rulers in all lands,
How will the Future reckon with this man?
How answer his brute questions in that hour
When whirlwinds of rebellion shake the world?
How will it be with kingdoms and kings,
With those who shaped shaped him to the thing he is…

When this dumb Terror shall reply to God,
After the silence of the centuries?


Robert F. Jewell October 4, 2020
| |

I don’t have to defend anything…watch the arrests, indictments, and testimonies of suspects…
Unlike Terrance I don’t need to send you to some site to enlighten you…
Just weigh our words….. the truth will out.

JDA October 4, 2020
| |

Santo, the proud boys have 20% of their membership as blacks and latinos. The leader of the organization is a black man. How do they qualify as a racist organization?

William Marincic October 4, 2020
| |

John H Quinn Ronald Reagan’s speech a time for choosing could be a speech given today to Joe Biden and the radical left. I dare you to watch it.

William Marincic October 4, 2020
| |

Michael McGlynn Just another Anti Police radical greenie.

William Marincic October 4, 2020
| |

Anthony J. Santo First who said the proud boys were a white supremacist organization other than liberal Democrats looking to place blame on someone other than the leftist antifa rioters.

Robert F. Jewell October 4, 2020
| |

Jacob Wohl…. a typical “ good” republican and most likely well loved and admired by the 3 Amigos…
Barney, Rycvek, Marincic…. is heading to jail for using Russian tactics of disseminating false and misleading statements using Robocalls to target minorities. He’s facing Jail time.

As usual on top of GERRYMANDERING ,that old republican favorite, and illegal politics in Pennsylvania I’d say that the present Republican Party is a criminal organization with the Don being TRUMP and his family!

Problem is we now have the internet and cell phones… So your evil doings in the shadows with violent low brows can’t be hidden away anymore.

Small business owners who are revealed to have committed acts of treason against the constitution of the United States for their pockets will ultimately have neither….

Even our teenagers get it….