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Letters to the Editor Monday, Oct. 12


GOP has no plan to fix America’s issues

Armageddon is here, and the phrase “it is what it is” expresses the attitude of the devil incarnate (“King Trump”) at this site of the final battle of good versus evil.
This attitude implies an acceptance of events as they occur, free of human control or influence, not the situation here.
The devil has betrayed the public trust placed in his office by the citizens of this nation, by its taxpayers, by its military (some have been libeled as “suckers and losers”), by most members of Congress, and others who collectively have a right to expect an honest effort to defend the U.S. Constitution, and observe the rule of law as embodied in one’s sworn oath of office.
Why then does our nation now face a coronavirus crisis, as well as a question of survival of our constitutional democracy? Moreover, what has been done to date to curb the continuing Russian campaign of cyberhacking and social media meddling to subvert the coming election, also a national security risk? The answer is nothing, nor is there any plan to do so on the part of Republican leaders, and “Moscow” Mitch McConnell and his cadre of “patriotic” GOP “yes” men.
George W. Putman

Follow science in taking precautions

Many people believe that if you had COVID-19, you cannot get it again; some governments have even suggested that individuals that test positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies following recovery may travel freely, as they have “immunity passports.”
However, according to a UCLA study, antibody levels against COVID-19 decreased by approximately half every 73 days; if this rate is maintained, viral antibodies would be depleted in about a year.
Another study in Wuhan, China found that people were unlikely to produce long-lasting antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, after monitoring the levels of IgG and IgM antibodies in patients and healthcare providers previously infected or exposed to the virus. IgG and IgM antibodies are a part of the body’s adaptive immune system, which is responsible for immunological memory and long-term immunogenicity.
Both studies indicate that protective immunity against COVID-19 is temporary so humans are unable to prevent COVID-19 induced illness after a short period of time.
In contrast, the CDC stated that there is not enough evidence at this time to determine whether reinfection is possible, rejecting both claims. Over time, evidence has accrued supporting both claims.
A University of Washington study found that adaptive immunity persists even after a mild COVID-19 infection but the researchers failed to monitor how long this immunity lasts. Recently, the first case of reinfection was confirmed; a man from Hong Kong tested positive once again for COVID-19, proving that many may not acquire lifelong immunity after infection.
It is therefore, better to adhere to travel restrictions and covid guidelines.
Nurupa Ramkissoon

Is Blue Lives Matter about law, order?

I was stopped behind several cars at the intersection of Nott and Rosa roads when a gray Hyundai with a Blue Lives Matter decal illegally passed on the right side and went through the red light. He proceeded along Nott Street and turned on Grand Boulevard, where he was weaving back and forth behind a vehicle ahead of him in an attempt to pass.
He eventually passed the vehicle, and as he approached the intersection of McClellan Street the light changed to red. He sped through the red light at a fast rate of speed. So, my question is: If the Blue Lives Matter flag is in support of the police, it must mean that a supporter is signaling their support for “law and order.” How then does one reconcile this behavior? Unless the flag is signaling something else.
Wayne Gage

Tedisco will keep fighting for us all

I don’t know of a tougher political fighter than Sen. Jim Tedisco for our area. I think the governor made a tragic miscalculation back in March by sending COVID-19-positive patients back to the nursing homes, and his administration must be held accountable.
As The Daily Gazette has reported, Sen. Tedisco has been a real leader in fighting to get answers for the thousands of families who lost loved ones in our nursing homes and to prevent this from happening again.
And as The Gazette has noted, Sen. Tedisco has been working hard across party lines on this, and on many other important issues to do what’s best for the people he represents.
The political imbalance that favors downstate won’t end anytime soon, and this governor will continue to run roughshod with few to serve as a check and balance to his whims. That’s why we need to re-elect Jim Tedisco,  where he can continue to make a positive difference for us and be our strong voice in the state Senate. I’m very proud to call him my state senator and will be supporting him on Election Day.
Deborah Shafer

Restore institutions with new president

As cheating spouses and rebellious teenagers have discovered over the ages, trust once lost is very hard to regain. What I find most disturbing about President Trump is how he has consistently undermined our institutions, causing people to lose trust in almost every facet of our government.
It started with President Trump disregarding any report from the intelligence community that did not conform with his world view until the present day, when anything that President Trump disagrees with is fake news.
Most distressing is the undermining of trust in our public health agencies, the CDC and the FDA, during a pandemic, when Americans are desperately seeking reassurance. The administration has replaced key people, muzzled career scientists and physicians, and issued contradictory guidance on how best to avoid covid infection.
The public also worries that the administration is pressuring the FDA to approve a vaccine that may not be fully vetted.
The long struggle to restore trust in our institutions can only begin with a new president.
Cheryl Nechamen

Walsh advocates for special needs

I’m writing to express gratitude to Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh for being a strong advocate for individuals with special needs.
For several years, I’ve known and always appreciated Mary Beth’s authenticity and her advocacy for issues that I believe are important in life: families, veterans, military, the Constitution, and people – of all abilities.
My work with people with special needs makes me thankful to her for working hard in this area. Her “Think DIFFERENTLY” efforts have led to positive and inclusive environments in the 112th district, improving employment and recreational opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and their families. She’s repeatedly assisted and supported the work of organizations serving individuals with special needs, including Crossroads, where I work. She’s put forward important legislation helping countless people. This past spring, when it came to reopening for Summer Session after COVID-19 shutdowns, she was there to back and voice our concerns around remote instruction.
COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone, individuals with special needs included. For months children and families struggled with at-home learning. Group home residents and their families were separated. Mary Beth wrote letters to the governor, held virtual press conferences and corresponded with constituents and facilities to help.
Vicki Ramotar


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Wayne Gage reports that he saw erratic driving and failed to report it to the police. He apparently feels no obligation to the community and thus his failure to report behavior that might result in death is acceptable to him!


What about those who die because the chose to gamble with their lives by resisting arrest? Would you say that the young women who died because she failed to turn her drug dealer boy friend in is also a criminal?


My reply to Ray: In the Covid -19 world resting arrest puts COPs lives at risk. You think that the police should put their lives and the community at risk by cutting some slack for those that that rest arrest. I do not! You have offered no solution on the COPs should deal with the impulse ridden. My suggestion is the use of tranquillizer darts What is you solution?

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