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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 8


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Pro-life people do care about others

In his Sept. 29 letter (“Pro-lifer backers only support life in womb”), Frank Palmieri offered a lament that pro-life people do not care about a person after they are born.
This is a common falsehood that likely makes the pro-choice feel more comfortable, perhaps even morally superior.
It would be very damning if Mr. Palmieri was correct in his sweeping claim. But, happily, he is not.
I know hundreds of pro-life people in the Capital Region and across the nation. The vast majority are actively engaged in work to help people of all ages and stages. In my own church, outreach through jail ministries, teaching ESL, feeding the hungry, and tutoring children in uncertain living situations is common.
My church has supported medical missionaries who have provided – literally – millions of dollars’ worth of health care here and around the world. One of our medical missionaries was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama for his work in Nepal.
Most pro-life people do other work first as a fulfillment of their beliefs. A pro-life carpenter volunteers to rebuild homes after devastation. A pro-life nurse works with hospice. A pro-life lawyer does pro-bono work for an adoption agency, and so on.
Government-based solutions to poverty and its related issues have failed miserably, devastating poor families along the way. That pro-life people can see and refuse to support failed programs does not make them pro-birth only.
Kathleen Mancuso

Reasonable people back charter change

Voters in Saratoga Springs will have an opportunity to bring our city’s local government into the 21st century by saying “yes” to charter change this November.
The proposed charter, which will be on the ballot through a citizen-petition process, will bring accountability, real representation and transparency to city government.
Saratoga Springs enjoys a variety of neighborhoods with different and unique needs that are currently not front-and-center in today’s form of government. Under the proposed charter, voters will elect local council members from their own neighborhoods, along with a citywide elected mayor. This provides the opportunity to bring local concerns to address city-wide policy, laws, allocation of resources, and guidance and direction to the professional management of the city as a whole.
Opponents who say that wards will pit one neighborhood against another do not trust Saratogians to do what’s best for their neighborhoods and the city. Simply put, they are afraid of real democracy and representation.
I urge you to consider all the facts, study the detailed proposal at, and come to your own conclusions. I believe that most reasonable people with open minds will say “yes” to the proposed charter for Saratoga Springs.
Bahram Keramati
Saratoga Springs

Paper needs to find other news sources

I thought I was subscribing to The Daily Gazette, not The New York Times. It seems like almost every article has a New York Times byline to it. If I wanted to read that paper, I would buy it, but I prefer Scots Tissue. Try some different sources.
Bruce Lovett

Trump had help in getting us all here

Stats show Germans ate 1,000-1,500 calories per day during Harry Truman’s first four years or so under our occupation. Our Allies England and France starved Germans at the end of World War 1, killing maybe 700,000. Yemen is also being starved by our allies Saudi Arabia with our help under two administrations.
Claims are Americans are going hungry. Given our history this shouldn’t be surprising.
It’s hard to say how we got here. The party not winning three presidential elections since the 1980s looks suspicious. The longer this continues, the worse it looks.
If our elections are not legitimate, does that mean those who rigged the election and those who allowed the election to be rigged are as much responsible for our problems as Trump? I think so.
If our elections are legitimate, several presidents had a majority in Congress before Trump was elected. Did their decision not to address income inequality play a role in getting Trump elected?
Did a system that allows inexperienced politicians to become president contribute greatly to the Trump presidency?
Regardless of what is true. it’s safe to say Trump has had a lot of help. I’m not referring to the voters or Russia either.
Colin Yunick

Green Party: health care is a basic right

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that universal healthcare is both a human right and an urgent necessity. There is only one campaign that supports Medicare-for-All. Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker are running for president and vice president respectively on the Green Party line, with endorsements from Socialist Party USA, Socialist Alternative, Solidarity, and the Independent Socialist Group.
In the United States, almost 30 million people have no health insurance and another 86 million adults are underinsured.
Although the United States spends over twice as much on healthcare per person each year as the average wealthy nation, the status of our health is poor, and our lives are getting shorter.
Over 500,000 families go bankrupt each year because of medical illness. People are dying at higher rates than in other wealthy nations because they cannot afford necessary medications. Life expectancy in the United States is falling.
Hawkins’ plan treats healthcare as a human right and a public good. It would immediately implement a single-payer, improved Medicare-for-All system. The second phase, builds out a National Health Service where healthcare facilities are publicly owned, healthcare workers are salaried, and the system is governed by community boards elected by the public and healthcare workers.
Samuel Rose

