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Letters to the Editor Monday, Oct. 5


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Take the politics out of covid response

Regarding the Sept. 25 Gazette article (“Cuomo vows state will do its own vaccine review”) where our narcissist governor said that the state will do its own safety review because he is not going to trust the federal government.
I would like to say I’m surprised, but nothing he does or says surprises me anymore.
The coronavirus has affected the entire world. Rather than making this political, these politicians sound like immature middle school children.
This needs to stop being political. Every elected official, no matter what party they belong to, should be banding together, not causing even more strife. Yet Andrew can’t even do that. He can always add more money to the state deficit. Why?
Are you saying that you know something we don’t? I find it unimaginable that the federal government would put us in danger for political gain, and you should also.
Instead, you want to cause more trouble. Haven’t you had enough? If and when the vaccine becomes available, I will be in line for it, and you, Gov. Cuomo should encourage all New Yorkers to do the same. Or are you saying that all of the pharmaceutical companies working so hard to make this happen are corrupt as well? Shame on you.
Susan Tucci

Tonko is lacking in accomplishments

Regarding Tonko versus Joy, consider this: Congressman Tonko’s accomplishments are: 1. He will show up at the opening of an envelope; 2. He is the poster boy for term limits. Time for some Joy in Congress.
John Robitzek

Help one another. Vote for your choice

I disagreed with Mr. Kaiser’s Sept. 23 letter (“Americans must retake responsibility”) that we only deserve what we can pay for because helping each other is “freeloading.”
He asks to bring back debtor prisons and mental institutions like in past “better days.” He says people should only have health care if they can afford it. The cruelty of these statements is disgusting.
Lincoln said, “with malice for none, with charity for all.” Jimmy Carter wrote “the measure of a free society is how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens.” All religions ask us to help the less fortunate. Mr. Kaiser believes in the law of the jungle and not Christ’s golden rule.
I also disagreed with Mr. Belardo’s Sept. 24 letter (“Back Trump and Joy or leave America”) if we don’t vote for Trump, and other Republicans, then “we should all leave the country because we are bad Americans.”
Mr. Belardo, I’ll vote for whomever I choose. That’s my right and duty as a free American. If you want only one name on the ballot, I suggest you move to Russia and vote for President Putin, or to China where you can vote for their president-for-life. America doesn’t suit you.
Robert McMorris


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Robert F. Jewell

From 2008-2016 there were 115 acts of terrorism the United States .
Of those only 3 were by leftist.
A list of conservative “hitmen” That have murdered blacks and other minorities as their primary targets. ALL ARE AVOWED RACIST OR BELONG TO LIBERAL EXTINCTION PHILOSOPHY.
Keith Luke..Dan Baker…Richard Paplowski..
Jim Von Braun…Ross Mulburger..Dave Peterson…Wade Page…Frazier Mueller…
Elliot Roger…Jerod and Amanda Miller, John Houser, Jerry Christian, James Field…Allen Scasella..
All of these individuals murdered in black men or liberals.
All of these individuals belong to avowed hate groups such as: KKK… Proud Boys…Aryan Nation, and others.
All of these people enjoy one common purpose: TO KILL DEMOCRATS ,LIBERALS AND BLACKS. NOT CONSERVATIVES OR REPUBLICANS. Hmmm Hitler has such squads…the SS!!
From 2008-2016 only 3 leftist were arrested for murdering. Floyd Corkerin…Xavier Johnson, Jim Hodgkinson…
You sanctimonious republicans cry about ANTIFA (a myth) and yet as reported by the FBI.. it’s the right or Conservative party that endorses murder by its “ hit squads” at a rate 5X that of liberals.
Your conservative world views protect the wealthy and punishes the poor.
The narcissism that results from creating a business becomes a toxic measure of ones own worth and place in the universe. FINANCIAL success is only that…and is the weakest measure of success.
But not to the 3amigos…nor their ILK.

Robert F. Jewell

Trump is pretty sick…he’s obese, 74
the 3 amigos better be praying hard….

Of course Trump is getting cutting edge experimental drugs and best care.

Trump is a hate-filled ornery old man.. I’ve cared for his type.

His kind usually make it. I’m not scared for the Presidents life I believe he will make a full recovery!

Heal up sir.

There are trials to attend!!🌊

William Aiken

Robert, your 24/7/365 hatred of Trump is a lifestyle that will go unimpeded the next 4 years. Your TDS will remain, long after he leaves office as 45 in 2024. 45 will always occupy a space in your head, no matter who’s in office.

William Marincic

Robert Jewell Doesn’t believe that 117 nights of riots in Portland Oregon where urine feces and other dangerous chemicals like Molotov cocktails being thrown at police officers were terrorist events, what were they then? Robert doesn’t believe that the multiple cities where businesses have been destroyed, looted, burned to the ground and people and police are being attacked are terrorist events, what are they then? Robert doesn’t believe that Black Lives Matter and leftists attacking people in restaurants is a form of terrorism, what is it then? When a black man walked out the front door of his house shot his neighbors five-year-old son in the head killing him we never heard a word about that, why, because the little boy was white. The media has you blinded they have an agenda, I never trust anyone with an agenda. What’s your agenda Robert?

Robert F. Jewell

Protests against brutality, oppression and physically attacking legitimate protesters.
Enacting their Constitutionally guaranteed rights and YOU republicans want war!

