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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Oct. 11


Photos of limo crash upsetting to families

I would like to voice my opinion about the limo disaster from two years ago.
Is there a reason to keep showing pictures and videos of the limo every time something new comes up about the case?
Do you as a newspaper and all the TV news channels that report some new development in the case really have to remind all the families affected by it?
If it were my son or daughter that was killed in something as horrible as this, I would raise holy hell about it, because I wouldn’t need to be reminded.
My cousin lost two sons and a daughter-in-law, and she still grieves every day. I’m sure she doesn’t need a reminder. It’s bad enough that the defense lawyers are talking about a plea bargain or probation which is ridiculous, that should never be entertained.
Give him his trial, even if it needs to be virtual, and be done with it already, so maybe some of these families can have some kind of justice served. They are in their own prison, not being able to see the ones that were taken from them ever again.
If you as a newspaper and all the TV news outlets had any kind of compassion for them at all, you would stop with the pictures and videos you all display for your “scoop.” The way life is valued these days, it would be nice to show some respect to the surviving families.
William Myers

Israel is not really interested in peace

The Gazette has published news and opinion columns about the recent agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
Words like historic, unprecedented, and spectacular are being used.
Nonsense. Israel could have made a warm peace with all Arab and predominantly Muslim nations any time over the past 70 years by signing and implementing a genuine peace treaty with the Palestinians, whom Israel continues to cruelly divide and abuse on a massive scale, with U.S. government support.
Since 2002, Israel has ignored (rejected) the 22-nation Arab Peace Initiative of durable peace with normalized relations in exchange for full Israeli withdrawal from all the Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967, justice for Palestinian refugees, and a Palestinian nation in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as its capital.
Sadly, Israel would rather continue confiscating Palestinian land and water than make peace with the world.
Enlarging Israel and preventing Palestinian refugees from returning home remain vital to Israeli leaders and U.S. Zionists.
Israel is a vast laboratory of military and police surveillance and repression technologies and techniques, battle tested on Palestinians, that it will now sell to Arab governments to more effectively control and monitor their populations.
The United States will gear up for increased weapons sales. Real peace leads to reductions in tensions and permanently reduced military expenditures, something U.S., Israeli and UAE leaders oppose.
Tom Ellis


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Robert F. Jewell

The Cost

Bigots embrace hate as a friend,
Who prophecy’s a racist end.

A message only bigots hear,
That emanates from shadows near.
The wraiths of doubt that whisper fear.

Forever searching, forever lost…
Shunned by all the costliest cost!

Terry Ryczek

Bill the Arabs don’t want the Philistines either. That land was baron until the Jews went there in 48 and started to rebuild. Now they claim the land is theirs, sound familiar. Such a history! Mr Ellis just represents those bigots that hide in the shadows only to emerge and show the hate in their lives and hearts. Israel is the only country in history to ever become a nation again an have it’s language restored. Another of the many things God said would happen in His Bible.


I have to laugh every time someone says Trump isn’t making money off being president and that he is not taking a salary. The NY Times is really uncovering some great details of how he is ripping us off and getting away with it because of a faux attorney general who acts as Trump’s lawyer, not ours.

The latest Times investigation into the president’s tax data and other records found that more than 200 companies, special-interest groups and foreign governments had patronized Trump’s properties, funneling in millions of dollars, while reaping benefits from him and his administration. “As president, Mr. Trump built a system of direct presidential influence-peddling unrivaled in modern American politics,” writes an investigative team that has been covering the president’s finances and taxes for almost four years.

If he really does owe creditors $400 million, he will be in deep trouble after he loses the election. That’s why he is doing what he can to suppress the vote with the GOP’s help, more with an eye to hold the Senate than to protect Trump. McConnell has already written Trump off.

Terry Ryczek

He could always put Eric on the board of Burisma or have Don jr. manage housing construction in Iraq. Then Ivanka might like to manage building up Costa Rica. The New York Times pleeeease.

Terry Ryczek

For what? 1 Trump will win going away. 2 It’s the Obama administration going to jail atr Hillarys Russia hoax. Are you not paying attention? 3 They have her emails and all the lies that Comey and the rest have been telling. They’re all scrambling to stay out of jail. Go Durham!

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