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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Oct. 6


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Glenville should not limit membership

Why is the town of Glenville seeking to limit diversity on their board? That is the question I asked myself when I heard about the disturbingly partisan amendment to the town of Glenville’s Code of Ethics being proposed for adoption on Oct. 7.
The amendment states “No Municipal officer or employee shall … simultaneously with his or her Town employment, hold another public sector office or position or employment which regularly does business with the Town …”
Does this mean a school teacher in Burnt Hills couldn’t serve on the town board, or an employee of the Niskayuna Water Department, or a county social worker or a state assembly member’s office manager or maybe someone who works for the New York State Health Department?
These people are all town or village residents, which is the only qualification it takes to run for office. Why is the Republican majority trying to make it harder for people to serve?
I know firsthand that a diverse board benefits all residents regardless of their party affiliations. That is if the board puts the needs of the residents before their own.
Keven Mathes

Trump has reasons to fake having virus

Is anyone else having difficulty dismissing the notion that the report of the president’s diagnosis may be false?
Just imagine the benefits that might accrue if it is a fabrication.
First among the options, it would give the president a pass on having to participate in another disastrous “debate.”
Second, it would give room for a Chairman Mao type of press release, (anybody remember those?) “the president is recovering much faster than any mortal man.”
Third, it would give him the perfect opportunity to pull out of the race gracefully, which is probably something he might care to do at this point.
Obviously this is all supposition, but think about it.
Michael Bishop

Both sides guilty of campaign sign theft

In her Oct. 2 letter (“Trump backers try to silence dissenters”) Patricia Nugent wrote that Democratic candidate signs were stolen from her property and surrounding neighbors. Ms. Nugent implies that only a Republican would do something like this to silence dissenters. Have you seen the news or read the paper lately? A woman was charged with stealing Republican (Trump) candidate signs. She also had children helping her.
Obviously, some people from both political sides have nothing better to do than trespass and steal signs.  Yes, it’s annoying (and a crime) but the candidate you like will still get your vote. Try putting the signs in your window.
Lorraine VanDerWerken


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William Marincic

Michael Bishop According to Poll King President Trump won the debate 68 to 32% including 19.7% Democrats and 71% independent. You liberals want it both ways you scream and yell that Trump is not wearing a mask, then when he takes a ride to wave to his Trump supporters wearing a mask with the Secret Service wearing N95 masks you scream and yell that he’s infecting everyone, which is it, if you wear a mask you don’t get infected or if you wear a mask you still get infected? Again, you can’t have it both ways.

Robert F. Jewell

Trumpers are like 6th graders. They think magically, resist self discipline, use simple comparisons and arrive at conclusions based on their FEELINGS not established facts.
The majority of Republicans have little education beyond 12th grade.
Most republicans can use the wonders of science but either cannot understand its technological intricacies or are totally distrustful of it’s conclusions because the scientific analysis doesn’t fit their narrow world view!!
No one without degrees beyond high school should run for office.
Knowledge is power. Power for the protection and preservation of humankind.
This government must evolve.

Terry Ryczek

Telemundo had a poll stating 66% -34% president Trump won the debate. The president has gain a lot of support from the minority community.

Robert F. Jewell

85 percent of black people will vote for Biden. 65-70 percent of women…55 percent of white men…
All polls even FOX report that hear numbers.
Only WHITE SUPREMACIST sites give their “ “ hopeful” numbers that though not true pacify their gun toting ignorant constituents.
Their is no delusion like REPUBLICAN DELUSION!! I
History now shows Trump and the republican senate and the poorly educated Trumpers to be criminally responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths of the American people.

Robert F. Jewell

According to all polls Trump is losing his support even amongst racists!!