Stefanik supports military’s sacrifices

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the incumbent, supports our troops and the measures President Trump has taken to enhance and improve their capabilities and status. During his administration, the pay and benefits for soldiers have been increased, money has been allocated for research and development of advanced weapons systems and technology, and access to health care, particularly mental health care, for veterans has been improved.
Remember the dysfunction at the VA during the previous administration when veterans had to wait months for treatment?
Every day, Tedra Cobb airs a TV advertisement that criticizes Congresswoman Stefanik for not paying enough attention to the alleged offer by Vladimir Putin to pay terrorists a bounty for killing American soldiers.
How does Cobb, who holds no public office, know about this? Each time this advertisement is aired, she is telling terrorists about this reward. She is publicizing Putin’s evil scheme.
So who will you vote for – the Putin publicist who, to attack her political opponent, airs information that encourages terrorists to kill Americans OR a patriot who supports the sacrifices of our soldiers by giving them the means and the rewards they need to protect us from foreign threats?
Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa



Support teachers by pushing for relief

Gazette readers should be no strangers to the devastating effects that the covid-induced fiscal crisis is having on local schools. More than 400 layoffs in Schenectady and another 220 in Albany are not just numbers that appear in newspaper headlines. They are people — valued educators and support staff who are members of Capital Region communities that suffer when residents fall on tough economic times and when students don’t have the same level of access to the school services they once did.
To be sure, our state is on the precipice of a crisis, with Schenectady and Albany serving as the canaries in the coal mine for what is to come elsewhere if the state and federal governments do not fully fund our public school system.
I ask those who care deeply about public education to stand with our teachers, paraprofessionals and students. Contact state and federal representatives about the need to provide real relief. The theme for World Teachers’ Day earlier this week was: “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future.”
I’m confident that educators are up to that task. But we can’t do it alone.
Andy Pallotta
The writer is president of New York State United Teachers.

Trump responsible for economic growth

Joe Biden stated in the first presidential debate that he created manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania and saved the automobile industry. Chris Wallace then noted that the last three months of Obama’s presidency yielded more jobs than Trump’s first three months in office, without clarifying that the first quarter is historically the slowest owing to cold weather.
Further, the auto industry bailout did nothing to prevent the production of parts from being made in Mexico, something the revised-NAFTA deal remedied, as well as aluminum tariffs on Canada. Also, tariffs on China were responsible for bringing back manufacturing jobs that were lost under Obama’s terms, as well as addressing intellectual property theft under The Phase One trade agreement.
Consequently and with corporate and pass-through tax cuts, the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level since 1969, with the 2019 median household income growing by 6.8%. That’s in stark contrast to Obama’s rhetoric that slow economic growth and stagnant wage gains were the “new normal.”
Moreover, anyone wishing to practice their faith in the workplace risked losing their business on grounds of discrimination. Trump fostered economic growth, leveraging manufacturing and technological innovation that is being rebuilt at record pace.
Stephen Dansereau

We must take steps to stop supervolcano

One expert predicted that when the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, one-third of the continental United States will be uninhabitable and there will be some 5 billion casualties worldwide. As a geologist, I do not agree with this assessment.
This “expert” apparently never considered controlling the eruption. If we can isolate the eruption so that it never has access to water, it will be harmless. Here is what you have to do to render the eruption harmless:
1) Inject a grout curtain to isolate the geysers to deny the geyser’s water access to the caldera.
2) Intercept all water coming in from north of the caldera. This requires dams and pumps so that water can be kept out of the caldera.
3) Pump all water out of the caldera. Cost: $100 billion: Failure to adopt a proactive approach will cost trillions of dollars.
If we take these steps, there will be no silica-rich steam blast volcanics because there is no water to support them. However, I believe that 100-200 cubic miles of harmless dry basalt will exit the caldera.
Richard Moody

