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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Oct. 7


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Many reasons to vote no on charter

The charter change proposition on the ballot in Saratoga Springs creates a system of six election wards that would drastically reduce every city resident’s representation on the City Council and make elected officials much less accountable.
We would get to vote for a mayor and only one of six council members, with no promise that even that one candidate, let alone the other five, would feel compelled to address the concerns of our neighborhood.
A map of the election districts reveals how disparate areas would be lumped together (see For instance, Ward Three stretches from the city neighborhoods around the Caroline Street School to the sprawling estates off Meadowbrook Road. Ward Four combines the South Side (everything south of Lincoln Avenue, including Jefferson Terrace) with the Saratoga Lake developments, more than three miles and a world away.
Other reasons to vote no include the creation of both a full-time mayor and full-time manager, plus the pandemic, which is preventing in-person discussion and is leaving the city in a budget crisis. Bottom line: Every citizen should be able to vote for all of the city council members. Vote no.
Barbara Lombardo
Saratoga Springs

GOP hypocritical over Supreme Court

Ruth Bader Ginsburg tenaciously held on to life as long as she could because she knew the GOP vultures would pounce.
Within 24 hours, they did. Her final wish that her successor not be named until after the election was ignored. Instead, Trump suggested that Schumer and “shifty” Schiff had made it up.
Justice Scalia died on Feb. 13, 2016. McConnell refused to permit Obama a confirmation hearing for his chosen appointee because he was serving his final year as president. Now Trump gets to appoint a justice with just weeks remaining. McConnell either lied in 2016 or he’s lying now. He should not have it both ways.
Neil Gorsuch was confirmed in April 2018, more than a year later.
With Kennedy’s retirement, Kavanaugh was added to the court after a controversial trial. Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexual harassment during their college years. Kavanaugh lied under oath; he was confirmed anyway.
Jane Reisenger

Trump tried to buy votes with stimulus

A short time ago President Trump was quoted saying the Democrats are trying to buy the presidency. If anyone is trying to buy votes, it’s Trump himself.
When the $1,200 stimulus payments were approved, over 80 million had to be paid on paper checks. Trump decided that his name was to be printed on each of these checks with a short statement strongly implying that HE was solely responsible for putting this money in the hands of these recipients. Adding the name and statement turned the check into a campaign flyer. Interesting to note is that virtually every one of these recipients is also a potential voter. If that isn’t trying to buy votes, then nothing is.
I don’t know how much it cost to print something on 80 million pieces of paper, but it must be expensive. Then each piece of what is now campaign literature (sorry, I guess in mean checks) needs an envelope and postage. The cost of envelopes I don’t know, but the postage alone would be $44+ million. All of this was stolen from the American taxpayers by Trump.
Eighty million votes Trump is trying to buy, and it’s not costing him one single cent.
Ansell Alberga

Will white women be fooled again?

In 2016, President Trump received 10% of the Black women votes. Ninety percent of Black women voted for Hillary, sensing that Trump couldn’t be supportive to them. However, 52% of all white women voted for Trump, convinced that he would do a better job as president.
Well, I wonder today how many of those white women feel about their 2016 choice. Black women may have been more intuitive four years ago. But there’s a famous expression that may be fitting here. “Fool me once, shame on you. But fool me twice, shame on me.”
On Nov. 3, we get a chance to make a brand new choice in a few weeks at the polls. That’s what is great about our democracy. Women know this and will surely make corrections as they see fit. Right? But will they reach out to each other to encourage a solid voting bloc? Only time will tell.
Women can have a major effect on an election. In the past, they have made a big difference with their commitment, hard work and their activism. But will white women be fooled again, or this time will they act on their intuition and inner wisdom?
Marty Klein

Media is promoting racial hatred in U.S.

A recent ABC News-published article commenting on the Breonna Taylor shooting in an Apple News feed stated the following: “Officer Hankison was indicted on three felony counts of wanton endangerment for firing shots into Taylor’s apartment that penetrated a wall of the residence of a white family next door to Taylor’s apartment.”
That wasn’t “The White Family.” That was “white” people. Imagine that, white people next door. What is that neighborhood coming to? Thankfully, no whiteys were killed accidentally.
Unfortunately the use of the word “white” is proof, in my opinion, that many in the media while promoting the virtues of the late Martin Luther King Jr. take every chance they can get to ignore everything he said about not judging someone by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. If you really want to know who promotes racial hatred in America, it’s not the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
It happens to be the left and much of the American media. By making the bullet pathways about Black and white, “you people” report the story and cheapen the unfortunate circumstances of the end of the life of Miss Taylor.
We all just “can’t get along” simply because the mighty pen shamefully exists. I would never say the media are a bunch of lowlife subhuman jerks, but it does have a nice ring to it. “This is John Gentile reporting from the uppity hayseed town of Duanesburg New York… Back to you Jim.”
John Gentile