Now Trump says “ Look at me! I’m super Trump! The virus is nothing!” “ Don’t let it consume your life!”
Never mind it might take it!
Trump and the republicans are just plain so stupid that they will let Trump infect them with a deadly virus.
What a leader… what leadership!!!
He is personally signing on to
HERD IMMUNITY and by default forcing all around him to get it! HOMICIDAL MONSTER!!
Now run lemmings…run…don’t look 👀 up.🤪

Terry Ryczek

You don’t need to be a Trump partisan to feel good about the president’s recovery. You just need to be a decent person. The moment you find yourself rooting for another man’s illness or death is the moment you need to stop dead in your tracks, pause and take stock of your soul.

Robert F. Jewell

We are our brothers keeper!!


The crest and crowning of all good,
Life’s final star, is Brotherhood;

For it will bring again to earth
Her long-lost Poesy and Mirth:
Will send new light on every face,
A holy power upon the race.

And till it comes, we men are slaves,
And travel downward to the dust of graves.

Come, clear the way, then, clear the way:
Blind creeds and kings have had their day.
Break the dead branches from the path;
Our hope is in the aftermath-

Our hope is in heroic men,
Determined to build this world again.
To this event the ages ran:

Make way for Brotherhood- make way for Man!

Terry Ryczek

Partial article… (this link tells the whole story)

America’s largest police-owned media company proudly announces endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President
Posted by: Kyle S. Reyes|October 5, 2020 |CategoriesEditorial, Featured, Must Reads, News, Politics and Policing
Do you proudly support law enforcement and President Trump? Are you looking for ways to get in the fight?

Law Enforcement Today proudly stands for the more than 800,000 men and women who serve on the front lines in our law enforcement community and their supporters.

We are unapologetic for our support of law enforcement and are outraged by the way police are being treated in the wake of one police officer’s egregious conduct.

This treatment has come from Black Lives Matter activists, Antifa thugs (sorry – “ideas”), Hollywood hypocrites and political hacks with “D’s” after their names.

This year, for the first time, Law Enforcement Today is proud to make our first ever endorsement for president—Donald J. Trump.

Frankly, this was an easy decision. From our perspective, there’s no other choice.

President Trump has been an unabashed supporter of law enforcement. He calls himself the “law and order” president, and he has shown that to be true in both actions and words. As cities across America suffered violent riots, the president was out there offering the full support of federal resources to put down the violent riots—all mayors and governors had to do was ask.

In some cases, they did just that and local police, with the full backing of federal resources, put an end to the mayhem in short order. In cases where the president was rebuffed, we saw what happened in cities like Seattle and Portland.

Police officers noticed. Across the United States, one police union after another has supported President Trump, from the Fraternal Order of Police to the NYPD to sheriff’s offices, they all knew who had their back and who certainly did not.

What Other Option Is There?
Let’s look at the president’s opponent, Joe Biden.

Biden supports cutting police funding. When an activist asked him if he supported efforts to “redirect” police funding, Biden answered without hesitation, “absolutely.”

He then tried to walk back those comments, saying he never said he wanted to defund the police. Sorry Joe, redirecting means taking money FROM police and REDIRECTING it somewhere else.

Under the Unity Task Force Biden agreed with Socialist Bernie Sanders that policing needs to be “reimagined.” That is the talking point among Democrats—from AOC to Kamala Harris to Biden himself. This lingo has been used by those who wish to defund and/or abolish the police.

Among their recommendations, which have been implemented in some states already are:

Eliminating qualified immunity, which protects police and law enforcement from frivolous lawsuits
The Supreme Court has ruled that qualified immunity protects police departments against the cost of lawsuits, which draws attention away from their actual jobs;
Eliminating qualified immunity would in essence cut police funding, which would add new legal costs for police, while taking time away from actual law enforcement activity;
Restricting civil asset forfeiture, where police seize money and property from criminals
The NAPO said that an Obama action aimed at restricting this practice was a threat to a “significant funding” source for police agencies;
This would effectively cut funding from police agencies;
Prohibiting police from receiving surplus military equipment, or as Democrats call it – “weapons of war.” This program provides police agencies with protective gear, which includes ballistic vests and helmets, other safety equipment and in some cases helicopters;
The National Sheriff’s Association slammed former president Barack Obama for restricting this program, an action that was later reversed by President Trump, who correctly noted that local police agencies could not necessarily afford this equipment on their own;
Once again, blocking police departments from receiving this equipment effectively cuts their funding, since money would have to be redirected toward purchasing this equipment;
Setting up an unarmed “civilian corps of first responders” would once again remove funding from police. In addition, this would put civilians in harm’s way, where police would then be responsible for bailing them out of trouble;
Biden counts among his strongest supporters anti-police zealots like John Legend, who has been among those leading the charge to defund the police. Legend also was responsible for donating money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed out known criminals, some who reoffended upon getting out of jail;
Mayors who are among Biden’s biggest supporters have all substantially cut their police budgets, with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio cutting the NYPD budget by $1 billion, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti cutting $50 million from the police budget in Los Angeles.
Biden has on his staff anti-police staffers, one of whom had previously referred to cops as “pigs” on social media, and tweeted support for efforts to defund the police.
Now, we realize the skeptical among you are saying, “Aw, c’mon man!” We would not make claims such as this without citing sources. So, with that in mind, here you go.

Defund the Police/”Reimagine Policing”
July 2020, Biden was asked if he supported redirecting police funding. According to “Now This News” on 7/8/20, Biden said:

“Yes, absolutely.” Continuing, “Surplus military equipment for law enforcement. They don’t need that. The last thing you need is an up-armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood just like the military invading.”

In July, the Unity Task Force said we need to “reimagine policing.”

“Democrats believe we must ensure real accountability for individual and systemic misconduct in our police departments, prevent law enforcement from being unnecessarily entangled in the everyday lives of Americans, and reimagine policing for the benefit and safety of the American people. “Biden for President, 7/20

Defund the police advocates such as BLM use the term “reimagine the police” to mean defunding or abolishing the police. For example, BLM co-founder Melina Abdullah said:

“It’s important that as we say, ‘defund the police,’ we understand that it’s coupled with a reimagining of public safety.”

The New York Times admitted the connection between “defund the police” and “Reimagine public safety” with the following headline on 6/6/20, “Cities Ask If It’s Time To Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Public Safety,” The New York Times, 6/6/20

There are a plethora of other examples from sources ranging from the Wall Street Journal 6/16/20, The Christian Science Monitor 6/19/20, and the Washington City Paper.6/18/20

Robert F. Jewell

They” police state” that supports republicans are Facist/racist gun toting maniacs with the lust to intimidate and murder with impunity!!
Real policeman hate that segment of their peers!
When someone uses the endorsement of JACK BOOT THUGS as a power point of endorsement for a candidate they are using INTIMDATION AND FEAR of brutal revenge filled police officers waiting for them in their community!

Those police departments are EMPLOYEES!!

REPUBLICANS see the police as their personal opinion enforcers.

It’s fine if your talking about enforcing speed limits… not good when you give IMMUNITY to police who have life and death as an enforcement tool. They are humans not divine.

Terry Ryczek

Joe Biden calls us dregs of society
Obama calls us clingers
Hillary calls us deplorable’s
Terrorists call us infidels

Robert F. Jewell

CORTEZ, WARREN, HARRIS,PORTER… these are the leaders to listen to…

Not opine about failed conservatism…
It’s 2020…let’s let experienced women get leadership!!

All wars are MENS affairs and their sin to answer for!!

Let’s evolve!!

Terry Ryczek

Washington Times

By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Sunday, October 4, 2020
Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden flatly denied at Tuesday night’s debate that his lawyer son took huge sums of money from corrupt oligarchs and Chinese communists during his vice presidency, but Treasury Department reports show that Hunter Biden did receive the money.

President Trump chose to make an issue of Hunter Biden’s cash haul from Russia, Ukraine and China with the implication that unsavory figures were trying to buy Vice President Biden and the Obama administration.