Millions misled by Trump finance report

Recently, it was reported that President Trump had only paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. An uproar went up and it was stated that Trump had lied and should pay his “fair” (whatever that is) share of income taxes.
On Sept. 30, the Op-Ed page of The Western Journal, in an article written by Dick Morris, states that in 2016, Trump paid $1 million in federal income tax and in 2017 Trump paid $4.2 million in federal income tax. In each year Trump got an extension on his federal income taxes.
When the IRS determined that he owed less than what he had already paid, he sent them his personal checks with instructions to apply the overage to future taxes.
Now, I’m confused and forced to make two assumptions. First, that Dick Morris is not lying. Second, that Dick Morris didn’t have a “hotline” and was still able to obtain information that was accessible to others.
How could the “mainstream media” fail to perform due diligence in such an important matter? Literally, millions of voters have been misled.
Stephen B. Ames

Nothing in charter change makes sense

I’m failing to see the financial savings, government improvement or equal or improved accountability offered by the proposed new Saratoga Springs charter.
I think any reasonable guestimate would conclude that there will be at least a $200,000 increase in the cost of government.
Saratoga Springs, the jewel of New York state, has the second lowest city property tax rate. How much better will a city manager make it? Why is there no New York state city with a city manager form of government that is a better place to live, with lower taxes?
We have the most accountable city government in the state. You get to vote for all the commissioners and the mayor. If you don’t like the way a department is operating, select a new commissioner in the next election, within two years.
With the proposed new charter you get to vote for a largely ceremonial mayor and one ward representative. How do you change anything? When our country is more divisive than I have ever seen it, the ward system will pit one area of Saratoga Springs against another instead of working together.
I see nothing in this proposed charter change that makes any sense.
Ben Mirling
Saratoga Springs
The writer is a former Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Accounts.

Liberals will lie to defeat Trump pick

I am glad that President Trump appointed Judge Barrett NOW. If the shoe were on the other foot, you can bet they would do it. The liberals will fight her all the way with lies, which they have already started. I pray that she is seated in the Supreme Court before the election. I can’t wait to hear the lies and harassing that they are going to give her.
I think the liberals are a disgrace to our country. She is against abortions. How many of these write in votes are from legal residents? I have no respect for Schumer or Pelosi or Hillary. They should have a team with one Democrat and one Republican checking each other counting the write in votes together. Trump did what every businessman did. He took advantage of the loopholes.
James Maxfield

Trump reaped virus outcome he sowed

So, Trump has caught the bug.
I suppose he’ll blame that on Biden, Hillary, the Democrats, Antifa, BLM, the Deep State, etc. etc. etc., and of course, China.
Never on those mobs of maskless, packed together, sweaty people who he lured out to his rallies.
Never on himself and his dismantling the pandemic preparedness protocols put in place by Obama, his denial and disparagement of scientifically credible advice on containment, his egregious failure to seize the banner of leadership to form and implement a national containment plan and address the economic hardship that has been visited on millions of working Americans and all the small businesses they own or work for, his reckless promotion of quack remedies or his insensitivity to the mass suffering and death that has shamed America before other nations that have done a far better job of containment and lost markedly fewer citizens to the disease.
One doesn’t want to speak ill of the infected, but we can with clear conscience say: “We told you so.”
Terry O’Neill, Esq.

If address is correct, ballots will get there

In his Sept. 26 letter (“Will USPS be able to deliver the ballots?”) Ken Stevens indicated that he mailed a letter to the Ballston Spa country club and it was returned. It was addressed to a street address. Because of this, he is concerned the USPS will not be able to handle the ballots.
As I am an employee there, I decided to investigate. I learned that the golf course has a P.O. box and does not get street delivery. The returned letter was marked “no mail receptacle,” which is true. I will assume the substitute on that day, did not know they have a P.O. box.
In closing, to alleviate any of Mr. Stevens’ fears, the postal service WILL deliver all the ballots, as long as the address is correct.
James Calkins
Ballston Spa

Trump no practitioner of law and order

How can Trump run on a law and order platform when he has broken so many laws? Trump mocks the law, including the Constitution. Laws broken by Trump:
1. Congress passed legislation that he signed appropriating money for the military. He took that money and spent it on his wall. This was in direct violation of the Constitution.
2. The Constitution guarantees us the right to peaceful protests. On June 1, the president used the military and Washington, D.C., police and teargas to disband peaceful protesters just so he could have a photo opportunity.
3. He started Trump University, which turned out to be a massive scam. A judge made him pay back $25 million.
4. His foundation collected $2.82 million from Iowa veterans, which he promised to give to charities, only to use the money for his own political campaign.
Trump is a big hypocrite when it comes to law and order.
Walter Morlock