You Proud Boys have no Constitutionally legal right to interfere. But you do…with violence and rabid dog like ignorance and hate.

All looters and thieves must be repelled and arrested.
Protesters ARE NOT LOOTERS!! But BILL AIKENS, Bill Marincic, Terry Rycvek, have stayed here in their own WORDS that BLM is not real and that ALM. Their words.

They public ally pronounce racism and foment hate to minorities, women, liberals, democrats in every single post.

There is no “coming together”…

The republican people amongst us who believe as they do prey on the ignorant and fearful. There are boogie men everywhere!

Trump was and is a huge loser…look who
elected him…

Biden is far from perfect….far…. but he has shown to the people someone with a soul and a man who loves his flawed children!

Trump thinks he is perfect! Trump has had others raise his off spring. They raised vipers!!

It’s small businessman that create the most jobs but pays the least to its employees!

Small businesses provide little to no employee benefits but cry the hardest about any taxes.

Many people who start out poor and build a business from scratch or perhaps inherited their parents business are the movers and shakers of the economy!!!

That eventually makes their employees either assets or expenditures/losses.

Forgetting your to let their struggle teach themselves empathy for people… instead of seeing with cost analysis!

Wealth reveals your heart….

Terry Ryczek

Bill his agenda is to live on a state of denial. He is correct that there are trials to attend the rest is just nonsense except for one thing. I an honored to called your friend.
James Comey answered I don’t know, I don’t recall and I don’t remember 236 time during his senate hearing but remembered enough to write a book. More document are going to be released that show Hillary spoke to Obama about her plan to frame Trump with the Russia hoax. Stay tuned……

Terry Ryczek

Robert F the spirit you refer to is a liar from the beginning repent and be delivered.
I thank you for valuing and desiring my wit. I know you’d be lost without it.

Robert F. Jewell

Oh yours is so much closer to god than a liberals 😂

You teeter on the cliffs of hell
The terror of which the angels tell

A gulf too wide for wealth to walk
A silence too long to offer talk

A darkness so deep no light can show
No where to stay, no where to go.

A terrible place of longing and thirst
The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

For your squealing pleasure…

Terry Ryczek

No Robert F I have not been given a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. I appreciate your concern but it’s not needed.

Terry Ryczek

No Robert F see my post above repeat. No hate or fear being displayed by me. You are the person that spews hatred everyday. I’m surprised you haven’t been banned or at the very least reprimanded.

Terry Ryczek

Once again it’s you are you’re Robert F

Well Robert F nothing could be further from the truth. If anyone is espousing intolerance it is you just like so many on the left. Do as I say not as I do. I have not and do not language riddles with racism, never have, or misogyny. You are the one that makes disparaging (misogynistic) remarks about my wife and Mr. Barney accusing him of alcohol abuse. These are the rules posted which you can’t abide by as you regularly slander posters on this blog. Commentators to online letters who fail to follow rules against name-calling, profanity, threats, libel or other inappropriate language will have their comments removed and their commenting privileges withdrawn. I didn’t make the rules. I guess that doesn’t matter to you. If anyone acts the part of a bully it’s you and it’s you that doesn’t like to get what bullies deserve that smack in the face. You truly deserve it.

Robert F. Jewell

Never actual used the word alcoholic…ever!!

Just as he and you do…I infer or insinuate.

Your better at deceit than I. My bad.

Robert F. Jewell

So you carefully say I deserve a smack in the face. That a threat of violence!
Hmmm let me say that the only smack you deserve is the smack of the lips of the angel of truth!


I think narcissist Trump was willfully negligent to drag two secret service agents out of the hospital so he could show his pitiful face to his adorning and stupid fans late yesterday. That stunt put the agents in jeopardy of contracting the coronavirus just like he did at all the events he attended since Wednesday when he learned he tested positive. But I think the NY Times summed it up best: “Millions of Americans have gone months without seeing some of their closest relatives or their colleagues. They have canceled weddings and graduations. They have said goodbye to dying loved ones by phone.

But when many of the nation’s political leaders gathered at the White House nine days ago to celebrate the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, they decided the pandemic rules that applied to everybody else didn’t apply to them.
Some of them assumed, wrongly, that because they had received a fast-response virus test when arriving at the White House, they could not be infectious. Others simply chose not to think about the virus, it seems. Instead, dozens of them sat, unmasked, within inches of one another. They shook hands, hugged and kissed. After starting outdoors, the event moved indoors, where the participants continued to celebrate like it was 2019.

There is now reason to believe that the gathering was a super-spreader event for the coronavirus. The president and the first lady are sick, as are two senators who attended, a former governor, the president of the University of Notre Dame and multiple White House staff members, journalists and others.
And anyone infected at the White House that day may have later infected others.”

I hope this helps kill the nomination of the right-wing justice. We need more of the GOP to test positive. No masks, no brains.

William Marincic

So tell me Raymond Harris two masks work or don’t masks work? Trump was wearing a mask, there was a divider between Trump and the Secret Service agents, the secret service agents were wearing and 95 masks. So do they work or don’t they work, you want to have it both ways, it doesn’t work like that. Figure out what the Democrat talking points are today so you can come back on here tomorrow and tell us all about it.

Robert F. Jewell

Trump is back like a bad penny! Looks like hes the active representative for the administrations new HERD IMMUNITY policy..

Trump decided to sign himself up…and made everyone else around him join by default!!


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