“When somebody gets 3½ million dollars from the mayor of Moscow,” Mr. Trump said.

“That’s is not true. That report is totally false,” Mr. Biden said.

A Senate Republican report by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee says Mr. Trump is right, though it was not Moscow’s mayor, but his wife, whom the U.S. suspects of corruption in attaining billionaire status.

Hunter Biden received a single wire transfer of $3.5 million from Elena Baturina. The Senate report said she became a billionaire through illegal construction contracts awarded by her husband, since deceased.

This is based on Treasury Department reports received by committee Chairman Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican.

The Senate narrative is not specific, but the types of transaction records match the description of confidential suspicious activity reports that the Treasury issues when it suspects illegal activity.

The Senate report says, “On Feb. 14, 2014, Baturina wired $3.5 million to a Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC (Rosemont Seneca Thornton) bank account for a ‘Consultancy Agreement.’ Rosemont Seneca Thornton is an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden that was incorporated on May 28, 2013 in Wilmington, Del.”

Russia invaded Crimea in Ukraine the month Ms. Baturina sent the money.

“Why did he get it?” Mr. Trump asked.

Terry Ryczek

The U.S. has added 11,417,000 jobs in just 5 months under president Trump, recovering 52% of jobs lost . (due to Chinese virus) For context it took Obama/Biden administration 29 month to recover similar percentage of jobs.


If Trump won the debate, why did he slip in the polls which CNN has him down by 16% and NBC/WSJ have him down 14%? Trump didn’t debate, he acted like a five year old seeking attention.

Terry Ryczek

(CNN)Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows.

The poll shows Clinton with 50% support to Trump’s 38%, with 5% backing Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2% supporting the Green Party’s Jill Stein.
The poll comes on the heels of the third presidential debate, which a post-debate CNN/ORC snap poll showed Clinton won.
The ABC News survey’s results show Clinton with a 20-point advantage among women, and a 3-point edge with men — a group that has tilted toward Trump for most of the 2016 race.

Clinton leads among voters of all education levels — but her 3-point advantage with those without college degrees is smaller than her 20-point lead among voters with college degrees.
Conway touts Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ message, admits ‘we are behind’
Trump’s strongest group remains white, non-college educated voters, who back him 55% to 36%.
The results showing Clinton with a growing lead largely match CNN’s Poll of Polls, which averages recent national surveys. That Poll of Polls shows Clinton ahead 48% to Trump’s 39%.
The ABC News poll was conducted October 20-22 and includes 874 likely voters. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.


I am staying home. I already voted. BTW – it’s 2020, not 2016. It’s a referendum on the incumbent this time and Trump will lose badly.

William Marincic

Look at your poll sources. CNN and NBC? Trump nominated for 3 Nobel Peace Prizes and not a single word from the lame stream media. You also have MSDNC not a word. No problem, Hillary had Trump 86 to 14.

Terry Ryczek

Civil rights attorney: Trump has done more for blacks in 3 years than Obama did in 8

Lifelong Democrat and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said Thursday that he thinks President Donald Trump has done more in three years for the black community than the Obama-Biden administration accomplished in eight.

Terrell, who has often appeared as a contributor on Fox News since announcing this year that he will vote for a Republican for the first time in November, spoke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference in Atlanta, an annual gathering of Christian conservative activists that is usually held in Washington, D.C.

The 65-year-old radio host, who has worked for over three decades as a social justice advocate fighting to end racial discrimination and foster better relationships between communities and law enforcement, brought up many of his concerns about the direction of the party he claims left him behind.

“They are simply involved in trying to obtain power. I reject that,” he said. “I have been a civil rights attorney for 30 years. What makes this country great is that this country gives you an opportunity, equality and an opportunity to be who you want to be. I put the country first. I want to apologize because it took me a little bit too long to get to the right side.”

Terrell claimed that it is a “lie” for Democrats to “challenge the fairness, the programs, the policies of Donald J. Trump.”