Pitch in to help us all get through crisis

I am the founder and coordinator of Uptown Neighborhood Cooperative (UNC), a five-neighborhood wide community collaborative.
During these difficult and challenging times, it is important for all members of the community to do their part. Recently, UNC partnered with local leaders and neighborhood organizations to do pop-up cleanups of Woodlawn Park and Swinburne Park in the city of Albany.
The Department of General Services is short on staff at this time, and we wanted to pitch in to keep our parks clean and maintained for children and families.
Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, UNC delivered hundreds of face masks and hand sanitizers directly to people’s doorsteps all throughout Albany County, free of charge.
The most vivid memory was delivering PPE to a disabled American veteran that was homebound for two weeks due to fear of contracting the virus. When he answered the door, he had a small paper napkin over his mouth, his only protection.
I remember telling him, “You have everything you need to be safe to leave your home now,” and he referred to me as an angel and thanked me repeatedly for my good deeds.
I know things are uncertain, and the coming months and years will have its share of challenges. I call on everyone to please take a moment to pick up a piece of litter on the ground, be a good and understanding neighbor, find ways to make a difference, and we will get through these tough times together.
Zachary Simpson

Charter reform is what city needs today

Saratoga Springs can be proud of the dozens of volunteers and more than 1,500 voters who signed petitions last year to give the community another chance to update our form of government.
A “yes” vote on Charter Reform this year will give us all a government that works more efficiently, practices accountability, assures representation and guarantees transparency. It will also save money.
Read about Charter Reform at
Today’s commissioner system was invented for the world in 1915. City staff reported in 2017 that they waste 30% or more of their time hassling with the dysfunctions of the commissioner system. Our tax dollars pay for those lost hours of service. Reducing that waste, by introducing professional management, putting the administrative structure all on one team instead of five, will preserve needed services because staff will be working more efficiently. And it will save money.
Today’s world is different from 1915, and it is also different from 2019, before the pandemic. Every smart business in our community is rewriting its business plan right now for a post-pandemic world.
The voters can do so for the city by voting “yes” for Charter Reform.
Gordon Boyd
Saratoga Springs

We need a caring, compassionate leader

In the first 2020 presidential debate, President Trump’s deep fear of losing the election led him to provide the most malicious, vicious, un-American response from either a sitting president or presidential candidate since presidential debates began.
Truly un-presidential. Sad. But that’s what fear can produce when the core of one’s deeply necessary self-understanding comes under proper and penetrating examination. Clarity.
Watching the president meekly walk to Marine One going to the hospital, waving submissively, expressionless, was another clarity brought by deep inner fear.
Since the first appearance of the covid virus, Trump has mocked science and the guidance of those who have invested their entire lives in research which gives them understanding of how to deal with covid positively.
Now he, who prides himself at being invincible at everything, was desperately trying to present some semblance of confidence, while intentionally placing his future into the care of medical services which are the expressions of the very science that he mocks so arrogantly.
Fear. Clarity.
We need as president the candidate whose self-understanding is confident and stable, whose caring and compassion seeks the health and well-being for the current president, but more importantly for us all. Clarity.
Robert Long

Let Trump live to experience defeat

Let Donald Trump live. Let him stand for election. Let the final results show that he has lost in a landslide.
Let my representative, a bright young woman who became one of Trump’s most vocal enablers, lose her seat to someone who will represent our district.
Let Trump leave office, as the Constitution directs, on January 20th.
Let William Barr go along with him and let the Justice Department start working for the American people again.
Let all the Trump flags and MAGA gear disappear from view.
Let all people who harbor racist, sexist, or xenophobic sentiments no longer feel they have license to put the ugly side of their nature on public display.
Let Trump face his $400 million in personal debt and let him file for bankruptcy, again, if the law allows it. Let Trump face indictment for tax fraud. Let him face a jury of peers and be sentenced to a reasonable period of incarceration.
Let him serve his sentence in good health and let the American taxpayers happily foot the bill.
Let Donald Trump live… in a country that is far, far better off for having made the choice to remove him from power.
Bill Doran