Tonko responded quickly to complaint

For the past two years, there was an ever growing sinking pavement section located west of the Michigan Avenue I-890 exit in two lanes of traffic.
Months passed and an orange construction barrel sat by the side of the road, yet no work done.
I wrote to Congressman Paul Tonko explaining the situation that I ride a motorcycle and the result of this situation could be catastrophic to anyone not knowing it was there. Mr. Tonko replied immediately, stating my email was being sent through channels to the state Department of Transportation. Within a few days my phone rang, and I was speaking to an engineer from the DOT. They stated repairs would be made in three days. They just needed permission to shut down the two lanes of traffic. Repairs were indeed made in the three days as stated. I want to extend a big thank you to Congressman Tonko (and team) for getting things done fast and keeping constituents safer.
Mary Ellen Bussey

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William Marincic

Jane Reisenger Now that you had your say I’m going to give you the facts. In the history of America a president has never not nominated a supreme court justice if he was still in office. Second fact Merrick Garland was not confirmed because you had a republican Senate. Finally the Cavanagh witchhunt was just that, it was an attempt by the Democrats to derail a Supreme Court justice and destroy his life. Christine Blasi Ford had zero facts, she didn’t know where it happened when it happened who was there with her and had no witnesses whatsoever, it was a blatant unfounded accusation to stop a supreme court justice from being confirmed. The only thing that came out of that was we saw what Democrats are willing to do to get their own way and for power just like what we’re seeing now, no different.

William Marincic

Ansell Alberga I’m sure you haven’t heard it on CNN or the main stream media but President Trump said he would sign a clean stimulus bill today giving taxpayers an immediate $1200 stimulus check. This money would go to help those in need right now but Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats refuse to do it. By the way President Trump did not have his name put on the checks that was the treasury department and President Trump had no knowledge of it whatsoever, what you are accusing the president of has already been debunked as a lie.

William Marincic

Marty Klein Trump gave women the lowest unemployment in the history of America, he also did this with Blacks and Hispanics. With his jobs initiative he took over 5 million families off of food stamps. Under the Trump administration in just 3 1/2 years President Trump raised the medium income for middle-class families by over $5000. Under President Trump has had the fastest recovery in history he brought millions of jobs back to America including those manufacturing jobs that President Obama said he would need a magic wand to make happen.

Robert F. Jewell

Republicans endorse the subjugation of women’s self determination.

Republicans would have no woman in power if they had their choice.

Women will continue to accept less pay than men because they are women…. to the end of time.

The right to reproductive self determination will be removed if they can. They’re working on it now!!

The self righteous conservatives would, (like Mullahs) enforce their concepts of morality
and have attempted to legislate republicans concept of religious obedience!!

Republican small business owners cry about taxation to their businesses however they are the first to demand help when a flood or riots or fires afflict them. Then THEY LOVE government support….for them…

Trump is a corporation lover!!


How do you think American society should deal with those who chose to become mothers and off load the cost of their choice to the rest of us?


A partial solution is for those who think black lives matter to pick up the tab for black mothers who are currently raising their families on tax payer money.

Anne Deiber

Marty, so you are saying more than half of the women voters voted for Trump. You left out a plethora of woman not considered black or white. Don’t they also count? Can’t you just say women instead of pitting one group against another? We know that we can make a difference in the election. Easy choice, unless seeing your cities looted, buildings fire bombed, statues torn down, history rewritten, etc., in the name of equality is ok with you.

Terry Ryczek

John Gentile you are absolutely correct. Long time cocil rights attorney Leo Terrell explained it perfectly as to why he left the democrat party. He stated they use racial device to stur up hate and anger. He states how more and more minorities are not playing the race game any longer. Michelle Obama was on the MSM again yesterday trying to stur up the devide being devicive again like they did for the 8 years her husband was president. The governor of Puerto Rico has now endorsed president Trump and is encouraging all the territory to vote for him.


If Breonna Taylor had done her civic duty and turned her drug dealer boy friend in she would still be alive. But weep not for her parents as a reward for not properly socializing their daughter they received 12 million dollars.
Of course none of this tragedy would have happened if we treated pot pot like alcohol and cigarettes. That is to say kill yourself if you must but do it while paying taxes to the government!


America’s most influential media stylebook is discouraging the nation’s newspapers from reporting on mass urban violence, on the grounds that writing about what’s happening is “stigmatizing.

Martha Bencic

52% of all white women were too stupid to realize that old, white, Republican men are the real threat- to them and to all marginalized people. I hope they’ve come to their senses after watching the absolute s*** show the past few years have been.

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