“Let me tell the Democrats … what Donald J. Trump has done for everyone, especially people of color,” he said. “The lowest unemployment rate ever — Donald J. Trump. Funding historic black colleges. Donald J. Trump [signed] the FIRST Step Act. Why is that important? Because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris put people of color in jail. Donald Trump is giving people a second opportunity.”

Terrell also pushed back against the notion that politicians who are “fair” and treat people “equally” have to be Democrat.

“The party that provides equality, fairness, personal liberty is the Republican Party,” he contended. He later added that part of drinking the Democratic “Kool-Aid” is buying the assumption that only Democrats do things for black people and minorities.

“President Trump has done more for African Americans in the three-and-a-half years than the Obama-Biden administration in eight years,” he said. “It is a fact. It has nothing to do with color.”

Terrell was joined on stage by Faith & Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed, a prominent evangelical conservative activist. Reed listed some of the Trump administration accomplishments that he says have benefited African-American communities.

Those include the Trump administration’s Opportunity Zone initiative, Trump signing a bill restoring funding to historically black colleges and universities, the administration’s funding school choice opportunities for low-income students to attend private schools and the signing of the historic bipartisan criminal justice reform bill FIRST STEP Act.

Terrell voiced his support for school choice, initiatives that allow students and families to use tax dollars to attend private schools instead of struggling public schools. The programs are often supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.

Despite being a lifelong Democrat, Terrell argued that school choice is the “key” to ending the cycle of poverty found in a lot of minority communities.

“Why in the world are Democrats against school choice?” Terrell asked. “Public schools are bought and paid for by teacher unions. They are the ones who want to keep people of color — all Americans — trapped in public schools. Donald Trump and the Republican Party want school choice. I want school choice. School choice and education is the key to break the poverty cycle.”

“That is why I am here today. I have made school choice my No. 1 goal as a civil rights attorney as long as I am on this planet because I want to break the poverty cycle.”

The attorney, who in the past has provided legal analysis on several television networks, also criticized the response of state and local Democratic politicians to riots, violence and looting that have taken place in many cities across the country in the wake of the death of African-American George Floyd in police custody on Memorial Day.

“What happened in Seattle is not protesting. What goes on in Portland is not protesting. What goes on Chicago is not protesting. That is crime. That is criminal misconduct. But the Democrats look the other way and call it peaceful protesting,” he said. “I am a civil rights attorney. That is criminal misconduct.”

“Every civilized nation’s No. 1 obligation is to protect the country,” he continued. “Donald J. Trump is the only person who believes in law and order and supports law and order and that is one of the big reasons why we need to elect Donald Trump.”

He also claimed that it is a “lie” that there is “systemic discrimination” in the U.S.

“How can you have systemic discrimination in cities run by people of color?” he asked. “That is when the whole system is racist. Chicago? Atlanta? They are run by Democrats.”

Terrell claimed that Democrats want to “play the race game” and want to “pander to race.”

“They don’t want you to think. They want you to get angry,” he said. “I won’t play that game anymore. This country is too important. This country is at a crossroads.”

Toward the end of his segment, Terrell shot down any claims that he has been “paid” to go on Fox News and support Trump, which has increased his standing among conservatives this year.

He said has received no money from Fox News.

“I have done this because I care about my country,” he said. “And the right man to win this election is Donald J. Trump.”

Terry Ryczek

Rob Smith @robsmithonline

Joe Biden: “The reason I was able to stay home during the pandemic is because black women were able to keep the grocery shelves stocked.”

My God, why does the media keep letting Biden get away with this stuff?
Rob Smith

Terry Ryczek

If a contractor took 47 years to work on your home and it was still broken would you hire him for another 4 years ?

@laurenboebert Co-3

Robert F. Jewell

Ask black people on FACEBOOK what they say think and feel about Trump.
I have. 20 support Joe…2 support republicans
I know it’s unofficial but since all news or experiences by democrats is (according to republicans) “FAKE” no one should pay me mind…..