Santabarbara works to get things done

I admire Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara for working through these difficult times to support our community. Whether it’s lunch deliveries to our nurses, thank-you cards to first responders or the new autism-friendly emergency room he brought to Ellis Hospital, nothing is too big and nothing is too small.
He even came to our house to marry my fiancée and me during this pandemic.
Unlike the ‘talkers’ in local government, he’s one of the ‘helpers’ that actually gets things done. Whether it’s limousine safety or school bus cameras, he’s one of the few that works with both Republicans and Democrats to get his bills passed and signed into law. It’s what I admire most about him, and honestly, it’s something I’d like to see more of in Washington, D.C.
Thank you, Angelo Santabarbara, for always rising above party politics and putting the health and safety of our families first.
Jené Sena

Cuomo tenant policy hurting small renters

I’m writing this letter because I’ve heard a lot about tenants’ inability to pay their rent, but nothing about rental property owners’ plight during this pandemic.
I understand this is an unprecedented event in our lifetime where we’re all learning what to do and how to protect and help each other through this.
My situation is that I’m a small-time rental property owner only netting a small profit after paying all the expenses associated with owning property. I need to collect a certain amount of rent just to break even.
Now with Gov. Cuomo putting a moratorium on evictions for any reason, including non-payment of rent, I have tenants falling behind, some paying half. One tenant I started to evict before covid is now taking advantage of the situation and hasn’t paid rent since January.
Basically, the no-eviction policy has turned me into the social service department, which shouldn’t be my responsibility. From what I’m reading. there are plans to extend this policy for another year. If this happens, I and everyone else in my shoes are going to need some form of assistance.
So in closing, we can’t afford this policy imposed on us. And who’s going to want to rent property in the future with the possibility of more pandemics and policies imposed on us?
Being a rental property owner is not a very lucrative venture that can be very stressful and carries a lot of responsibility for the buck.
John DelSignore

Here are leaders who let their citizens die

And the count goes on.
A short list of leaders who allowed their citizens to die by design or neglect:
1. Adolf Hitler – Germany, 6 million+ lives.
2. Pol Pot – Cambodia, one to two million lives.
3. Idi Amin – “Butcher of Uganda,” 300,000 lives.
4. Donald J. Trump – United States, 209,000 lives and counting.
Barbara J. Stowell
Central Bridge

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Robert F. Jewell

Today poetic comment…ad libbed,

The Fly

How odd of God to make the fly,
and then forget to tell us why.

An answer arrived, perching quite tense,
A Fly counting lies being shoveled by Pence.

Then into the night the little fly flew,
Coated with Corona? It’s coming for you.

Terry Ryczek

When telling a lie remember the fly
It sits on the wall and listens to all

As Kamala quoted honest Abe
A great big fib was truly made.

The fly may be small
Who sits on that wall

The truth told by Abe
A rebut can be made

Kamala needs a history lesson on Abe Lincoln’s election year Supreme Court nomination. President Lincoln didn’t nominate a new justice because the Senate was not in session during the month before the election. Once the election was over and the senate was back in session he nominated a justice who was then confirmed on the same day. Trump 2020!!

Robert F. Jewell

Inferior imitation reveals a childish mind.

To onlookers the attempts by monkeys to imitate looks just like that..

A republican ape….

Terry Ryczek

The Election in Black and White
A response to Michelle Obama’s racist attack. by David Horowitz

America is heading towards the abyss – whatever the outcome of the coming election. If Trump wins, we have a fighting chance to save our democracy as we know it. If he loses, the racial totalitarians will be in power and our fight will be a rearguard action based on the hope that when the American people get a full dose of governance by the party of hate they will gather their forces to defeat them.

Michelle Obama – to pick one among a myriad of examples to hand – has declared the coming election to be an election about racism. According to Michelle, Trump and his supporters are racists, and their helpless victims are people of color like her. In this delusional vision – typical of the racial messages coming from every benighted American who considers themselves “progressive” – Trump supporters are white nationalists who oppress people of color. Thus, in a recent message, Michelle Obama has urged undecided voters to, “’Think about all those folks like me and my ancestors,’” and then vote Democrat, “like your life depended on it.” Like her arrogant supporters she thinks that a reflection on the state of benighted black people provides a self-evident reason to condemn the half of America who would vote Republican. The Democrat electoral cause is a crusade against a racist president and the white supremacists and racists, who support him and are determined to attack the most vulnerable citizens among us and make their lives hellish.