Robert F. Jewell

Hey everyone that defends JACK BOOT POLICING!!
Check out 18 yr police veterans (Roger Ballards) firing!!
Because he foolishly came out of the shadows, (that these racists hid in), and posted a


800,000 police EMPLOYEES better take

Robert F. Jewell


The military serves the civilian population.

Police serve the public.

The rich serve their wealth.

WE…pay for their services…they are not PAID to HARASS ON THE BEHALF OF WHITE AUTHORITY.
This dance with death is acceptable to white republicans….till it’s their family that dies..

Many Republicans reply…

”the only good liberal is a dead one!”

We must embrace brotherhood or destroy

Terry Ryczek

Regal cinemas are blaming Governor death camp Cuomo for putting them out of business in NYC the hollyweird loons won’t like that.

Robert F. Jewell

Civilian in reference to military accountability
Public in reference to peace officers.
The difference is obvious.

Terry Ryczek

Search for a word
Learn to pronounce
a person not in the armed services or the police force.

Terry Ryczek

Black Lives Matter co-founder says Joe Biden is part of the ‘violent white supremacist’ system
The ABC News report shows BLM supporters are not sold on Biden

A co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Los Angeles said that she would not support Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s presidential campaign because he’s part of the “violent white supremacist” system.

POLL: What is the most important issue in the upcoming election?
Dr. Melina Abdullah made the comments to ABC News in a report about how the Black Lives Matter movement might affect the election.

“People are feeling dismayed that the choices are between, you know, an accused white supremacist and another person Biden, who represents that same system,” she said.

Abdullah is a California State University professor and previously faced charges including battery on a Los Angeles Police Department officer arising from her participation in the BLM protests in 2019. The charges were later dropped after pressure against the city from protesters.

Other BLM leaders voiced similar anxiety about the lack of change they can expect from their choices in the election.

“I think sometimes, Joe Biden and [President Donald] Trump, and our party on both sides are blinded by the struggles that the lower end of Americans are feeling today,” said Lawrence Nathaniel, the co-founder of “I Can’t Breathe” in South Carolina.

Nathaniel says he is considering voting for a third-party candidate.

The ABC News report documented other BLM supporters who were using the momentum from the protests in order to register younger Americans to vote.

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has fallen among Americans, according to a September poll. The survey conducted by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that only 39% of Americans supported BLM after finding 54% support in the same poll from June.

Abdullah added that no matter what happens in the election, she planned to continue protesting in the streets.

“In the midst of protest,” she said, “a recognition that no matter what the the outcome is to any of these things, we have to stay in the streets.”

Joseph Vendetti

Dear Terry, Robert, & William:

I have noticed that you three (with slight exception to Fred) leave 95.5% of all comments to letters to the editor……… and than once that is done, you respond and re-respond to one another. Really is 44 comments of personal attacks on liberalism, conservatism and everything in between. How many hours do you folks waste in a day responding to one another, and many times responding to your own comment? If you are employed, do your employers know how much time you are spending (wasting) with this nonsense?

My suggestion – go for a walk, pick up a classic book, do a puzzle, paint, hug a family member, do some good in your community, build a bird house, anything besides attacking one another and attacking a point of view that isn’t your own.

Robert F. Jewell

Joe since I am one of the 3 individuals you are writing about: this will be my only reply to you. I will not answer.
1. I do garden.
2.I am disabled.
3.I try to walk.
5. The editor is involved.
6. I want us to be limited to ONE letter a day in this formum period. Limited to 300 words if political.
7. The underpaid employees of the Gazette tolerate and attempt to referee senior citizens!
8. I made my ONE statement today on
Oct 7th
9. I apologize to you publicly sir😞 but obviously you come to read🧐
10. Shalom. May you prosper.

Terry Ryczek

Hey Joe
Glad you wrote. I’ll get back to you another time. Making sauce and meatballs from scratch tomatoes, peppers, onions, parsley, zucchini and garlic from garden. Plus waiting for more info on this to be released….

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