Okay, Michelle, since you asked for it, here’s what I think about folks like you. You are worth $100 million, a lot more than most of the people who inhabit this country. In short, you are incredibly privileged. I won’t insult you the way you insult white people by calling this black skin privilege, though many Republicans voted for your husband because they wanted a black American to be president even though he was a Democrat.

Not only are you privileged and rich, but despite your cavalier contempt for our country and its achievements – you are one of the most admired women in America, however implausible and tragic that may be. As for your ancestors, black Africans enslaved every one of the unfortunate men and women who were sold at slave auctions to Europeans and shipped to the New World. There, the English had indeed established a slave system. But in 1776, the creators of this great country founded the first nation in human history – black or white – dedicated to the proposition that all human beings – black as well as white – are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with a right to liberty that no government can take away.

Immediately on the creation of their new nation, they began ending slavery first in what rapidly became the Free States of the North, then in the vast territory incorporated under the Northwest Ordinance in 1787. Seventy-six years later – not the 400 your devious and malicious friends reflexively attribute to “American slavery” – the Emancipation Proclamation sounded the death knell of a hateful system. The costs of this world-shaking effort were 350,000 mainly white Union lives, and that of the noblest president with which this country has been blessed.

I won’t deal with the specifics of your paranoid view that only black people experience the frustrations of modern life, and only because they are black. But I will dredge up this unpleasant fact: Ninety-percent of interracial crimes in the United States – more than half a million in all – are committed by blacks against whites. Yet, this has not led to a wave of anti-black racism on the part of whites. On the contrary, there has never been a time when white Americans have more generously and openly and virtually unanimously embraced the idea that black lives matter, and proceeded to do what they could to help that minority of the black community that has fallen behind. Indeed, the president you slander as racist has done more for black people in his four years in office than your husband did in eight. It is time for a little humility Michelle and color-blindness, and for putting away the racist rhetoric you are hoping your party will use to get back in power.

William Aiken

David Horowitz’s transformation from major 1960s radical to conservative cultural critic is one of the most compelling American stories in this century. Horowitz can dissect the insanity of the left like no one else since he was once one of its most devoted members. I highly recommend his memoir, “Radical Son”. It’s a brutally honest account of soul searching and reckoning of one man’s values ever written.

Terry Ryczek

Barbara J. Stowell blaming President Trump for 209,000 China virus deaths is just plain ridiculous when Joe Biden’s proposals are very similar (plagiarized as VP Pence correctly put it) to the measures the president had already put in place. Good thing he didn’t listen to Biden on banning travel from China after the FIRST case of China virus was detected. By the way you forgot to include Hillary and Benghazi where ambassador Stevens and others were abandoned and left to be murdered.

This taken from TIK TOK food for thought:


The letter from the president of New York State United Teachers is notable for its lack of a substantive contribution to dealing with the cost of education.

I suggest that all teaching staff begiven a 10 percent cut in wages. Those who do not find this acceptable can find jobs else where or take early retirement. Of course if the school district voters are unhappy with this idea they are free to tax themselves to make up the loss of ALL state aid.

Martha Bencic

Trump is EATING fetal tissue. Y’all got played so hard.

“Mr. Trump last week received Regeneron’s cocktail of monoclonal antibodies — essentially, antibodies synthesized in living cells and administered to help the body fight off the infection.

To develop the antibodies, Regeneron relied on 293T, a human cell line once derived from fetal tissue. At least two companies racing to produce vaccines against the coronavirus, Moderna and AstraZeneca, also are using the cell line.

Remdesivir, an antiviral drug Mr. Trump received, also was tested using these cells.”

Robert F. Jewell

13 traitorous conservatives/republicans
Behaving like proper sons of Trump plotted and were arrested trying to capture the Governor of Michigan!!

Makes one wonder what local conservative animals that endorse demonic Stephanik might do if she lost?
Remember Nixon only resigned because the GOP turned away from him!
This master of Lahar Trump is evil!

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